Update On City Hall Restoration and a Request For Photographer’s City Hall Photos from Maggie Rosa

Hi Joey

Can you post these photos that were recently taken of the restoration project of City Hall? As your site is so popular this is the best way to keep everybody informed as to the progress of the project.

The project has started in earnest but as the work being done is going on behind the green shrouding it’s not easy to detect the progress. These photos were taken of the small towers (ventilator towers) last week.

Craig Herrmann will be posting these photos on our website www.restoreourtower.com and we will be sending you more as we get them.

And I’d also like to invite people who are also taking photos to send them to me so that we can post them on the website as well as keeping a record of this project for posterity’s sake.



2 thoughts on “Update On City Hall Restoration and a Request For Photographer’s City Hall Photos from Maggie Rosa

  1. I had the honor of writing a poem that was for the dedication of the Special lighting that lights up the exterior of the building. It was dedicated from the Dale Ave entrance. I along with the late Robert Kramer of Kramer’s Clothing and Shoe’s , along with the owner of Spittle Electric, and I believe it was sponsored by Cape Ann Savings bank. I read the poem that I wrote and gave it to the City as a gift. However I do not know if it still exists . I know it was never reported in the paper.
    A lot of poems I have written and read I believe are not of public record. I wrote the dedication poem for the Fishermen’s Wife , and also the Tenth Anniversary poem . Maybe somebody will find them some day


  2. can anyone tell us the history of the armored female statue in the front left of city hall?
    there is no plaque and it is another tribute to our female warriors on cape ann as far as I am concerned.
    Jim Masciarelli


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