New York Times Starts a Lobster Crawl in Gloucester

With most of “the news that’s fit to print” revolving around SSS and politics, it would have been easy to miss this gem about Lobster in the New York Times this week.

So for all of you who did miss it, we thought you’d like to know that  a deliciously written  article by New York Times reporter Glenn Collins entitled Lobster Crawl from Massachusetts to Maine, begins at Gloucester’s own Bass Rocks Ocean Inn.  Check out this excerpt:

Our first stop was Gloucester, Mass., where, after an afternoon arrival, we left the soothing surge of the breakers outside our room at the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn …

Congratulations to Tracey Muller.  Thanks for hosting the kind of travel writer we need to see more of.  And thanks for helping to put Gloucester on the map (as Joey would say #Boom, you did it)

3 thoughts on “New York Times Starts a Lobster Crawl in Gloucester

  1. How exciting!…but they need to revisit Gloucester… after reading the article I realized they missed out on “The Best” Lobster Risotto in New England. Why didnt they start their journey at Duckworth’s Bistrot for their amazingly delicious dish made with Captain Joe & Sons Lobster’s….?


    1. Absolutely! One of my favorite dishes at one of my favorite restaurants. We need to go out to dinner more often — either that or get invited to your house more often 🙂


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