Buoy Painting To Adorn The Worlds Most Beautiful Lobster Trap Tree Has Begun at Art Haven!

For more info go to one of the greatest organizations GTown has to offer-

Buoys Days at Art Haven


Buoys Days at Art Haven

Drop in at Art Haven to paint a buoy for our Community Lobster Trap tree. Each day is geared to an elementary  school so friends can paint together. Parents can carpool and get some shopping done.

All days are 3pm-6pm, cost is free.

Mon.-Beeman and Plum Cove

Tues.-Veterans and East Gloucester

Wed.-West Parish

Thurs.-Eastern Point,St.Ann’s,Faith Christian,Charter school

Fri.-open to the public

Sat.10am-4pm open to the public

Then the buoys will be auctioned off  on Saturday, January 19th at our annual buoy auction!

Cape Ann Art Haven 180B Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

The Buoys Are All Primed And Waiting For You To Decorate


Well Lookey Here At What Lily Linqs Made Me! You Rock Lily!

If your company doesn’t have one of Lily’s unique and expressive authentic hand painted lobster buoy then shame on you!

Lily produces these works of art herself and there isn’t anything more expressive of local flavor than a lobster buoy painted with your logo now is there?

Check out her website www.gloucestergoods.com and order up yours like right now.

What, you’re still reading?  You mean to tell me you didn’t click on the www.gloucestergoods.com link and get to ordering your very own personalized buoy? That is totally unacceptable!! 

Thank you Lily!

Also follow her on twitter.  She’s badass.  Well badass in a pixie ingénue kinda way.  If that makes sense.  Probably not, but whatever- @lilylinqs



Leslie Heffron Dancing Sea Star Buoy Colored Pencil Drawing

Leslie Writes-

Thank you!  I’m an artist so after I read the blog for the first time I did a colored pencil drawing and have been working on a series called "Love Letters to Gloucester"  ever since.  This drawing is called, "Dancing Sea Star Buoy" and it’s based on a buoy I found washed up on Niles Beach.  Leslie


Buoy Painting At Art Haven pics By Thom Falzorano

I can’t even believe how many events went down yesterday.  How much fun and community involvement and volunteerism went into making it such an incredible day for Gloucester folks to enjoy.

There is so much to cover between the start of the day at City Hall with the Docksiders, Gingerbread House Competition, and hanging out with the Disney Characters.

Then off to Art Haven for Buoy Painting and Ice Sculpting.

Then to watch the star and buoys get placed upon the lobster trap tree.

Quick lunch at Espresso ($7.95 Chicken Marsala rocked).

Hop over to the Cape Ann Museum for a children’s Christmas caroling concert with FOB Mikayla Ciolino.

Then back to City Hall for Christmas play.

To Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Co for killer hot chocolate and a fatastic artisan show.

A quick stroll down Main St to catch up with Janice Lufkin Shea and then back to the homestead.

If you don’t see your pic today  it’s only because there is so much content we will be releasing it over the next few days.  Everything is getting posted though- fear not.

The Bean

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Snoop Maddie Mad

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