2011 Boston Derby Dames Tryouts Registration Closes 10/17, Tryouts 10/24

Do You Have What It Takes???  God I would Love To See One of Our Readers Tryout.  If anyone is up for the challenge We will send a full staff to cover your tryout for the DBoston Derby Dames for GMG.

Here’s The Details from the Official Boston Derby Dames Newsletter-

Click here for the Boston Derby Dames Website

2011 Tryouts Registration Closes 10/17, Tryouts 10/24

(This could be you! Yes, really!)

You can has roller derby!

photo-David Andrew Morris

You’ve been to every bout this season and now you daydream of knocking some ladies on the track, dramatically leaping out of the way of a gnarly block, or donning the jammer star and racing to a 30 point jam.  Well, the first step to your road to glory is coming to tryouts which are in just a few days!
Our final skate clinic before tryouts is this Sunday, October 17th from 1-3pm at Roller World in Saugus, MA.
You must register online to try out.  The deadline to register is this Sunday, October 17th.  Register now!
Tryouts are next Sunday, October 24th! 
All of the information for tryouts is available on our website.

Get ‘Officially’ Involved with BDD

© davidandrewmorris.comThe Boston Derby Dames are recruiting officials for the 2011 season! We are looking for skating referees, penalty trackers, scorekeepers, statisticians and timers.
Good bouts can’t happen without a good officiating crew. If you’re interested in being involved with roller derby, learning the rules of the game and new skills, please contact us at bddrefsearch@gmail.com.
No skating skills necessary!

One thought on “2011 Boston Derby Dames Tryouts Registration Closes 10/17, Tryouts 10/24

  1. Since it’s so close to Halloween, why doesn’t somebody from the GMG Staff put a wig on with fake boobs etc. and see if they can get a tryout? They wouldn’t even have to shave. Be great to see that on You Tube. Just have to think of a good name for the person!


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