One Week Only We Will Accept Yoga/Wellness/Fitness Submissions

This week and this week only GMG will be accepting Health/Wellness submissions as part of GMG Health/Wellness week.   Get your submissions in this week and I will run ONE POST for your organization- note this is only for this week and then we will close the health wellness publicity machine down til next January so get them in for submission.  (try to make them creative along the lines of what the fabulous Treetop Yoga did by incorporating some Gloucester settings, locations or fun into your submission.  YouTube videos are a great way to get your point across.  Make ONE video and send me the URL and I’ll run that for you.  You have til Thursday to get me something.   email your submission to

No excuse if you miss the deadline, no excuses if you didn’t see this post in time (you should be dissecting every square inch of the blog every day anyway so shame on you if you missed it) Smile

One Week and One Week Only!

Use the Treetop Yoga Post as a guide to what I mean by making it creative and not simply an ad for your joint

The Boss

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