Beautiful St. John’s Episcopal Church

I stopped by at St. John’s yesterday before their evening celebration of the Epiphany, and snapped a few photos.  Mark Nelson (their music director) and two other cantors were practicing chanting the Gospel in a beautiful medieval chant.

Their nativity scene was made in Bethlehem, carved from olive wood:


The church has a beautiful altar piece:


Fr. Matthew Green


6 thoughts on “Beautiful St. John’s Episcopal Church

  1. Baptized, confirmed and married there, all my children were baptized there also. I’ve moved away and enjoyed your pictures – thanks!


  2. It’s a shame more people don’t remember the celebraction of Eqiphany , The day the Three wise men found the King of mankind, or Little Christmas , the end of the Christmas holiday season, and King’s day down New Orleans. Old traditions some time fade away but Never should be forgot as it is our story of life.I keep my Christmas tree a blazing day and night from Christmas Eve to Jan 6 to remember the Star that directed the Three Magi to the Child. Great pictures, Thank you.


  3. I went to St. John’s as a child my grandfather Roger Cook was the sexton so I spent alot of time there. The bench out front is in memory of him. Miss running around the church and yard.


  4. Thanks so much to Fr. Matt and GMG for posting these pictures. St. John’s is a wonderful place today but has also played an important roll in Gloucester’s history by being one of the first free churches offering service to fisherman when they were in port. St. John’s welcomes all unconditionally. . . .


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