Did You Know? (Mug Ups on Rocky Neck are Nearing an End)

Photos by E.J.

So don’t miss Mug Up this Sunday, 9/25 at 10:00, 77 Rocky Neck, Gallery 3 on Madfish Wharf.  Last week’s Mug Up included a visit from the Ardelle and the First Annual GMG Lobster Roll Competition, judged by Dani Lubber, Kim Smith, Sister Felicia and Wendie Demuth.  First Place went to Stevie Black who says: “I’m one of those foodies that happily works from recipes and will try just about every culinary type and technique.  Then it’s a process of reworking and evolving that recipe until it is something different and truly mine.  These (the winning) lobster rolls are the culmination of 100’s of versions, but remain quite straightforward – all ingredients are there to enhance the lobster and the joy of eating one.”  Second Place went to Joanne Souza who says: “Growing up in Rockport, lobster was breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Cilantro is the key.  No such thing as Miracle Whip in my house.  Only Cains.”  I came in Third, out of three entries, and my lobster roll consisted of lobster tails on butter drenched toasted rolls, nothing more, nothing less.  There were a bunch of people and a lot of food, but in the chaos of getting everyone organized for the competition and running down to visit the Ardelle, I didn’t make note of everything and everyone.  Here are some photos. 

Also, a reminder that the Grand Finale Mug Up on October 2nd, will include the First Annual GMG Bloody Mary Competition.  Judges will include Fred “Reigning ATGA Champ” Bodin (replacing Mayor Kirk who has a campaign breakfast conflict), Charity “I might look sweet but I love Bloody Marys” Ciaramitaro, Maureen “I’ve seen my fair share of the bottoms of Bloody Mary glasses” Malloy, and Wendie “It must be 5:00pm somewhere” Demuth (whose idea it was to do a Bloody Mary Competition and was the first one to volunteer to be a judge).  So start refining your recipes (Bob Ryan, we are looking for an entry from you with your Beauport Vodka).  Stevie Black has already announced that he is having things “shipped in” for his Bloody Mary entry (and take home the 3rd blue ribbon – he and partner, Gigi Mederos won the deviled egg competition as well), and Madfish’s Chef Jeff is looking to go head to head with him, so we need a herd of dark horses to arrive on the scene and shake things up a bit.

Even if you don’t like Bloody Marys, there will be deviled eggs, coffee and whatever else people bring to contribute to the event (which is always a cornucopia of great stuff), so come and have a great time  – everyone is welcome and there’s no problem parking down here now.  Don’t let the season end with you saying to yourself that you always wished you’d gone to a GMG Mug Up.

E.J. Lefavour

Cordova Alaska Similarities To Gloucester from Skip Montello


Skip writes-


I was up in Alaska doing some salmon fishing last week and flew in and out of Cordova and was smiling at the similarities with our own fishing centric port of Gloucester. It’s the end of the commercial salmon season up there and the fleet was in preparing for their voyage home to other fishing ports in Alaska and south along the Pacific coast. I have attached a couple of photos that highlight our sister port. Feel free to share.

Capt Skip Montello


North Coast Angler www.northcoastangler.com

Skip Montello Photos www.skipmontellophotos.com

Celebrating Gloucester’s Joe October 1, 2011


The Garland family and the City of Gloucester welcome everyone to a celebration of the life of Joe Garland, Gloucester’s historian, writer, and civic-proponent who died August 30th at age 88.
The all-volunteer event will take place on October 1, 2011, at 1 p.m. in the center of town at 65 Rogers Street, the harbor-front property formerly known as I4-C2. 
The event celebrating not only the man but the colorful and vital city he loved will include: music, a brief program with speakers, a variety of tents featuring the causes and activities Joe cared about, along with some of his favorite foods, and a gathering of boats—fishing and sail alike—which will salute him from the harbor.

The opening program will begin promptly at 1:30 p.m., and will conclude with an open-mic session so that those who wish may share what Joe meant to them and to Gloucester. Any who prefer to offer a written or illustrated remembrance may bring a page (8.5 x 11”) to be included in The Book of Joe.
Donations in his name to worthy literary, environmental, medical and civic causes will be accepted at the various tents.
Seating will be limited so celebrants are invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets.
Parking for disabled and seniors (70 and older) will be available on site.
In case of rain, Celebrating Gloucester’s Joe will be held at City Hall, 9 Dale Avenue, where parking for elders and disabled will also be available.

For further information
Office of the Mayor: 978-281-9700    Peter Van Ness: 978-525-9093
Email: unknownsoldiersmemoirs@gmail.com

Please Join The Riverdale Rockets Youth Organization


Please join  The Riverdale Rockets Youth Organization
For a Fundraising Night at Jalapeno’s
Wednesday, September 28 ,2011
A portion of the night’s proceeds from dining in or take-out will benefit the Riverdale Rockets
Included events during the night are:
* 50/50 raffle (winner drawn at the end of the night)*
* Raffle for a free registration for the 2012 season (winner drawn at the last home game of the season)*
*Winner does not need to be present at drawing to be eligible for winnings
Enjoy a mid-week treat and help a great organization at the same time!


Trails and Sails North Shore Kid Picks 2011

Hi Joey,

The Essex Heritage Trails & Sails is in it’s final weekend, and we have cherry-picked their huge event catalog for the best FREE family events on Cape Ann and the North Shore.  There’s something for everyone, from museum exhibit tours to schooner sails to ghost hunts!  So if you’re looking fun FREE family-oriented things to do this weekend with the kids, check out our list here: http://northshorekid.com/story/north-shore-kid-trails-sails-2011-picks

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid