An Indoor Flea Market this Saturday!

From my friend Walt Kolenda:

Laurel Tarantino is hosting an indoor flea market at the Pond View Village Community Center on LePage Ln. off of Essex Ave. in West Gloucester.So far there are at least 12 vendors. It looks like there will be everything from crafts to antiques, art & junk!

Where: Pond View Village Community Center, on LePage Ln off of 133 (aka Essex ave.) West Gloucester, MA

When: Sat. Feb. 23 9am-3pm

What: Flea market, antiques, crafts, home-made items etc!

cdI’ll be there, too, with prints, calendars, notecards, framed prints, music CD’s, etc. etc. Cleaning out the old stuff!

See you there! ~Sharon


3 thoughts on “An Indoor Flea Market this Saturday!

  1. It was my honor to have written the dedication poem for Pond View Village. I submit to GMG the poem I wrote that Senator Bruce Tarr read,




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    Jun 6 05 10:12 AM

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    Today a dream of hope comes true
    As we break ground into God’s earth
    In building these future homes new
    On this pond to give families a new birth
    The road has been long and narrow
    By those who worked so hard
    The reality of their dreams are hallowed
    From those who witness from afar
    The pond is known through its past years
    Of the many laborer’s who worked and played
    It holds memories of happiness and tears
    Of the children and families of those days
    Today we stand in a pathway
    Both of the past and future to fore-fill
    May the love of God guide the way
    On this beautiful land of hope we build .


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