Looking For Lobster Recipes To Be Featured

I’m starting a new feature on our Captain Joe and Sons blog for lobster recipes so if you have one you would like to share that doesn’t include adding stupid things like pickles to lobster rolls send them in with a picture or two and I’ll add you onto the Captain Joe and Sons Blog here


They should be your recipe and have a picture to go with it, thanks.

if you submit a lobster recipe that we use and send in a SASE I’ll send you an official Captain Joe’s Bumper Sticker.

Local Author and Blogger Kat Valentine Is Kicking Steven King’s Ass On Horror Sales of Her Kindle Book

"The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic" by Gloucester writer Kathleen Valentine is a psychological horror novelette available for Kindle. It has been selling well and last night hit a new high:


Novelette (15k words) Psychological horror. – The townhouses on serene, elegant Beacon Hill in Boston are some of the most lavish and expensive in the country. When Stan and Mattie take up residence in the dark and crumbling five-story house that Mattie grew up in, and has just inherited from her grandmother, their plans are to clean it out, fix it up, sell it, and return to their quiet life on Cape Cod. Mattie is overwhelmed by the gowns, furs and jewels in GrammyLou’s bedroom. Stan is amazed by the fifth-floor ballroom which has been locked up since the night of Mattie’s father’s thirtieth birthday party — the party that ended in the car wreck that killed both of her parents. Now, as they set about sifting through GrammyLou’s endless possessions they find mysterious things: a closet full of still-wrapped presents, a marked passage in her grandfather’s Bible, and a secret drawer with disturbing content. Mattie soon learns that her entire life has been built on a foundation of lies… that she was raised in a house of horror, by a monster.



I’ll be out on my deck tonight watching for the Space Trash that’s about ready to fall on Cape Ann. I’ll cover my Folly Cove Rum Punch Drink. I don’t need no space crap ruining my perfect drink. GOODLUCK ALL!

Hopefully we’ll see you in the Morning.

from: MSN;

“A huge, dead satellite tumbling to Earth is falling slower than expected, and may now plummet down somewhere over the United States tonight or early Saturday, despite forecasts that it would miss North America entirely, NASA officials now say.

The 6 1/2-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) was expected to fall to Earth sometime Friday afternoon, but changes in the school bus-size satellite’s motion may push it to early Saturday, according to NASA’s latest observations of the spacecraft.”


Kathy Slifer Things To Do Recommendation A Fall Hike To Crane Beach-

Kathy writes-

Hi Joey , I really enjoyed the pictures Bill O’Conner put up about things to do close to home . We have such wonderful places to explore within 20 minutes of Main St. I see a series here 

Dont forget a fall hike to Crane Beach . Viva Cape Ann .

Kathy Slifer


Anne and Christopher Lewis with Captain Jack Sparrow represent GMG in a mokoro in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Christopher writes-

Uh oh! time to leave – I hear hippos can give nasty bites!

But they look so cute!

Take care – Christopher


Ice Skating Lessons Gloucester

The Cape Ann Figure Skating Club is starting their new fall session of ICE SKATING classes right in Gloucester at the O’Malley Middle School for Boys and Girls.  Classes start this Saturday, September 24th at noon.  There are lessons for all ages and levels.  Special Tot Classes for ages 3 and up, Classes for Beginners, Advanced and even Adults!  We are offering a 6 week session for $120. 
Other classes, days and times are available.  We are offering a Tues 6 pm group class as well.  Along with Learn To Skate Classes at the Pingree School in S. Hamilton.  Private lessons also available.
We hope to see you this year.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information.
Alisa Contreras
978 882-1777

Rockport HarvestFest Poster!

Many thanks to Darren Mason of Merge3 Creative for the very cool poster he created for this year’s Rockport HarvestFest. It sums up the fun: local food, local beer, local color. HarvestFest features the best of New England food producers, a very cool Scarecrow display throughout town, hayrides, a screening of the movie The Vanishing of the Bees, fantastic live music and more! Check it the Schedule of Events through this link: www.rockportartfestivals.com

More local music ~ Check it out.

Tonight at the Rhumb Line ~ The Bandit Kings ~ With special guest ~ The Dan Baker Trio


Hey all….hope you had a nice summer and are ready for the cool weather.  Hoodoo Revelator, www.hoodoorev.com will be featured at Capt Carlos http://www.captcarlo.com in Gloucester on Friday, Sept 23rd (this coming Friday) We will have a couple of new tunes, some FREE Hoodoo live cds and FREE bumper stickers at this show!  Capt. Carlos is known for having the freshest (and delicious) seafood in the area.  Spacious room, large bar, and plenty of room to roam.  The show starts at 9 and runs til midnight.  Hope to see some of our friends!  Save the date…Sept 23rd.  See you there!

The Hoodoo gang 

Full Circle at The Dog Bar ~ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176022732475958&ref=ts

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden? Week 13

By Jenna Howard

Week 13

"Now that we are coming to the end of the season, I’m looking for ways to maximize the crops in my garden. I grew lots of herbs over the past few months– basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and more! I’m drying all my herbs so that I can use them through the winter. Here are some simple instructions for drying your fresh herbs (long-stemmed & short stemmed)."

How to dry long-stemmed herbs

Harvest herbs in the early morning hours just after the dew has dried off the leaves. (Picking them early in the day will result in a more pungent flavor!)  Remove dirt by gently rinsing cut stems in cool water, then shake off excess water. Gently pick off and remove dead or discolored leaves with your fingers. Gather the stems into small bunches and tie cut ends together with string or rubber bands. Hang bunches upside down in a warm, dark, dust-free, well-ventilated area such as a closet or cabinet. (If dust is difficult to avoid, poke a hole at the bottom of a brown paper bag and place over bundle while drying herbs.) Take down bunches in two to three weeks – when herbs are dry and brittle. Strip leaves from stems and store dried leaves in small jars or plastic bags.

How to dry short-stemmed herbs

It is best to use two clean window screens when drying short-stemmed herbs. Simply place the herbs between the two screens using a brick to keep them together. Follow the same cleaning instructions above for long-stemmed herbs. Choose an area that has good air circulation and does not receive direct sunlight. Turn the leaves periodically to ensure the entire leaf is exposed to air. This process will take about 7 to 10 days. These herbs can be stored in a glass jar or plastic bag as well.

Cape Ann Healing Center Upcoming Events



Cape Ann Healing Center Upcoming Events

MONDAY SEPTEMBER  26th from 7pm-8pm   Acupuncture Stress & Exhaustion with Greta Williams, LiAc.  Come and Join us for a Free workshop where we will discuss the implications of Stress & exhaustion. If stress and fatigue weren’t enough, their impact have long term effects on our health and well being when left unaddressed. In this fun and explorative class, we will discuss common symptoms that rise from stress and exhaustion and learn tools to take home and address them! Also see first-hand a demonstration of acupuncture for a pain. 

Please call 978-282-1191 x1 to reserve your space for this very informative evening. Pre-Registration is required.


WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28th 6pm-8pm Introduction to Polarity and zero Balancing with Laura Hays– Come experience Polarity Therapy-based movement, sound, and breath work that will help move your energy, release stress, and generate more flow, vitality, and balance in your body/mind. Come learn about 2 gentle yet powerful hands-on energy based healing modalities–Polarity Therapy and Zero Balancing.

Please call 978-282-1191 x1 to reserve your space for this very informative evening. Pre-Registration is required.

Address of Events;

Cape Ann Healing Center
85 Eastern Ave, 2nd Floor

Room 205

Gloucester, MA 01930

Thank you
Libby Lynch WEO
Cape Ann Healing Center

New US Citizens! Congratulations Jane and David!

Jane and David Beddus (from England) became US citizens on Wednesday. Their reason? They fell in love with the people of Gloucester. And we love them!

 Welcome, David and Jane!

Brian King entertained the party-goers with an American Songbook of tunes.

As American as … They served apple pie and ice cream!

Deadliest Catch F/V Time Bandit skipper Mike Fourtner at Cape Pond Ice

Mike Fourtner, crewman, engineer and skilled skipper of the kiing crabber  F/V Time Bandit, of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, stopped by CPI today and now is one of the official "Coolest Guys Around!".  He was with Gloucester’s own Jamie Marshall, heading down to a celebrity shootout fundraiser at Patriot’s Matt Light’s