“The Sing” at The Annie

Come join the fun at The Annie every Wednesday night at 7PM for two and a half hours of musical sharing.  We sit in a circle in the Art Parlor and take turns singing (or playing acoustic instruments, or both), and if others know the song, they join in.  All genres are welcome!  Prior experience singing in public is NOT necessary – it’s just about sharing our love for music, whether you are a pro, or usually only sing in the shower… It’s a very informal setting. People can also bring snacks or beverages to share. There is a $5 recommended donation per person.  We have a pretty steady group of regulars, but there is also many people who come whenever their schedule allows.  Here are some photos from past “sings”:



Michael Foley (below) is not only a musician, but also a stone carver.


Alexander Thompson brought some of his new organic variety of “Ma’s Brand” tomato marmelade:

In between his turns to sing, he was designing the label for the jars:



Ernie Pigeon, the organizer of The Sing:

When it’s not our turn for singing, some of us also do other artsy things while we listen, like knitting, drawing, or origami!  Or you can just sit and listen and admire the art show in the art parlor.

Fr. Matthew Green




Weekly “Sing” at the Annie

Every week on Wednesday night, 7-9:30PM at “The Annie“, there is a singing session, open to anyone who wants to come.  We sit in a circle in the art parlor and take turns singing and/or playing (on acoustic instruments) whatever strikes our fancy, and if others know the refrain, they join in!  It’s loads of fun, and a very friendly atmosphere in which all levels of talent and experience are welcome.

Here’s another video from our session last week.  It shows Ernie Pigeon singing “For the Life of Me”.

Pennies from Heaven

Last Wednesday evening, we had a great group at The Annie for our weekly singing event (7-9:30PM).  The last time I posted about this, someone asked for video of a song – so I brought my iPhone tripod setup, and filmed!

Henry Allen is not just a generous host at The Annie, he’s also a talented performer. Here  he sings “Pennies from Heaven”.

Come and join us some time!