Visitors to Gloucester-03


Two young men  from Brooklyn New York

Visiting their Famous father/grandfather  Marty Luster


Couple from Florida


Couple from Revere MA


A visitor from Los Angles California vesting a friend in Gloucester

Hurricane Irma–Florida Couple Evacuate to Gloucester


This couple from Apopka, FL, when it was recommended to evacuate because of Hurricane Irma, they decided to come all the way to Gloucester.  They mentioned, that trying to find a generator was impossible, it seems that most generators have been shipped to Huston Texas.  They hope when they return there is minimal damage.  Best of luck to all that are effected by these hurricanes.

Visitors from California, Connecticut and Florida


She grew up in East Gloucester, but now resides in Northern California with her family


Couple from Connecticut, enjoy their summers in Rockport, but love walking on Stacy Boulevard


Gentleman is from Florida