Fish Box Derby Inspection Pix From Rick Isaacs

Rick writes-

We had a great inspection and registration clinic today – looks like we’ll have about 30 great cars for the 17th consecutive running of the Fish Box Derby Race on Sunday, Sept. 18th at High Noon on Rogers Street!

For More Info-









Fish Box Derby Facebook Page Here

Eurodam Video and Rick Represents at the State Fish Pier. 09/12/2011

Eurodam Video and Rick Represents

at the State Fish Pier. 09/12/2011

I met Rick a Big fan of GMG At The State Fish Pier. He enjoys checking it out everyday to see what’s going on here on our Island Paradise. He thought the Sunday Mug Ups were by invitation only. I told him and any Fan like him can come down Sunday Mornings at 10am and get some Coffee and some great food. No obligation to buy anything at all. Rick seems like a great guy and I look forward to talking to him again.

Here’s a photo of Rick Representin’ and The Eurodam video I took today. Rick also is my color commentary on the last part of this video when you see the shuttle boat arriving at the CruisePort.

Here’s Rick:

And Here’s The Video:

W. Somerset Maugham Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover- Quote of the Week Is One Year Old This Week!

“The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.”
W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)


Orphaned at 10, Maugham spent his childhood at British boarding schools and under the guardianship of an uncle who showed little warmth. He studied medicine, which he said gave him an appreciation of suffering, but left university as soon as he reached his majority to devote himself to writing. His first literary successes were plays, but his masterwork, Of Human Bondage, was written during the First World War, in which he served as an ambulance driver. Although he continued to write, notably his Moon and Sixpence, based on the life of Paul Gauguin, he was recruited by the British Secret Service and spent time in Russia during the revolution. Although controversy over his bisexuality followed him to the United States, he was very successful in Hollywood and spent many of his later years at his grand villa at Cap Ferrat on the Riviera.

With this entry the Quote of the Week has now been on Good Morning Gloucester for an entire year. Counting vacation, that’s 50 weeks of different authors from Auden to Zappa, without a repeat. Now I’ll give myself the luxury of going back to some of my favorites, like Chesterton and Maslow, but I’ll still be adding new ones as I run into them.

Just so you know, I write the bios based on my research to give the quote context, and one can click on the name or the picture that Joey adds to be connected to a Wikipedia entry for that particular author. Sometimes the adages are only attributed when I can’t find evidence of the direct quote; famous quipsters like Abraham Lincoln and Yogi Berra are often credited with things others actually said first.

I am always encouraged by your comments, and your suggestions are welcome too, but because I try to choose quotes that have some relationship to what is happening in my world each week, don’t be hurt if I don’t use them right away.

I find it astonishing how much wisdom there is in the world, and how the thoughts of famous men and women can apply to my own life. I hope you do too.

Greg Bover

Did You Know? (Good Morning Gloucester Gallery is Awesome)

If you’re a visiting lover of Gloucester and Good Morning Gloucester and will soon be heading home, or even if you live here and aren’t going anywhere, get yourself something to remind you of the place and the blog you love so much.  The Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck on Madfish Wharf carries a great selection of framed photos and gallery wrap canvas photo prints by Joey C., paintings and sketches by Paul “ART ROCKS” Frontiero, ceramic pottery bowls by Paul Morrison (bet you didn’t know Paul Morrison did pottery, did you? And he’s good, although I think R. Duck helped), framed photos, cards and matted photos by Sharon Lowe, paintings, photos, cards, prints, treasure boxes, refrigerator art, Did You Know? book and 2012 Gloucester’s Finest Kind Calendar by E.J.  For the early shoppers, there are many great, affordable and unique holiday gift ideas, all focusing on this place we love.  Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck, G3 on Madfish Wharf is open Wednesday through Saturday noon to 8:00pm (except this Saturday will be closing early to go to the Block Party and see the Joey C. show at Latitude 43), 10:00am to 6:00pm on Mug Up Sundays, but will soon be closing for the season, so come on by before it’s too late.  Parking is also much easier now.

E.J. Lefavour


Free Flu Clinic THURSDAY, September 15th

Free Flu Clinic at
Rockport Community Health Fair September 15

Addison Gilbert Hospital will sponsor a free flu clinic on Thursday, September 15 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in conjunction with the health fair being held at the Rockport Community Center & Senior Center, 58 Broadway, Rockport.

The flu vaccine will be available to those six months of age and older.    An identification card, insurance card and Medicare card should be provided.

The health fair will also include a free hearing screening, blood pressure, diabetes screening, balance screen, as well as over twenty health

information booths and lots of take-away materials.

The Mothership Has Landed!

The Mothership Has Landed!

They come in Peace!

Gloucester is being invaded today by the Cruise ship Eurodam and her passengers.

There alot of Happy passengers walking around town and waiting for the Cape Ann Shuttle Buses. Hopefully they’ll Shuttle them down To The Kahn/GMG Gallery on Rocky Neck.

Here are some photos of the Eurodam and her shuttle/life boat pods in Gloucester Harbor.


A Tale of Two Sunrises

A Tale of Two Sunrises

Mr. Paul Morrison informed me I wasn’t the only one up at 5:57am Saturday 09/10/11

Hmm!’ 9 /10/ 11? Does that have any meaning on the Mayan Calendar?

I was parked on Nautilus Rd. taking pictures of this beautiful show

(which there  are so many on this island)

And drawing an “Art, Rock!”

Mr. Morrison was on the other side of the Island on Andrews point taking pictures and probably trying to catch some more of his Wifes deliscious Bluefish Pate’ with his trusted companion R Duck.

I don’t know who’s crazier, Me with my Rocks or Mr. Morrison with his Rubber Duck.

Here are the Photos we took within a minute of each other that morning.

Mr. Morrisons Photo:

My Photo:

Mark Your Calendars- Next Saturday The Last Block Party of 2011!!!



Gloucester’s last block party of the season is a Dance Party! Main Street will be filled with entertainment at five stages, dining, dancing, magic and our special Kids’ Town. THIS IS YOUR PARTY and it’s free!

At 6 pm sharp start dancing to the Docksiders Big Band plus jazz, reggae, African, folk, rock, show tunes and oldies. Linda Amero is at the Franklin Café, the Bandit Kings play at the Dog Bar.  The Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester and we will be performing at 7p.m. in front of the Sovereign Bank.

Enjoy exquisite dancing by OmBellyCo Tribal Dance and the Cape Ann Center for Dance Performance. Buy 50/50 raffle tickets from our Gloucester High School cheerleaders and help support the parties.

Also at 6 pm, a special magic show in Kids’ Town – win a special prize from magician Joe Howard!

The Block Party series celebrates Gloucester’s unique downtown. The stores and galleries are open and busy. Dine al fresco at our diverse restaurants while you enjoy the entertainment.
Don’t miss it! Get downtown at 6 pm with your dancing shoes on!

ACLU Publishes Guides To Photographer’s Rights


Know Your Rights: Photographers

Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places, and harassing, detaining and arresting those who fail to comply. Learn more >>

Your rights as a photographer:

  • When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view. That includes pictures of federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police. Such photography is a form of public oversight over the government and is important in a free society.
  • When you are on private property, the property owner may set rules about the taking of photographs. If you disobey the property owner’s rules, they can order you off their property (and have you arrested for trespassing if you do not comply).
  • Police officers may not generally confiscate or demand to view your photographs or video without a warrant. If you are arrested, the contents of your phone may be scrutinized by the police, although their constitutional power to do so remains unsettled. In addition, it is possible that courts may approve the seizure of a camera in some circumstances if police have a reasonable, good-faith belief that it contains evidence of a crime by someone other than the police themselves (it is unsettled whether they still need a warrant to view them).
  • Police may not delete your photographs or video under any circumstances.
  • Police officers may legitimately order citizens to cease activities that are truly interfering with legitimate law enforcement operations. Professional officers, however, realize that such operations are subject to public scrutiny, including by citizens photographing them.
  • Note that the right to photograph does not give you a right to break any other laws. For example, if you are trespassing to take photographs, you may still be charged with trespass.

If you are stopped or detained for taking photographs:

for the rest of the piece click here