Trash at Eastern Point Lighthouse Parking Lot

Does anyone know who is responsible for trash collection at the Eastern Point  lighthouse parking lot?  I am daily picking up the trash that is now strewn about the beautiful goldenrod meadows and simply can’t keep up with it. These barrels have been overflowing for the past four days. I don’t believe it is a city collection problem because of the “carry in, carry out” policy, but do not know who to contact.

The ugly shed and the signs in the midst of this gorgeous vista are eyesore enough!

17 thoughts on “Trash at Eastern Point Lighthouse Parking Lot

  1. I agree there should be a more responsible manner for tending to the trash bin or the bin should be removed and people then would be responsible for their own waste. The Shed, however, comes in very handy when fishing for a couple hours or just walking the breakwater.


  2. I agree, think if we call the city’s DPW they will send a truck, anytime that I have called they do come and pick up. It is so disgusting to see the trash. The city DPW has yellow bags that I keep in my car and then will pick them up. Thanks for the reminder


  3. Ipswich River Wildlife is responsible for having the “ugly Shed” on the site–so I would think they would be responsible for picking up the trash.


  4. What I witnessed a few times beyond tourists at the light house this spring/summer was very similar to when I lived on Plum Island for many, many years… I saw people not originally from the area, now maybe some living in town or near this town, coming in groups in vans with families to fish. Often it is questionable if some even speak/read English, or are even citizens of this country. They are there for hours, eat their meals, drinks…leave tons of trash, food, even diapers!…plus fishing hooks and line all over the place, etc…. Why, because they don’t care! Fees are not enforced, the trash in and out policy is not enforced, there is a barrel or just the ground… they are all set! Just like the tourists, they trashed Plum Island on the parts of the beach without lifeguards and people to enforce anything. It’s very, very sad. Now everything has to be locked down and patrolled like in state parks!


    1. I find it very disheartening when human beings choose to denigrate others (and themselves) by using language that speaks of those “not originally from the area” and “questionable if some even speak/read English, or are even citizens of this country”. Perhaps they forget their own roots, unless of course they are Native American.


  5. Hi again. Went down to the DPW to get yellow bags and talked with Rose, recyling coordinator, she is really efficient and said she will take care of this. She also mentioned that the Audubon Society may be responsible.. Thanks and hope to see you soon


    1. Thank you to everyone who wrote and Thank you Donna–you are the best!

      I need to get some of those yellow bags from you because I always forget to go the DPW. Do you have extras?

      The DPW does such a great job keeping the city clean. I didn’t think it was their responsibility and I don’t want them to get blamed. That is extra awesome that Rose is willing to coordinate the trash removal, which is not even the responsibility of the city!!

      Locals and non-locals alike are guilty of littering. I don’t think people are consciously trying to trash our city–they just occasionally unconsciously throw garbage into an already overflowing trash barrel. This type of un-lidded barrel is especially not suitable for this location because the seagulls, almost immediately, pull out whatever has been discarded.


      1. Try to always have them in my trunk, of course along with my beach chair, went to Poplar Street, DPW and they are really wonderful about the yellow bags, and of course Rose, she is amazing and anything you need she will help out with.. Hope to see you soon…


      2. Since 1998, Mass Audubon has worked closely with the Association of Eastern Point Residents and city agencies to address management and traffic issues created by too many people wanting to visit the Eastern Point Lighhouse and Dogbar Break in the summer with too little parking to accommodate them. In addition, four -wheel drive vehicles were being driven on the beach –causing damage to the habitat– and nighttime partying in the parking lot was an increasing complaint and of growing concern to neighbors. Barriers were erected to keep vehicles off sensitive areas, a gate was installed so the lot could be locked at night, and a marsh clean-up occurs each spring to clear the area of traps, buoys, and winter trash.
        To continue to address these issues, Mass Audubon has worked with the Association of Eastern Point Residents to hire staff to manage the area on weekends, from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. Parts of their responsibilities are to assist with parking cars, collecting fees, along with opening and closing the lot each day. The lot is regraded each spring and we pay to provide a portable toilet at the site.
        The maintenance and management of the parking area comes at a cost, and the expenses are more than we can bear without assistance from visitors who are using the lot. From Memorial Day to Columbus Day we charge a $5 parking fee to help offset these expenses. People who wish to walk or bike to the breakwater can do so without charge, and there is also no charge to Mass Audubon members.
        The Gloucester DPW has also graciously worked with us by conducting weekly trash removal at the site. The barrel must have been extra full and a feast to behold by watchful gulls. Thank you to those who pick up litter when you see it. We can all work together to keep this coastal treasure beautiful.


  6. I’m from Rochester NY and have been visiting Gloucester for 25 years, Dogbar Breakwater has always been one of my favorite places to fish. When I leave I always try and grab as much junk as I can carry. I find it hard to comprehend a person who thinks it’s ok to just drop their junk
    out there. I actually plan to make my yearly visit this weekend and would be happy to take part in an “adopt the Breakwater” cleanup as long as i can break for the bluefish blitzes….


  7. Donna rocks as always!
    It does make one wonder what the $5 is for and what it actually goes to……especially as the sign says it goes “to maintian the parking area”, I know that there is a level of personal responsibility at play here but that $5 fee always vexed me….


  8. Thanks for highlighting this. Trash is sadly becoming an epidemic of the American landscape. Anyone seen the Route 128 median these days.


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