Alec & Rick of the A-Train Orchestra and more tonight! 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 1.17.2019

Check it out!
Dave Sag says,
Tonight Thursday – 8:30pm at the Rhummy: Get an eardrum massage with the entire Razdan Family! Yes fíls and pére (Accent gráve…gotta remember how to do this) get upon their hind legs and and push you back into the harbor! That’s PaPa Rick, longtime fusilier for the Megawatts and his son Alec, both on tons of saxaphones. featuring most of the A-Train including and up to Dan Wailin’, on catarrh,and their drummer J*H*V*H*. all contributing to my job as the minister of pain. We’ve got lots of surprises on tap, and the Police have promised me they will arrest us if we play more than one manic swingy Bb blues or rhythm changes per set! 830 to 1130

Davesag’s blues party
The Rhumb Line
40 Railroad Ave.
Gloucester, MA

St. Peter’s Fiesta | irresistible Cape Ann Big Band with Kate Barry

The big crowd for the Sunday Cape Ann Big Band St Peter Fiesta show was treated to glorious live music, strong solos and Kate Barry’s voice soaring Fiesta high. The Fiesta 50/50 raffle was at $1890 at Strike up the band time and climbed throughout the set.
Zach solo
plein air dance floor



Members including:
Director/Manager: Carlos Menezes Jr
Asst. Manager: Rick Geraghty
Promotions/Sales: TBA Stage Management: Shawn Lowe
Catering/Events: Paula Burns
Media: Gary Wolsieffer
Saxophones: Carlos Menezes Jr Steve Silva Ed Biggs Nick Capello Zach Gorrell
Trumpets: Arthur Adamson Shawn Lowe Anthony Prestigiovanni Rick Naso
Trombones: Paula Burns Dana Cohen Tom Madore Ben Tuck Bass Gary Wolsieffer
Guitar Steve Lacey
Drums Rick Geraghty
Piano: Chris Bodek
Percussion: Michael Thomas Doyle

“SAX” GORDON BEADLE Tonight! ” Dave Sag’s Blues Party”@ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 6.22.2017

This Thursday at the RhumbLine you must come and see the world-famous wallet-emptying Sexophonist and frontman : Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle.The big man on the hippocampus is guaranteed to loosen your platelets and cure your dishpan hands. I’m lucky I can induce him to play 3 times a year.


He’s dragging in “Big Jack” Ward, the model for Paul Bunyan’s statue in Bangor Maine. Author of “How I rose from the dead and you can too”, the BigMan will regale you with his meaty cantankerism. Of course, the diaphanous “MR.Ed” Scheer who musta swallowed a radio when he was a kid, will be on hand to help with the proceedings.Four singers times ten!

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

The Good Ole Salty Jazz Band at Dave Sag’s Blues Party – 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM Thursday 1.29.2015



I’m late again! Poetic licence had expired and had to wait in line for *** tetragrammation**** to re-up my status. So let’s go!

I can’t wait for you to hear this fabulous band: The Good old (Sea)Salty Jazz Band. All 35 of them are showing up on Thursday to wail away your blues!
But seriously, folks there’s only 8 to 11 of us,depending on who has a doctor’s appointment at the time. Looks like there’ll be 10 of us this evening. We’ve been holding SRO concerts at The Rose Baker Senior Center for years, and now that our record sales have gone platinum, it’s time to play the big time! So grab a date (or some prunes), put on those soft shoes and beat me, daddy eight to the bar! and don’t forget to try one of Jeff, the bartender’s famous Metamucil-infused cocktails for the smell of success. Ahhhh.

The Ole Salty Jazz Band  play great music  at Rose Baker a few times a month. This was shot on  Monday March 19th.

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Henry Ferrini video 2012

Henry Allen & The New Swingset 50 Shades Of Jazz @ C.K. Pearl 7-9pm

henry ck pearl 12.10.2014


Henry Allen & the New Swingset in concert. It’s a gratitude party! Great food, Great bar, Great music, Great friends! JOIN US Wednesday, December 10th.

SEATING IS LIMITED, so reserve now, and invite friends! 978-890-7378

President of Beauty ~ Film-in-Progress by Henry Ferrini

In 2014 Lester Young will have been gone 55 years, yet this swinging star shines brightly in the film-in-progress. In the film, Sonny Rollins calls Lester “god”, and a god he was for many players who paid their dues at mid-Century. The four-minute trailer includes interviews with Sonny Rollins, Harry Belafonte, Wayne Shorter, B.B. King, Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, George Wein, David Amram, Amiri Baraka, Junior Mance, and Gunther Schuller. Collecting these interviews has been an ongoing process for about two years. Here are some pictures from the two-year journey that resulted in this trailer.

As a longtime documentary veteran, my approach uses contemporary places combined with archival film, interviews and music to evoke our shared history. In President of Beauty: The Life and Times of Lester Young, the music and America’s troubled social history combine to evoke a sense of this much-misunderstood American genius.

Read more about this exciting new film-in-progress from Henri Ferrini here.


This Thursday night @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party ~ Special Guests: A-Train…Put on your dancing shoes! 8 to11- 2.20.2014

Dave Sag's
Dave Sag’s

Dave says,

It’s a pleasure to have back those Saxophone rascals, the Razdan boys for another romp this Thursday nite. Last time around, we got snowed out. But it’s a go, now, and the A-Train Orchestra posse is back in town ready to poke you in the musical eye with their own brand of sizzling swing. There’s Dad, or Rikky, on  multiple contusions, son Alek right behind him on tenor and soprano saskatoon, aided by the capable  combo of Dan Whalen, on qatar, and Doc Vincent on  spin cycle. I’ll be on base, as usual. Hopefully some really slick dudes and their horns will show up to lubricate the proceedings. We shall see. Opening arguments at 8 pm. Bring your slide rule!

The Rhumb Line

Thursday February 20, 2014

a train


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Listen to Kendrick Oliver from New Life Jazz Orchestra talk about his life and his upcoming concert at Shalin Liu this Saturday

Earlier this week I interviewed Kendrick Oliver, director of the New Life Jazz Orchestra and Laura Heinrichs of the  Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras (NMYO).

Kendrick is bringing his high-energy orchestra to Rockport’s Shalin Liu Performance Center this Saturday, February 8th at 8:oo p.m.

This concert will benefit the students of the NYMO, including their scholarship fund.

Kendrick talks about how he came to be the director of New Life Jazz Orchestra, which was not what he had planned to do when he attended Berklee College of Music and gives us a preview of the excellent music we will hear on Saturday — plus you get to hear some of that music in the interview too.

Listen here: 

Menage a Trio ~ Franklin Cafe ~ Linda Amero, Bronek Suchanek & Jane Potter 7-10

linda amero

LADY JANE POTTER tinkling the keys tonight, COUNT BRONEK SUCHANEK bowing his dopple bass. YOURS TRULY doing my usual vocalizing. COME TO THE FRANKLIN TONITE FOR JAZZ & DIN DIN! You might see a movie star (or two)! 7-10p.

978-283-7888, make a res now.

Franklin Cafe

118 Main St

Gloucester, MA 0193

One of the worlds greatest chefs & restaurateurs is dead at 54

Charlie Trotter, who put Chicago on the map as a food destination, brought serious recognition to American cuisine and was one of the first to promote sustainable sourcing died suddenly yesterday at the age of 54.

All of us who enjoy eating in restaurants — and all of you who run restaurants — owe a great debt of gratitude to Chef Trotter.

Learn more about Charlie Trotter in this NYT article and this piece on NPR, in which the president of the James Beard foundation, says Trotter told her that chefs are like musicians: “That every ingredient is like a musician’s note, and he laughed and said, ‘My father must have known I must have wanted to be a chef after he named me Charlie after Charlie Parker, the great jazz musician.’ He was somebody who really took the artistry of cuisine to another level.”

A while ago, I heard an interview with Charlie, in which he explained that fine dining is one luxury available to almost everybody.  In the interview, Charlie points out that a fine meal costs about $100 an hour and involves about 80 people.  By contrast, he explains, a decent plumber in San Francisco costs at least $115 an hour and he’s by himself.

Good point.  We’ll miss your creativity, spirit and wit, Charlie Trotter!

Help send a Gloucester student to Berklee — TONIGHT

… while you’re listening to some of the best musicians our country has to offer.

Jazz is known as a one of America’s most enduring musical legacies.  And Berklee College of  Music is the top Jazz school in the world.  But it’s more than that.  Every year, Berklee graduates some of the best, Grammy-award winning musicians in all genres, including one of the most popular new genres, Americana.  (See lots of Americana music here).

Tonight, you can hear Berklee greats perform Americana, Jazz & Latin music AND your ticket price will help send a Gloucester student to music school  (more info here)

Just go to Gloucester Community Arts Charter School at 7:30 and you’ll hear

The Dwells ~ Americana singer/songwriters

And The Berklee Voices — 7 Singers and a 4 piece band singing Jazz & Latin under the direction of Diane Richardson, Associate Professor VOICE.

Tickets $10 and benefit Berklee/Gloucester Jazz & Roots Scholarship Fund (more info here).  Keep your ticket and get $5 off the next concert.

Doors open at 6pm and people are welcome to tour the school. Concert seating is at 7:30pm.

Tickets available at LIQUOR LOCKER, at the door or Call Dan at 978-876-1953

Sponsored by the gimmeLIVE Summer Concert Series and BankGloucester

If Jazz, Latin & Americana aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other choices.  One of our favorites is Inge Berge, who’s at the Cape Ann Brewery starting at 9 (you can also bop down there after the Berklee show).  If you see Inge tonight, be sure to request this song!

There are 9 venues with music tonight on Cape Ann.  See full music lineup here.

Jazz, Latin & Americana Concert ~ Friday at Gloucester Community Arts Charter School

Friday, April 27 at 7:30pm, two major forces in American Music Gloucester Community Arts Charter School Sponsored by the gimmeLIVE Summer Concert Series and BankGloucester

The Dwells ~ Americana singer/songwriters

And The Berklee Voices — 7 Singers and a 4 piece band singing Jazz & Latin under the direction of Diane Richardson, Associate Professor VOICE.

Tickets $10 and benefit Berklee Jazz & Roots Scholarship Fund (more info here).  Keep your ticket and get $5 off the next concert.

Doors open at 6pm and people are welcome to tour the school. Concert seating is at 7:30pm.

Tickets available at the door or Call Dan at 978-876-1953

A Great Night Out

On Friday, we were able to get a night out and check out the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.  To be short and sweet, this place is amazing. I highly recommend checking their schedule and finding one event just to check it out.  The opening act was Rockport High’s own, Polygroove Orchestra. They got a standing O and graciously dedicated songs to their grandparents in the audience. Grace Kelly, an up and coming Jazz artist, then hit the stage. She is definitely one to watch with a stage presence beyond her years, a beautiful Jazz voice and a smooth alto saxophone. She pointed out that she has played many beautiful places across the world, but none with the beauty of the Shalin Liu.

If you are a big Jazz fan and are up for a once in a lifetime event,  Dave Brubeck will play a special fundraiser for Rockport Music on November 21st. He’s over 90 years old and still touring!

In a rush to get out we never did eat before the show, but were glad to find that the Franklin Cafe serves until midnight on the weekends. The bartender served up some great drinks and we had some great hand cut fries.  You can’t spend time at the Franklin without admiring and discussing their 2 Jeff Weaver paintings. The one below is definitely my favorite. A few pics from my camera phone.

Guitar Masters to Headline seARTS Benefit Concert

Jazz legend Larry Coryell and  renowned guitarists Ken Bonfield and Steve Davison will lead an inspiring tour of the world of American fingerstyle guitar in a benefit for the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts on Nov. 19. “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase” will feature country blues, ragtime and folk, traditional Celtic, jazz and classical pieces in an intimate café-style setting, appealing to fingerstyle guitar aficionados and newcomers alike.

The concert will feature three of the most talented guitarists performing today in a single venue. Coryell, one of the world’s acknowledged guitar masters, has recorded 75 albums over the past 40 years. The New York Times called him “a true pioneer of rock-jazz fusion.” Bonfield, a Gloucester resident who has toured nationally since 1994, was called “one of the best guitarists recording today” by Wind &Wire. Davison, who released his debut “White River Suite” this year, has teamed with Bonfield on the “Artistry of the Guitar” tour around the country.

–        “Larry (Coryell) has remained in the pantheon of great jazz guitarists for more than 40 years.”- Jim Wadsworth Productions

–        “(Ken) Bonfield’s music always evokes strong emotions and vivid images… (he) may be the best acoustic guitarist recording today. ” – Wind and Wire

–        “Cafés and other venues ought to be booking the 52-year-old (Steve) Davison … It is really good to see someone at the top of their game.” – Arkansas Times

Tickets for “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase,” are on sale now for $75 before Oct. 31 and $85 thereafter at or by emailing Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Bass Rocks Golf Club is also home to seARTS original “Art Loan Program” and the arts on the walls are original works for sale by 24 seARTS artist members.  The evening will also feature over a dozen ceramic artists of Cape Ann whose work will be on display and for sale to benefit seARTS.

  WHAT:           “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase

–        Jazz legend Larry Coryell and renowned guitarists Ken Bonfield and Steve Davison to play a concert featuring American fingerstyle guitar

–        Fall fundraiser for the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 19

–        6 p.m. Art Show Walk-around

–        6:30-7:30 Hearty Hors D’Oeuvres

–        7:30-10PM  Music

WHERE:          Bass Rocks Golf Club, 34 Beach Road, Gloucester

–        Note: Intimate café-style setting; seating is limited

 TICKETS:        $75 before Oct. 31; $85 thereafter                                                                                                          Contact or


 The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts is a coalition of individual artists, art organizations, cultural and civic groups, and businesses working to improve the economic base for the arts on Cape Ann, and to promote Cape Ann’s thriving arts community and rich arts heritage.  The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts has been a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Adams Arts Fund for Cultural Economic Development and the Boston Foundation’s Bruce J. Anderson fund.

CONTACT:  Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

Society for the Encouragement of the Arts

978.281.1222  or at