Spring brings rainbows! (I hope)


It seems that every year I get one or two good rainbow shots.

From May, three years ago (in Les Avants, Switzerland)

From April, two years ago (in Newburgh, NY)


From July, one year ago (here in Gloucester):I can’t wait to see what rainbows are in store for me this year! Let’s hope the weather starts getting nice enough to give us beauties like these from past years…

Fr. Matthew Green



Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

I was thinking, instead of the rubber duck race for charity maybe we could instead get together and make rainbow cakes.

I found this wonderful pinterest board that specializes in todays wonderful kinder gentler Good Morning Gloucester Theme-

Rainbows and Butterflies and Unicorns, Oh My

Check out this wonderful wonderful pinterest board-


So wonderful.  I love rainbows.  They make me happy.

Beauty in the World

When I came back from meetings this afternoon, I learned the Good News that it is Butterflies, Unicorns, and Rainbow Day on GMG!!! I had already scheduled the Homies post, but thought to squeeze in another to celebrate this special day on GMG. 

A Kinder Gentler Blog- Butterfly, Rainbows and Unicorn Day

In order to appeal to my wonderful readership I bring you Butterfly, Rainbow and Unicorn Day.

Isn’t it a wonderful beautiful day.  I see happy clouds.

When you have a spare moment would you get a gander at the lovely –