For Stage Fort Park Volunteers: 2017 Thank You Luncheon at Captain Carlo’s

The traditional end of season Stage Fort Park Volunteers Thank you Lunch was held on Wednesday October 11 at Captain Carlo’s, and was hosted by the City of Gloucester, Mayor Romeo Theken, the Tourism Commission, and Captain Carlo’s. It was a lovely day and a great meal at a beautiful waterfront restaurant!



Thank them! If you’re interested in joining this fun group, ask them about volunteering and why they do it. They have great stories to share. Kathie Gilson manages the volunteers. Gilson said that many volunteers return year after year, and for the 2017 season, volunteers took on extra shifts because the Stage Fort Park Welcome Center was short on coverage. The visitor center is open to the public from May through Columbus Day weekend. It’s a busy stop for visitors to Gloucester and the region. Over the summer of 2017, volunteers helped 15,000 visitors. Some said coming to Gloucester was “on their bucketlist”, others return each and every year. Visitors came from every state. Guests from North Dakota were the last state to make the tally. The Stage Fort Park Volunteers keep a guest book. Not everyone coming through signs in or leaves a note though the ones that do write in comments about Gloucester’s beauty and its friendly residents and businesses. The park is a jewell.

Captain Carlo’s owner, Carla O’Connor, is a member of the Tourism Commission for the City of Gloucester and she organzied the event. Gloucester businesses worked together with the City to offer scrumptious local favorites: baked haddock and chowder from Captain Carlos: chicken broccoli and  ziti from Causeway; and braised beef from Azorean. Desserts were from Pauline’s Gifts, Caffe Sicillia and Captain Carlo’s.  Castle Manor Inn made a contribution.

Kathie Gilson (L), Carla O’Connor (R) welcome the volunteers

carla and mayor.jpg

The baked haddock–ALL the food was yummy!




WWII Navy ship’s bell mystery and news from Capt Lester S Wass American Legion Post 3

Commander Mark Nestor welcomed the city’s Tourism Commission to the Capt. Lester S Wass American Legion Post 3, Gloucester, MA. Gloucester Congressman A. Piatt Andrew (1873-1936) founded the American Field Service and was instrumental in forming the National American Legion at this post. It’s the third oldest in the country, and its 100th anniversary in 2019 is fast approaching.

The Legion has a new website

It was pushed along by the requests for an on line drive to support  legionnaires suffering as a result of recent hurricane Harvey/Irma.

The building and legion accommodate thousands of visitors annually. The building itself was constructed ca.1844 and is one of the greatest examples of residents crowd sourcing together to purchase a municipal building. The architecture serves an enduring patriotic role: first as a Town Hall, then school, and since WW1  the Legion Post 3.

Nestor expressed gratitude for the city. This past summer they restored the wood floors, which brightened the space from the everyday black/brown grime of the past 20 years. They’ve greatly improved the space and display. A museum mount for the handwritten contemporaneous Official City Clerk copy of the WW1 army and navy register is a high light. A writer has already relied on it for original research.


The Legion is open to the community and rented for private events. There is a private recreation room for veterans which is under renovation. Upkeep and care of the building is ongoing.


Can you help identify the WWII naval vessel? The bell belonged to Reverend John J. Sheehan who was a Navy Chaplain. “It’s believed the bell was from the vessel he served on, but the ship remains unknown.” Sheehan’s cousin donated the ship bell to the Post. From the Legion’s plaque:

“After World War I, Reverend Sheehan served as Director at Camp Stella Maris for more than 40 years. It was a summer camp for youth located in West Gloucester. Its name is inscribed on the bell. Reverend Sheehan was also the National Chaplain for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He also served as Pastor in a number of Catholic parishes on the north shore. The bell was dedicated to a Stephen Chamberlin. Stephen Chamberlin was a Ret. Lieutenant General who served in the army during WWII and was the Asst. Chief of Staff,G-3 in General Douglas Macarthur’s General Headquarters in the southwest Pacific area. His relationship to Reverend Sheehan is unknown.”


20170912_172813 (2)

The commemorative coin celebrating the Capt Lester S Wass Post No. 3 100th anniversary and the Cape Ann Veterans Services coin are for sale.

Adam Curcuru, Director Cape Ann Veterans Services, attended the meeting and remarked how great it was “to see our Veterans organizations being utilized to support our great communities.”

Adam Curcuru at the Legion for the Gloucester Tourism Commission meeting

Breaking News from Carol Thistle

Carol Thistle, Senior Project Manager for the Tourism Commission, reports that fully one third of revenue collected from the hotel and motel tax will go toward promoting tourism. Carol broke the news at the joint spring meeting of Gloucester’s Harbortown and Rocky Neck Cultural Districts held Tuesday night at the North Shore Art Association.Carol Thistle Gloucester MA ©Kim Smith 2015

Come Back Kid! chance to win a $500 complimentary overnight stay in Gloucester

Hi Joey,

GMG readers, Gloucester is looking for feedback for our local businesses.

Any FOBs that have visited Gloucester and want to help, please take a brief online survey

GMG readers who have any trade with the visitor-based economy, please have a look and share it with your customers, business travelers, and guests (especially any that travel and stay overnight).

Bonus prize! Respondents (prior visitors) who complete the survey will be entered to win a complimentary overnight stay in Gloucester with value of $500.

Per ordinance and under the direction of Community Development’s Tom Daniel and Carol Thistle, the City of Gloucester has established a tourism commission and engaged Open the Door (not to be confused with wonderful The Open Door) to gather as much information as possible for a new Five-Year Marketing Plan. One of the next steps includes casting a net far and wide for feedback from Gloucester visitors. Queue this on-line survey!

Please note that the deadline is in two weeks–no later than December 5, 2014. Good luck!


Editor’s note-

I find it funny on question 11 where they ask-

*How did you get your information on Gloucester? (Check all that apply)

That Good Morning Gloucester is not listed when we probably get more web traffic than all of the other listed sites combined.

If you do indeed feel that GMG is your source of Gloucester info for events then feel free to fill us in in the “other” option on question 11.

City of Gloucester Tourism Commission Notice


All Businesses and Service Providers,

Eurodam will be visiting Gloucester two times this week.  Let’s make their experience one they will remember.  Eurodam’s capacity is 2000+ passengers and 800 crew members. 

Eurodam arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2 arrival time @ 7:00 am
Passenger tenders will start arriving at Cruiseport about 7:30 am. Typically the first to arrive are going on buses or whale watch, etc.

Passengers (lots of them) will begin to visit downtown @ 8:30 – 9:00 am.

The departure time is 4:00 pm

Seven Seas Thursday, October 4 – Cancelled

Eurodam Saturday, October 6 arrival 9:00 am
Passengers will start arriving at Cruiseport about 9:30 am. Typically the first to arrive are going on buses or whale watch, etc. However we will start seeing the passengers (lots of them) who will visit downtown by about 9:30 – 10:00 am.

The Tourism Commission

2012 Cruise Ships Schedule

2012 Cruise Ship Schedule as of now:


Monday, October 1, 2012

Noble Caledonia 116

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eurodam 2000+

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Eurodam 2000+

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Noble Caledonia 116

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Seas 1200

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seaborn 500

Note: Trolley will be operating for ships with over 150 passengers. Most passengers will arrive in town approximately 9:30 am. Businesses, please note Sunday dates. 

info@gloucesterma.comFall Events

You may know that shows a schedule of major events on every page.  This schedule is maintained by volunteers and we are looking for more events that will attract visitors to Gloucester during the upcoming season.

If you know of any these events, please email us details at   

City of Gloucester Tourism Commission Radio Advertising Campaign


Dear Gloucester Businesses,                                                                            

The Gloucester Tourism Commission has entered into a contract with WBOQ radio, a.k.a. North Shore 104.9 FM, to promote the City, our Downtown and all that Gloucester has to offer, with multiple daily radio spots during the fall and holiday seasons.  Some of you may have heard them as they started last week.  Listen to last week’s spot here.

The intent is to draw visitors during the off season.  The beginning and end of each spot is the same and there is time reserved in the middle to plug upcoming City events.  You’ll notice in last week’s spot there was a plug for the Block Party in the middle.

If you would wish to purchase your own ad for your own business while the city campaign is being run, here is the contact information.

To discuss radio ads (a very simple process) and rates please contact:

Aurelia Nelson

North Shore 104.9   Phone: 978-927-1049 extension 14 or 
The more people that advertise, the more Gloucester gets promoted!

The City’s Campaign runs from now until October 21 then will start up again for the holiday season November 22- December 20.


The Gloucester Tourism Commission