Magnolia Landing

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These signs are going up today in Magnolia at the public landing. The amount of Kayaks and Skiffs left at the landing has got out of hand. 2 weeks ago residents and GFD members were wadding in the water fishing out kayaks and skiffs that were heading out to sea. When these boats are found unmanned and adrift it is automatically assumed that someone is in distress sparking a search and rescue mission for the USCG and local harbormasters. Starting spring of 2020 the Gloucester Harbormasters office will have modified kayak rack storage a Magnolia landing. If you are interested please go to the City of Gloucester’s website Departments>Harbormaster>Wait List> Apply> Magnolia Kayak Rack and follow the prompts. For more information please contact the Harbormaster Office.


2012 Community Blackburn Challenge Live Blog and Paul Morrison GPS Live Tracking Map


Most Importantly before we get into the meat of the Live blog I’ll provide a link to Paul Morrison’s Live GPS Location Tracker Here  (The GPS Tracker will be turned on at 8AM to save battery but you can still check it out now. This is a real time tracker so if you see him coming up to where you are on Cape Ann run out to the water’s edge and give him a holler.  I’ll randomly draw a name from people that submit photos of Paul on the Race Course before the end of the day for a Real Deal GMG T Shirt $20 value.  His GPS Tracker even works on smartphones so there’s no excuses.  Bookmark that cool ass link and track his freaky Rubber Duck Toting Around Ass down on your smartphone.

Send in your pictures from the start middle or finish and I’ll add them to this post which I’ll keep stickied at the top of the blog and regular scheduled posts will update below this one.  I’ll also give regular updates from our Paul Morrison’s GPS Tracking Map as to his whereabouts around the Cape.

A note to all Blackburn Challenger Competitors and their families-
Swing down the dock after the race to get a free Good Morning Gloucester Sticker and have your picture taken for these pages Representing!

The Blackburn Challenge – July 14th, 2012

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From The Blackburn Challenge Website:

Time Limit Update – 6 Hour limit to complete course. Chase Boats and Timing will finish after 6 hours. Racers are paddling at their own risk after 6 hours on the course. Please plan appropriately if you believe you can not complete in 6 hours.

The Blackburn Challenge is a 20+ mile open water circumnavigation of Cape Ann. Participants row or paddle small boats in the open ocean waters around Cape Ann, and conditions can vary dramatically throughout the day. Occasionally the water can be very rough, with strong winds and high waves.

Paul Morrison writes this pre-race entry-

Saturday: Give a Hoot and a Holler to the Blackburners

Good Luck Paul and All the Other Brave Contestants in this year’s 2012 Blackburn Challenge from the team here at GMG!

Google Map of path around Cape Ann different than Paul Morrison’s GPS Live Race Position Tracking Map Found Here

Here’s Paul Morrison from last year (you can see the Rubber Duck Tracker mounted to the bow of his Kayak)-

Paul Frontiero Photo

Here is our 2011 Blackburn Challenge Coverage

Below this line begins our Live Race Day Coverage-

Last Update from the Live Tracker Was A Test At The High School Launching Area at 6:38AM- Looks Good For The GPS Tracker Paul! –


Update 7:39AM: Paul Morrison Rubber Ducky GPS Live Tracker Is Live

Click here for live ,tracking map so you can stalk him like the stalker freak that you are

Donna Ardizzoni posts live shot of Paul Morrison’s 2012 Blackburn Challenge Rubber Duck GPS Tracker-


Paul Morrison and Rubber Duck Tracker Pre Race From Ed Collard-


Update 8:11AM:

He is In The Water Just Past The Train Bridge-

Click here for the live map


Update 8:24 Rubber Ducky and Paul are off- averaging between 4 and 5 mph


Our Paul going under the A. Piatt Bridge photo from Donna Ardizzoni-July 14, 2012 Paul going under the A Piatt 

8:37AM Update:

Well past the A Piatt Andrew Bridge and approaching the first entrance to Jones Creek.  Speed 5mph Uploading video from the starting area now


8:52AM Update:

At The Mouth Of The Annisquam River 4mph


9:25 Update:

Coming Up On Lane’s Cove


Mary Page submits-

Blackburn challenge from Rust Island

Pictures I took this morning of the challenge looking across the Annisquam at the frog rocks

10:16 Update:

Just off Pigeon Cove and maintaining that 4mph pace.


11:23 Update:

Passing Good Harbor Beach

Click here for live GPS Rubber Duck Tracking


Update 12:21:

Approaching Eastern Point Lighthouse and Dog Bar Breakwater


12:43 Update: 3mph

Heading For Home Stretch and Pavillion Beach! C’mon Paul Finish Strong!!!!

Click here for live GPS Rubber Duck Tracking


Blackburn triumph!

from Crescent52

Blackburn Challenge 011Blackburn Challenge 012

Bearskin Neck is heating up!

As the weather is starting to warm up, the shops, restaurants and galleries are opening up and getting down to business. I stopped by for lunch and a stroll the other day.

I had lunch with friends at Top Dog of Rockport.  If you like hot dogs, this is the place to go! They have an amazing variety of hot dog / topping combos, with creative names like “German Shepherd” (which comes with sauerkraut) and “Italian Greyhound” (with grilled peppers and onions). For those who, like me, don’t eat hot dogs, they have other offerings as well. I had a bowl of clam chowder, which was hot and delicious!

Kayaks were out and available for rent:

Corey Tevan (about whom I posted a while back) has added more paintings of trees and flowers to one corner of his gallery. I love his art – if I had the money (and the space to hang them) I’d buy at least half the paintings in his gallery:

Chris Coyne did some work on his gallery over the winter, and has filled it with more of his beautiful paintings of local landscapes and cityscapes. If I had a room for Corey Tevan’s work, I’d have another for paintings by Chris:

Eugene Quinn is also back after being away all winter. I didn’t get a photo this time, but you can check out his work on his web page.  I’d have to have another room in my dream house for his landscapes and still life works.  He also does portraits sometimes, but doesn’t have any on display right now.  He has a very sweet and affectionate dog named Layla who tried to “kiss” me on the lips. No thanks!

There are loads of other great galleries and shops to visit.  I hope to visit a few more of them soon and share more photos. It’s worth walking down Bearskin Neck just for the view at the end. Here’s a partial panorama (looking southeast):