Careful All You Footwear Freaks (Paul Morrison This Means You)

Study Finds Risks and Benefits from Vibram FiveFingers

Paul Morrison’s actual feet^^^^^^

Check out the study here-

Study Finds Risks and Benefits from Vibram FiveFingers

Thank you Toby Pett for forwarding the article along

To think it all started with an innocent little post back in May-

If you wear these I WILL make fun of you.

Posted on May 8, 2011 by Joey C

Seen in the window of a shop in Newburyport.

OUR FOB Bobby Ryan on The Next Cape Ann Profiles

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews  Bob Ryan and Dave Wood, the founders of the Ryan and Wood Distiller. They discuss how and why they got into the distillery business, how they make their products and the ins and outs of the distillery business.
Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, September 30 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, October 2 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, October 7 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, October 9 at 2:00PM.
Upcoming guests include Sam Frontiero, a retired local fisherman, Greg Bover of C.B. Fisk other Cape Ann personalities who have a story to tell.
Rich Sagall is a physician and the president of NeedyMeds, a national non-profit that provides information on programs that help people unable to afford their health care costs. He also publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Friend of the Blog, Lois McNulty from Newburyport and friend, Elaine O’Grady from South Beach, FL represent at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck.  Lois and Elaine met and became friends while they were in the Peace Corps together in St. Lucia from 2008-2010.  Lois first connected with the blog when Joey posted from St. Lucia while on vacation with his family.  Elaine is friends with Jane Gibbs, FOB Linda Coleman’s sister-in-law.  The web of connecting people through the blog is ever growing and expanding.  The day will come when everyone everywhere will know someone who is a friend of Good Morning Gloucester.

E.J. Lefavour


The 1926 National Historic Landmark dory-fishing schooner Adventure Has Been Awarded a $250,000 1:1 Matching Grant From The Dusky Foundation


The Schooner Adventure, the 1926 National Historic Landmark dory-fishing schooner, has been awarded a $250,000 1:1 matching grant from The Dusky Foundation. This grant provides a major step forward in helping the Adventure organization gain the momentum needed to finish the restoration of the vessel and realize the goal of becoming a maritime, environmental and educational resource for future generations.
The three recent, very visible restoration projects; the USCG approved access, allowing visitors to walk Adventure’s decks; the steering gear, two projects funded by the Lynch Foundation grant and; the construction of the barrel windlass, used to raise and lower the anchors, funded by the City of Gloucester’s Community Preservation Act; along with the extremely well designed education programs have helped to renew public interest in the project and inject new life into the organization. The Dusky grant and the matching funds will enable the installation of water tight bulkheads and other below deck structures, and the outfitting of the vessel to allow Schooner Adventure to once again sail as Gloucester’s official flagship. This is a significant move forward to finish the vessel.
While the Schooner Adventure has national significance in terms of America’s maritime and commercial fishing history showing America at work, the vessel has particular importance to community of Cape Ann. Ties to the New England fisheries will lead to fund raising credentials in other areas along the coast but the sight of Adventure under sail cannot help but connect the people of Gloucester to their own history.
It is imperative that the restoration of Schooner Adventure be completed and the vessel returned to active sailing, so that future generations can experience what the life of a Gloucester fisherman felt like and meant. If Gloucester’s history is to be understood, it should be viewed in large measure through the eyes of a fisherman. What better way to tell Gloucester’s story than on board the last of the “Gloucestermen.”
About Adventure
The Gloucester Adventure, Inc a 501(C)(3) non-profit historic preservation and educational organization, was established to restore the schooner Adventure as a historic community resource and living classroom. Volunteers help year-round with vessel restoration, innovative educational programs, events, and fundraising.
For more information and support for Adventure, visit  or call 978-281-8079

The Gloucester Adventure, Inc. is a non-profit organization, Federal ID number: 04-302-0719               

Bird Rescue From Laurel Tarantino

Laurel Tarantino writes-

Good Afternoon Good Morning Gloucester!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of being part of a search and rescue team with my cousin Annette.  Here’s the poor little creature who was very glad we found him.  You catch ’em, we’ll release them.

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Video From Brianmoc- Blue fin Tuna Fishing off Gloucester MA 9/28/11 Bluefin Tuna 76 inch Giant

Brianmoc writes-
Fishing Off Gloucester MA for blue fin tuna is becoming fun. This is the second Fish out of three trips but its not easy. The captain of this boat has been a quick study and thanks to that we got this 275 pound Blue fin that only took 50 min to get in. This shows the how to fish for blue fin tuna are way so in enjoy.