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Hi Joey,
Just checking in with you! I haven’t been all that active with my Tumblr Blog "Gloucester Journal" and guess I sort of fell out of love with Tumblr. I have pulled together a new blog called and my twitter account is @glostagourmet . I am hoping you can switch out the links on your blogroll. Meanwhile, I am looking to retweet your food links to my foodie friends on twitter.
In my new blog,  I will be documenting cooking all the stuff my husband catches on his boat "Blue Pearl" moored in Smith’s Cove. He lobsters, digs clams, and catches fish (non commercial) while I have an incredible backyard garden at my home in East Gloucester where I eat out of my garden 7 months a year. Together we try not to take too many trips to the grocery store while enjoying everything Gloucester has to offer. Many of the things we do are old style things we learned from our grandparents and great grandparents who lived in Gloucester (Both our familys have been on Cape Ann since 1600’s). I think this is a great premise for a local blog and fills a niche so to speak. I am hoping we can trade information and work together a little bit on a networking level. This is not really a commercial venture although I may sell a few of my cookbooks, nothing crazy, more just a thing I am interested in and everyone always tells me I should share it cause I do things people don’t do much anymore.
Anyway, Thanks in advance for switching out the websites on your blogroll: Let me know if you have any cool ideas for networking. OLD SITE: NEW SITE:
Friend me on twitter too! @glostagourmet
Thanks and Kind Regards 🙂 Melissa Smith Abbott

One thought on “GloucesterGourmet.Blogspot From Melissa Smith Abbott

  1. Hello Melissa!
    I made Anadama bread after watching your video. I have a 66 year history with Gloucester/Rockport. I was a summer resident with my family in the cottage closest to the Easterly Inn, returned every year with my husband, son and daughter and continue to return every August with my son and daughter’s families. Your book gave me tremendous pleasure! Anadama bread, The Blacksmith Shop and The Easterly are all treasures in my memory. I currently buy Anadama bread from Latoff’s. It is wonderful to have your original recipe! Thank you so much!!
    Deena Adler


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