What’s missing in this picture? From Janet Rice

Janet Rice submits-

This photo was taken after 6PM last weekend. Although there is a huge crowd (many of them small children) at Good Harbor Beach there are no lifeguards!.
Over the past few years cars have been, in ever increasing numbers, streaming into the Good Harbor Beach parking lot after the City stops collecting fees and staying until it gets dark.
This is not an unusual sight on a good day. Does this also happen at our other beaches as well? It makes me wonder if it’s time for the City to reassess it’s beach safety policies before something tragic occurs.
What have other people observed and what do you think?


What I think is that people need to take some personal responsibility, stop expecting the government to wipe their ass all the time and use common sense.    When it’s dark out I could trip and fall walking down my street, should I expect a police escort holding a flashlight for me?  If the water is rough and you’re not a particularly strong swimmer, how about not going in?  How about the parents of the small children go in the water with them, look after them or tell them not to go in the water if it’s too rough?  When I go to beaches in Florida you walk for miles and miles of beach and not see lifeguards.  That’s my take.


Someone has a sweet way to get across an important reminder…

Janet Rice submits-

A nicely painted rock with an important public service message at the Good Harbor Footbridge.( Thank you to the person who took the time to do this-made my day! )

Best-Janet Rice



What happens when two events ( A Wedding and Plunge 4 Pete) collide on Good Harbor Beach?

What happens when two events ( A Wedding and Plunge 4 Pete) collide on Good Harbor Beach? Lots of peace, co-opertion and goodwill! It was an afternoon to simply smile.



Updated! Photos of Fisherman/woman Statue from Scandinavia

This just in-

Hi Joey-

I  arrived home from Iceland last evening and was catching up on GMG posts when I saw that Sarah Clark had posted some great photos of other fisherman statues. She commented that she wished she had a GMG sticker when she had taken them so I must have taken this photo for her!

Best-Janet (Rice)


Original email-

Sarah Clark submits-

Hi, Joey,
Here are a fisherman and fisherman’s wife statues from Alesund, Norway. Next to them are two views of the fishermen’s statue in Reykavik, Iceland. Wish I had thought to have a Good Morning Gloucester sticker when I took these!  Just thought folks in Gloucester might enjoy these.


Community Photos 10/20/13

Hi Joey-

Yesterday, when we returned from our morning row, we saw two (very nice) workers who are in the process of inspecting the integrity of the docks in our Harbor.

Looking up, we also saw our (always nice) Harbormaster, Jim Caulkett.

Smiles all around-a great way to start the day!

Best- Janet Rice



West Gloucester Farm photos from Anthony Marks


Grand Opening of Mary Rose Vintage Designs on Main Street


Hi Joey-

I think people may be interested in learning about a beautiful and interesting new shop named Mary Rose Vintage Design,located at 269 Main Street in Gloucester.

My son Evan ( his pictures) and I completely enjoyed ourselves at the grand opening this past Sunday.

Just step through the front door and you will instantly feel just how lovely the owner, Jackie Colussi (pictured here) is by the warmth and heart she has put into the design of her shop.

You will find that she certainly has a talent for finding unique objects with distinctive character.

Do yourself a favor and check it out!


Janet(Rice)and Evan(Shay)

image (5)image (6)image (7)

Community Photos 6/24/13

Hi Joey-

What could be better than spending a beautiful Friday evening enjoying Gloucester Harbor from the Ardelle and the Annie B?

Both vessels are based from the Maritime Gloucester. Check us out!

Best-Janet Rice

gloucestergigrowers.com (New rowers welcome!)


First Day Of Summer Good Harbor Beach photos by Anthony Marks


Janet Rice Represents! In Iceland

Hi Joey-

I just returned from Iceland. I thought I would share their version of the Gloucester Fisherman Statue which, of course, it is a Viking Ship!

BTW-the new camera is awesome.



Janet bought the camera I just bought for my wife the Sony NEX-5N and is loving it

Janet Rice Takes My Advice and Buys The Sony NEX-5N Here Are Her Photos

Janet Writes

Thanks for the recommendation. I am having fun and hopefully will get better with practice!



Here’s the camera- The Sony NEX-5N which I paid over $650 for last year and now can be purchased for $498 with no tax and a no questions asked return policy on Amazon.

I can’t recommend this small powerhouse of a camera enough.  Love mine!

Community Photos 6/29/12

Janet Rice Work Photo

"Beautiful Flowers"

I have the best job ever! I work for Annabelles Pet Care.



Hi Joey.

"Yes Virginia, there is a God…"  Sunsets for me are one of the great ‘wonders of the world’ and validate the presence of a Higher Power. As I gazed upon nature’s palette in awe, I was reminded just how vast the Universe is! Living on Cape Ann, I feel so blessed to enjoy ‘sunsets over the water.’ Enjoy  and ALL the Wonders of our World! www.dreamtimewellness.com. (Photo Attached.) Bona Fiesta!

Community Photos June 1, 2012

Hi Joey:  Just had new stepping stones put in last week.  Mama turtle
decided to find a spot to lay eggs, I guess.  I’ll be filling in holes in
our new landscaping in the days to come.
I don’t know how to make turtle soup – does sister Felicia?
Susan LaRosa      

Rock Sculptures on the Back Shore Photos From Janet Rice

Hi Joey-

I was intrigued by the beauty of these rock sculptures through the morning fog on the Back Shore. In the last photo, does anyone know what James Regan -14- signifies?

Gloucester will never be clear of litter unless we find a better way. From Janet Rice

Janet Rice writes-

As you are all probably aware, today was a very windy day in  Gloucester. That is not so unusual. Unfortunately what is also not so unusual is to see trash and recycling being blown all over our streets, into our yards, marshes, woods, and water. This morning, the litter was literally sailing across the streets as I drove to my East Gloucester jobs. I took a few photos to share of a recycling basket that was in the center of the road at the Rocky Neck entrance. Cars were flying by as I tried to pick it up, running over it, and making a bad situation worse.( Slow down guys!)

In my opinion, we will never have a clean City, no matter how much we pick up, if we do not come up with a different, more secure method of putting our trash and recycling out on the curb. Tiny, overstuffed recycling bins with no covers do not have a chance against the wind. Bare Barney Bags also have little chance against the array of wildlife that populate our City. Once torn open, they also bend to the will of the wind.

     The wind is stubborn and will not change it’s ways. Thus, it is up to us to figure a way out of this mess. Suggestions? Ideas?

     Until we come up with a better system, I plan to never put my trash/recycling out until the morning of pick up in order to minimize the wind/wildlife exposure. I will also make sure that my recycling is secure and that all my Barney Bags in a trash can with a lid. I will also continue to pick up litter as I walk. Join me!

I made a critical error yesterday.  I myself put out the trash in a can without a lid.  Total mental lapse on my part.  100% wrong.  The Barney bag should have been more secure.  I owe my awesome neighbor Marge a huge debt of gratitude for securing it for me.