Video- Back Shore Waves Gloucester MA 04/24/12

Right toward the end a rogue wave came and I snatched my camera and tripod just before it would have been completely submerged by the wave.

See the black silhouette in the left hand frame of the video?  That’s my buddy Steve Hollinger, the genius inventor who created the Kayalu n clamp and RAM mount’s that I use to stabilize my video camera when we are going to be out in salty conditions.


Steve took this picture of me as I was scouting the scene to video tape-


6 thoughts on “Video- Back Shore Waves Gloucester MA 04/24/12

  1. Loved the video. I could practically smell the salt, tangy air.
    Tourists have been known to have been swept out to sea on Bass Rocks, naively thinking they were at a safe distance from the waves……and then it’s “Gotcha!” (I was taught at my father’s knee, to have a healthy respect for the sea; it’s served me well.) Joey, I heard you chuckling. Did you get sprayed?


    1. No but I turned my head for a second while the camera was on the tripod. When I turned back around I snatched up the camera seconds before a wave would have completely swamped it.

      I sat in that spot for 10 minutes prior without anything near that one rouge one.


  2. Joey,
    I can’t express enough how much seeing the water and hearing the waves mean to me. I turned up the volume and closed my eyes, it was the most wonderful feeling.
    Thanks, Dini Favazza


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