The woods of Dogtown are lovely and deep

… but not dark!

Walking the straight and narrow (the “boardwalk”, apparently – but made of stone….)


We ended up taking the road less traveled (barely visible in this photo)

Fr. Matthew Green

8 thoughts on “The woods of Dogtown are lovely and deep

    1. That would make sense! We looked for it in the snow, and could not find it, or even a clearing where we thought it might be, but I guess it is just well camouflaged by the winter…


  1. That wall that goes through the end of the swamp is actually the boarder line of Gloucester and Rockport. The large tree blueberries that run all along the wooden board walk in the swamp have had some of the largest berries I have ever seen, but in recent years, they’re gone! Same with most of the berry plants up there. I wonder if it’s an enviormental problem ???


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