Gloucester At Dawn Good Harbor Beach 6:32 AM 9/15/12


Ahhh nice to get some Gloucester at Dawn shots in.

Available as a 16×20 canvas wrap $120, ready to hang.

14 thoughts on “Gloucester At Dawn Good Harbor Beach 6:32 AM 9/15/12

  1. just a thought…some folks live/or are used to seeing GHB from the Brier Neck side…for the correct shot, I am sure that they would purchase prints…


  2. Window of Life
    By Peter A. Todd

    With eyes fixed through window wide
    I take in nature’s rare sights
    Birds chirping side by side
    At each morning’s new sunlight
    The calm of the morning’s changing seas
    As the tide smoothes out the sand
    Reminding us that we are free
    To abide in our God given land
    As the evening comes to an end
    The water takes on a great change
    For unto the human eye God does send
    Night’s stars in far off range
    To blanket us with protective night’s sky
    As we take our rest from days needs
    Within God’s blessing to abide
    As in him we should always believe.


  3. Consider taking this stunning canvas wrap photograph to your local custom picture framer to see how truly spectacular it could be!!


  4. Incredible picture! In the late ’60’s this used to be Rockholme Guest House. I stayed there quite a few weekends over a few years. It was owned or run by an older woman by the name of McCarthy, I believe, who also owned a nursing home in Medford, Ma. At that time, she showed us all around, servants quarters were on the top floor where the peak is, it was a tiny room that was surrounded by windows. At night, you felt like you we’re sleeping outside with the salty breeze and the roaring of the crashing waves. The kitchen had a green porcelain stove and the furniture was all antiques.
    I have some wonderful memories of staying there, even though that person and I are no longer together. Whenever I go to Good Harbor or Long Beach for weekends, I still think of him, though he will never know!

    Thanks for allowing me to share this little part of my life.


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