Chickity Check It!- Marty’s Son Brian Has His Own Photo A Day For 365 Project Going

Brian reminded me yesterday whene he stopped down the dock that I used to refer to Marty as the other guy, having known Brian through his New York Waterblog a full year or two before Marty decided to move here and make all the rest of us look like amateur photographers. 

It was two years ago now that I met Marty when he made that fateful trip with Brian to Gloucester for the Dory raffle from Upstate New York and Brooklyn-

For The Dory Raffle Brian and Marty Luster Drive From Brooklyn

Posted on October 3, 2009 by Joey C


So it wasn’t six months later Marty decided to move to Gloucester after just one visit!  Read this blog post from the following May.

Welcome To Gloucester Marty!

Posted on May 14, 2010 by Joey C

Back on October 3 Marty luster came to Gloucester with his son Brian, a Brooklynite who runs the fantastic water blog A Movable Bridge Brian came to Gloucester with his dad Marty and attended the International Dory season wrap up … Continue reading →

So here is Son of GMG master photographer Marty Luster and  FOB Brian Luster’s new picture a day Blog “Backward Glance” image

Click here to check it out

Did You Know? (Hardy Kitesurfers)

I caught these two kitesurfers, the one above on the afternoon of the storm, and the other photos yesterday after the storm.  I could be wrong, but the top photos look like Paul Morrison, and the bottom photo looks like Ed Collard.  Have our hardy Blackburn challenger men decided to up the anti in the area of exciting, challenging and frigid sports to take part in around Cape Ann, or is it two other thrill seeking guys?


Speedway Welding Supply

Mike and I had a great experience over the weekend at Speedway Welding Supply. Such a great resource right in our backyards!

Family owned, local, passionate, clean showroom and great customer service! Owner, Steve and his son, Sean, are very Knowledgeable and happy to help. You can tell they love what they do. This is why local businesses are so much more valuable than the big box stores.

Things they carry:
Industrial Gases
Lincoln Welders
Grinding, Sanding and Wire Wheels
Harris Cutting Torches & Parts
Welding, Helmets, Protective clothing & Accessories

Photo of Building from the website:

Me welding for the first time!

Speedway Welding Supplies
16 Old Country Rd.
(down the road from Sprint, behind Sears)
Off Eastern Ave. Gloucester


Greetings From Haifa, Israel

Hi Joey, hi Paul

We are your fans from the other side of the pond…

We are in limbo, living in Haifa, until we can come live permanently in Gloucester. In the meantime, we love following GMG. You are both doing a great job!

Here are 3 photographs with the sticker for you. Hope you like them.

Best fishes, as the saying goes…

Neta, Shahar & kids

Haifa, Israel

Click Here to Check Out Neta’s “Let’s ART” Website

Auction Wednesday – Antique & Vintage Boat Building Tools

Walt Kolenda is holding his monthly auction on:


November 2


17 Kondelin Rd.  #7

Gloucester, MA 01930

 (inspection 3pm – 6pm)

This sale will include the first part of complete workshop of well known area boat builder Russell “Pete” Tobey of Dunstable MA.

There will be hundreds of lots of antique & vintage tools from the boat building trade, and much more! This sale will be packed w/ over 300 lots! Antique wood plane

Here is a partial listing of Antique/vintage/modern woodworking tools:

6ft long butcher block/ oak top workbench

4ft long heavy duty work bench w/ 3 drawers

woodend dovetailed toolboxes

antique block and tackle pulleys

many hand saws

2 person saw

To see more pictures and details go to his page.

Walt Kolenda       Auctioneer License: 2621                                                                         978-636-3101

Chickity Check It- Gloucester Quilter Blog and Webcam!

FOB Dot has recently started a blog about her quilting-


Dot writes-

I started quilting about 20 years ago in the middle of a life style change. I borrowed my elder daughters Featherweight machine, got a pattern book, some fabric and set out to make my first quilt. I still have that quilt today to remind me of how far I and the industry have come.

20 years later quilting is my passion. I make quilts for beds. You can throw them in the washing machine and put them in the dryer (on low heat) and then after 20 years buy another one. They are like a good pair of old shoes that last until you need a new pair.

I favor the Log Cabin design in my quilts as the geometric pattern creates an eye appealing textural effect for me. I choose over 40 different fabrics in varying shades to accomplish this. I use Warm and Natural batting and always good quality cotton fabrics as I am lucky to have a wide variety of fabric shops in the area and never need to shop the discount stores.

I am not a smoker but I am a dog lover with 2 Labradors to keep me busy when not at the sewing machine. (I now have a Bernina) I will be breeding my year old pup Stella in a few years and all the puppies get a quilt when they leave for new homes.
I enjoy working with my hands even though they are becoming a bit arthritic. Sewing helps to keep them less hurting.

That’s all for now……enjoy my quilts

Dot Batchelder
Gloucester, MA

In conjunction with Dot’s quilting blog she had Tim from install a webcam and has an awesome view of Gloucester Harbor from up on high-



Cynthia Hill Shows Off Some of Her First Photos From The Sony I Recommended For Her

Cynthia writes-

Thanks to Joey……

Love it, still haven’t a clue but will have fun learning…

Please see attached – shooting directly into the sun shows the curvature of the earth! How cool is that? Great of David as well!!!

Yeah I know it was on panoramic…couldn’t get rid of it!

Thank you so much.


click the photos for larger versions


Here’s the camera I recommended for her-


The price has come down some.  I paid $359 for mine two months ago.

Here’s my recommended camera list-

GMG Tech Talk- Revising My Recommended Camera List

GMG Tech Talk- the Official Gloucester MA Hashtag- #Gloucester #MA vs. #GloucesterMa

Bill O’Connor writes-

Hey Joey,

I started this topic on Twitter, but I thought it would be fun to include your audience in the discussion.  This isn’t about trying to get something to trend on Twitter – its more about creating an exclusive Twitter channel for Gloucester, MA.  I just ran into a similar situation with Salem this month.  There’s all kinds of Salems out there but only one Salem, MA. Going to #SalemMa to find info on their busiest month (Salem = Halloween) is much easier than visiting #Salem #MA.

I noticed that #Gloucester on Twitter is totally cluttered with other Gloucesters – mainly Gloucester, England & Gloucester, New Jersey.  It’s enough to make someone have to dig for info on Gloucester MA, and not very user friendly.  

I then checked #GloucesterMa and noticed that @GDTnews started it and think it’s a great idea. It fine tunes the aggregation of our collective data and makes finding Gloucester Mass info on Twitter so much easier.  If we follow a pattern of posting to #GloucesterMa, we can collectively Tweet occasionally on #Gloucester #MA something like – ‘Looking for info on #Gloucester #MA? Try #GloucesterMa!’

I’m with @GDTnews on this and my vote is for #GloucesterMa in all Gloucester-centric tweeting!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid, @kidns


Joey writes in response-

Well it’s a great topic Bill brings up and I should just state that there shouldn’t even be a debate.  The official Gloucester MA hashtag for twitter should be #GloucesterMA and not two separate #Gloucester #Ma.  The answers should be plain as day when you click on those respective hashtags on twitter. 

When you click on #Ma you’re going to get anything and everything that anyone has used for the #Ma including  everything in Massachusettes as well as a bunch of mother tweets. That alone defeats the purpose of the hashtag which is intended to drill down your results.  On top of that with #Gloucester #Ma you use 15 characters as opposed to 13 characters with #GloucesterMa  Those two characters are valuable real estate in a 160 character max tweet.

To make it more clear-

Click here for  twitter search results for #Gloucester and then here for #Ma and take note of what it returns (you don’t need to have a twitter account to do this)

as opposed to the far better option-click the link-  #GloucesterMa

That should make things crystal clear as to the far superior option.

Thanks Bill @kidns and @GDTnews for bringing it to our attention.  No need for a poll, this is case closed, from now on I’ll be using #GloucesterMa unless of course I need those last two characters in which case the Ma gets the ax.

Oh and BTW, you can follow your boy Joey here- @Joey_C