More First Snowfall Photos

Winter garden-2

The morning after the beautiful snowfall (I hope it isn’t the only real snow of the season!), I took several snapshots of our garden before heading over to the Harbor Walk, then ended by photographing at Niles Pond. The Harbor Walk photos are posted here, and I am just getting to the rest of the images.

Winter Garden

The last two photos are for Sharon and Donna. Note: the waves that can be seen crashing in the distance beyond the narrow strip of land are at Brace Cove, not Good Harbor.

Niles Pond Brace Cove

Niles Pond

Niles Pond after new fallen snow

11 thoughts on “More First Snowfall Photos

    1. Thank you Joey and Anonymous–very much appreciated.

      Fred wrote earlier today-Hey Kim, those were great shots of the Harbor Walk. They almost just off the screen! What’s the new camera? Happy New Year, Fred

      As Joey (and Marty too because he has the same camera) know, the new camera is the recently released Fujifilm X-E1 with the kit 18-55mm lens. I adore my Fuji X100 with the 23mm prime lens (am keeping it) and was dreaming and hoping that Fuji would develop a comparably built camera, but with interchangeable lens. I can only say–I am in love with this camera!!!


    1. Hi Fred–our comments are crossing–anyway there is your answer. I’ll bring it by the gallery this week and you can see for yourself. I am looking forward to having some real time with the camera and also trying the different Fuji lens-you don’t have any old Leica lens that you are willing to part with?


      1. I am considering the Fuji X-E1 myself. After fiddling around with Marty’s Fuji X100 for an hour or so this morning, it seems pretty straightforward, very similar to the dreaded menus on my Nikon Coolpix P7000. I found I could take a picture with it, but not until I removed the lens cap! The X100 will give me clues as to the software and design of the XE-1. Sorry, but I’ve sold my Leica cameras and lenses. Still have all the Nikon gear and a Fuji 240mm 8×10 lens, plus the 8×10 Deardorf. I’m so glad you found a great camera!


  1. I have been so taken by the wonderful photos and videos of Gloucester in the snow.. and these are so very lovely. Just beautiful! I’m hoping for more snow for all of us!


    1. Thank you Ann for your (always) generous compliments and comments–I hope someday you can visit Gloucester during a snowy winter although, today I nearly crashed on the ice, not once, but twice!


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