Seven Seas Whale Watching Report from May 5th and 6th 2012

Seven Seas Whale Watching Report from May 5th and 6th 

From Jay Frontiero;
“After not being out on the water for a few days we were finally able to get off shore and look for some whales again this weekend. Our search took us to the southern edge of Stellwagen Bank… a little over 30 miles from Gloucester… but I think everyone onboard agreed that it was worth the extra time and effort to get there. The whales were spectacular!
On both May 5th and 6th we were treated to fantastic feeding displays from large groups of Humpback Whales.  Many of the whales we sighted were old friends. That is to say they are Humpback Whales that we see return to the Stellwagen Bank/southern Gulf of Maine region to feed nearly every year. We have therefor gotten to many many of these whales quite well and we are always happy to see them return in the spring and know they have made the long migration north from their breeding grounds in the Caribbean safely.
The individual Humpback Whales we were able to identify over the weekend were:

WIZARD  (who has one of the most beautiful tails of any whale)
CAJUN (a favorite whale of MANY whale watchers)
ABRASION and her new calf (our first mother/calf pair of the year!)
TUNGUSKA (one of my favorites)
SCYLLA’S 2008 CALF (not yet named)
This list will most likely grow as I still have a lot of photos to go through and try and identify.”
Click here for the rest of the Seven Seas Whale Watch Report

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