Digital Dogtown Update From Roger and Alan Davis

Hello Joey,

Funds and messages of support have been pouring in for repairing and replacing the posts of Digital Dogtown, the vandalized Eagle Scout project that links hikers with smart phones to information about the history, geology, ecology and culture of Dogtown.  Anyone with ideas for the best way to replace these (or thoughts on how it should be done differently, or why it should not be done at all) should send us a note at

The good folks at Espresso’s Restaurant at 116 East Main St in Gloucester are hosting a fundraising event next Monday evening, May 6, from 5:00-9:00.  Come and eat their good food and a percentage of your bill will help support this Scout’s project.  Thanks to Tammy Cominelli for setting this up!

Can’t come for dinner, but would like to help out?  Send a check made out to “The Gloucester Fund” and note on the memo line that the check is “for Digital Dogtown” and mail it to Alan Davis, 2 Goodwin Road, Gloucester MA 01930.

We hope to have the posts back in operation in time for the summer hiking season!

Thanks a lot,

Roger and Alan Davis

Gloucester MA Police Department Update From Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joey,

Just thought I would keep your readers in the loop on some of the things we have going on here at the Police Department.

1. Our Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge will be wrapping up on April 14, 2013. We have over 40 officers participating in it and we have all benefited from weight loss and learning more about fitness. We have also seen great support from the community and would like to recognize them here:

    – Cape Ann Car Wash donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Castle Manor Inn donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Cape Ann Marina and Resort donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Gortons donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Toms Auto Center donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Manchester Athletic Club donated 6 weeks of membership to all participating in the Fitness Challenge

    – The Fitness Zone came up with the Final Fitness Challenge and will host at their facility

    – YuKan Run and Rich Morell donated the entry fees for the Yukan races being run in Gloucester this summer, and will sponsor each officer who participates in the races with a donation.

We thank them tremendously for their support!

2. The Citizens Police Academy is winding down. We are in our fifth week and the class has enjoyed presentations from patrol, detectives, and a tour of Middleton Jail. The response has been great and both officers and citizens are enjoying the program. I would like to thank Bob Ryan and CATA for donating a bus ride to the Middleton Jail for the students. I would also like to thank the Gloucester Police Superior and Patrol Officers Unions who have donated a graduation pizza party at Guiseppes (thanks Joe and Memory, as well). We will be running a 2nd Academy in the fall and hope people will fill that class as well.

3. We are partnering with the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative, the Gloucester Licensing Commission and the Gloucester Council on Aging to present "Social Hosting: The Law and Underage Drinking". This is a free, must attend seminar for anyone with teenagers or kids who will eventually be teens. It focuses on what can happen when an underage drinking party is hosted at your home, with or without your knowledge. Our speaker will be District Attorney Jon Blodgett and an expert attorney in the field of Social Hosting law. The seminar will run from 6:30pm-8:00pm on Thursday April 25, 2013 at Rose Baker Senior Center. I would strongly encourage your readers to join us and learn some very important information on this topic. Give me a call to register. Again, its free!

4. In late April, early May, residents can expect to see a coordinated, concentrated effort to stem the tide of drug sales in Gloucester. Our message is clear: If you’re using drugs, we will help you or point you in the right direction for help, If you’re selling drugs…Stay out of Gloucester. Period.

5. Hopefully by May 1, residents will see a new uniform and patch which we will be unveiling in the near future. This has been a six month long effort to coordinate uniforms for all officers so that we present professionally at all times. As the summer months arrive, residents can expect an increased walking presence in the downtown area as well as the possible addition of motorcycles to our fleet to both enhance traffic enforcement and foster community policing (also to quickly get through crowds during the many special events the City hosts).

The above measures are just a quick overview of some of the ongoing projects we have going at the Police Department, in addition to handling our estimated 20,000 calls for service annually. We are humbled by the support the Gloucester community continues to show us and hope we are providing an above satisfactory level of service to all residents. Your readers are welcome to contact me directly with any questions, comments, ideas or issues, at the information provided below. Thanks, Joey, for the opportunity to update your readership.


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

Update: Fishing Vessel David & Jenna that drifted to Cohasset from Gloucester back in the water today.

Boston Harbor Beacon Reports-

11/17 Update: Fast forward a week and the vessel has been salvaged from the Cohasset beach. Her name is David & Jenna, which i discovered recently. Allegedly, after heading out to sea…

click here for the rest of the story and pics at

Larger pics at the link


Paint Factory Update From Amy Kerr

Hey Joey!
Iain’s busy trying to get Ocean Alliance into the Paint Factory, so I
thought I would give you a quick update on what’s happening this fall,
because we’re close! As you can see in the photos, R.B. Strong Excavating
and Sewage Co. have put in a new septic line (the original drained into the
harbor!). The water main was broken, so that had to be dug up and fixed.
Building E, the smaller brick building, has a new roof made of recycled
plastic shingles, new triple glazed windows at a huge discount from Marvin
Windows, new gutters, skylights, wiring, and soon-to-be finished new
plumbing. We also have a new fence donated by Boston Fencing and a new
mailbox, meaning 32 Horton Street will be receiving mail for probably the
first time since the 1980’s. This is all after over a million dollars spent
on toxic cleanup of the site, which is ongoing. Geoffrey H. Richon, Co. has
done an amazing job, as always, overseeing the project. Many thanks to those
who have offered their support, and if you want to get involved and help us
reach our goal of moving in this fall you can go to our website
Happy Fall!
Amy Kerr and everyone at Ocean Alliance

Ardelle Update From Len Burgess and Mike Dyer Also Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards


Ardelle’s Arrival in Washington, D.C.

Len writes-

The stalwart crew of the Pinky Schooner Ardelle arrive in Washington, D.C. to deliver Captain Harold H. Burnham to the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. Mike Dyer just sent up pictures and stories which are in the new album in the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s Facebook.

Thank you, Mike! Mike tells me that there will be stories when they return. Stay tuned for updates!

Listen to Harold Burnham’s podcast interview by Josephine Reed for the NEA National Heritage Fellowship Awards. -LB

Update On City Hall Restoration and a Request For Photographer’s City Hall Photos from Maggie Rosa

Hi Joey

Can you post these photos that were recently taken of the restoration project of City Hall? As your site is so popular this is the best way to keep everybody informed as to the progress of the project.

The project has started in earnest but as the work being done is going on behind the green shrouding it’s not easy to detect the progress. These photos were taken of the small towers (ventilator towers) last week.

Craig Herrmann will be posting these photos on our website and we will be sending you more as we get them.

And I’d also like to invite people who are also taking photos to send them to me so that we can post them on the website as well as keeping a record of this project for posterity’s sake.



International Dories Off-Season Update From Erik Dombrowski


Winter is upon us!

You’d never know it the last couple of days, but its time to get the dories on dry land for the off-season.  We will be removing 2 dories this Sunday morning if we can get a couple trailers and a few volunteers to help haul, nest and put them away.  We are planning to meet at 9 am at the High School landing with trailers or 9:30 am at Eastern Ave Self-Storage to help move them.  Please let us know if you can help.

2 dories will remain in the water for your use through the winter to be hauled in the Spring for maintenance.


Mark your calendars for a fundraiser at Jalepenos in Gloucester benefitting the IDRC with a percentage of the night’s profits!  Thursday, December 22nd…get your Christmas shopping done and stop by for dinner & drinks with your fellow dory rowers.

Hoping for a large turn-out and competitive races in June, so keep rowing through the off-season.

See you Sunday!

IDRC Board

Cape Ann Whale Watch Whale Alert Update!

From the Deck of the Hurricane II, The largest and fastest whale watching vessel in Gloucester.


We have reached the end of another great season of whale watching. Please join us as we say bon voyage to the whales this weekend and wish them a safe journey south for the winter.

Our last trips of the season are as follows:

Friday October 28, 2011               10:00 am

Saturday October 29, 2011           10:00 am

Sunday October 30, 2011              10:00 am

Monday October 31, 2011            10:00 am $5.00 off if you wear a costume on Halloween

Reservations Call 1-800-877-5110

Cape Ann Whale Watch

PO Box 345 Gloucester MA. 01930

Rockport Chamber Music Festival update

Here’s a Rockport Chamber Music Festival update –

A limited number of turn back tickets are available for this weekend’s concerts at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. Although concerts this Thursday through Friday all sold out in advance, anyone needing their “RCMF fix” might be able to secure a ticket by calling the Rockport Music Box Office at 978-546-7391, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Rockport Music also has a limited number of tickets available for its free Family Concert with the Jupiter String Quartet this Saturday at 10 AM at the Shalin Liu. Call the box office for more information.

Rockport Chamber Music Festival hosts a free lecture with Marc Nuccio, the Acting Principal Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic on Friday, June 17 at 11:00 a.m. It’s open to the public and tickets are not required. If anyone thinks they might be the next Benny Goodman they definitely should attend. Mr. Nuccio is in town to perform Festival concerts on Saturday at 8 PM (Brahms Trio) and Sunday at 5 PM (Messiaen).



Friday, June 17, 11am

Shalin Liu Performance Center, 37 Main Street, Rockport (MA)

What does it take to become a member of a major symphony orchestra? One of America’s foremost clarinetists, shares his experiences and personal stories from his early days as a beginner to that triumphant audition at which he won a coveted position with the New York Philharmonic.

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required. All are welcome! Questions? Visit or call 978-546-7391.

Mark Nuccio_June 18_01_LowRes

Possible Harbor Porpoise update

Hi Joey!
My name is Molly Kelleher and I’m currently a sophomore marine biology
student at the University of New England up in Biddeford, Maine. I’m
from Beverly, MA, and love your blog! Here at UNE we have a Marine
Animal Rehabilitation Center (MARC) and we are currently full of harp
and harbor seals, turtles and a harbor porpoise! This juvenile
porpoise is only 55 pounds and 47 inches long! She was stranded up in
Saugus, MA. Maybe this was the little porpoise that was spotted out
off the dock In Gloucester around St. Patty’s??
Here is the link for more information about our current patients at
MARC, check out the porpoise and our baby harp seal!!
I’ve also attached a picture of the porpoise swimming around outside
in her tank!


Gloucester Water Ban Update

Posted by: tohanley on 09/04/2009 17:57:31
Updated by: tohanley on 09/04/2009 17:57:31
Expires: 01/01/2014 00:00:00
Water Update, September 4th, 6:00 p.m.


We have a sufficient quantity of water in Bond Hill storage and the water level is continuing to rise. People are encouraged to resume their outdoor water use as this will help draw chlorine into the water system.  If at any time the situation unexpectedly changes, the outdoor water ban could be reinstated. Although we expect to stop receiving water from our neighbors, we intend to leave the temporary lines in place should we need to resume.


We are waiting for Thursdays results. As we disconnect from receiving water from our neighbors, we may experience a slight increase in coliform hits as the water system readjusts itself.


Fire hydrant flushing will continue tonight starting at 9:00 pm.


The DEP continues to report that the system is responding positively to the actions we have taken to date.

A Microbiologist from the Office of Ecosystem Protection, EPA, toured the water sites yesterday.


We currently have 7 Chlorine Booster Pump Station in operation throughout the city. Some of theses sites will change to boost areas that have low chlorine residuals.

Please note that you may have increased chlorine smell from the water in some areas of the city.


Once the situation has stabilized, independent experts from outside the city with the full input and cooperation of the DEP, will gather the information and attempt to ascertain the root cause of the increased coliform in the water system.

We will also have an independent contractor, again from outside the city, perform an after action report to evaluate the response of the city as well as the independent contractors.


Please note, updates for this weekend will be published once a day in the early evening.

The Mayor will be holding an information meeting regarding the water situation on Tuesday, September 8th at 5:00 pm at the Rose Baker Senior Center. All are invited to attend.

Mayor Kirk’s latest interview with Rick Moore is available at The interview taped September 2nd with Cape Ann T.V. is now available on the city web site, and on Ch. 67 at 6:00, 10:00 and 2:00 am & pm.

The CODE RED system is being updated. If you know of any friends and neighbors who do not have access to the internet, please help them out and register them at the City of Gloucester web site,  (Click on CODE RED )


All of this weekend’s events are proceeding as planned.

In recognition of the efforts of our local merchants to remain open during this difficult event, please continue to support local businesses. All restaurants and coffee shops are open. Cape Pond Ice is producing ice in their off site facility and distributing it to local customers. Again, please support your local businesses.

The boil water order is still in effect while we attempt to resolve this matter.

For more information, please contact:

Public Information Officer

Deputy Chief Miles Schlichte