Top 10 ways to have the most fun @ tonight’s BLOCK PARTY ~ The last one in 2012

  1. Don’t sweat the weather.  It will be nice.
  2. If you want to sit down and eat in a restaurant MAKE A RESERVATION.  Here’s a list of restaurants offering al fresco dining  (with phone numbers).
  3. Wear layers (it will be clear, but cooler than you’re used to tonight).
  4. Bring the family.  No need to pay for a sitter.  There’s plenty of entertainment for kids.
  5. MOTHERS: Re-read #3 and don’t complain that you’re cold and want to go home early.  Your husband isn’t cold just because he doesn’t have a coat on.  Neither are your kids.  I don’t want to hear anybody say, “You make me cold just looking at you.”
  6. Embrace walking.  That’s the point.  Don’t waste time looking for the closest possible parking space to Main St.  It’ll only infuriate you, which isn’t the best way to start off the night.  Here’s how I look at it: I can eat more because I’m walking it off!
  7. If you don’t like the entertainment, walk a little.  You’re bound to find something you like.  Then come back to where you were.  Entertainment at each stage changes every hour.  See the entertainment lineup here.
  8. If your kids don’t like the music you like, send them to Rick Doucette at Kid Town or Daddy O’Keefe in front of Mark Adrian Shoes.  See map here.
  9. If you really must have inside entertainment, go see Rita Chiarelli, Canada’s queen of the blues, LIVE at Cape Ann Community Cinema at 7:30pm (costs $15, but worth it).
  10. Be prepared to see friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in a while ~  SMILE, you’re at a PARTY!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 ways to have the most fun @ tonight’s BLOCK PARTY ~ The last one in 2012

    1. Sorry, they’re in Norfolk CT tonight — and you have to pay fifty bucks to see them. If you didn’t know about the Cowsills concert/movie on Thursday, sign up to our gimmeLIVE Concert Club (at this link: ~ it’s FREE) and you’ll get emails with info on upcoming concerts (like the one we sent with Cowsills and other info on it).


  1. This is a brilliant post, I wish I saw it yesterday I would have made it sticky all day at the top. Great work Vickie and I know it was Vickie because of that sharp wit! (not to say Peter doesn’t have sharp wit. well you know what I’m saying. Great post!


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