Tommy Porter in the office talks about his days on the Hannah Bowden.  

One of the great storytellers of our time. 

My dream team for a  reality fishing show- Tommy Porter, Tuffy, bring Carlo Moceri out of retirement, Scrobie, Pete Mondello, Pete Libro back in his crazy days, Mark and Tom Ring.

I’m 46 years old and have been down the dock since I was 9.  To date there was never a better show than when we were offloading Carlo Moceri’s Morning Star.  Inevitably Carlo would lose his shit and start screaming and I’d never seen anyone turn a shade of deeper red in the face than Carlo.  Carlo is one of the most passionate guys you’d ever wanna meet and an awesome guy.

Stoga! Video

Stoga Talks About How He Lost His Fingers, How he Got His Tattoo, And What He Would Say To a Youngster Thinking About Getting Into The Fishing Industry

Add Stoga To My List Of Dream Team Fisherman Reality Series Stars

The cast includes- Mark and Tom Ring, Tom and Manny Porter, Busty Brancaleone, Carlo Moceri, Stoga, Peter Libro, Tony Marquis, Suzie Byrd, Tuffy and his crew Sean and Nate.  I’m telling you right now I could make the greatest reality show in the history of reality shows with a small budget and this cast.  The Best Ever!

Chickity Check It! Doug Maxfield Speaks The Truth About Fishing

Unfortunately for the industry guys like Doug Maxfield don’t get book deals.  His truths and clear cutting of the bullshit that gets reported about commercial fishing for one reason or another gets ignored by major media and instead bananheads with very little real commercial fishing experience get anointed experts in the field.

In the current day and age when it is so fashionable to hop on the green train the general public and even worse- food writers buy into whatever crap the environmentalists label green or not green or safe or not safe and more often than not once one of these people say it’s so the rest of the  minions of loyal environmentalists fall right in behind them without ever doing real investigative work for themselves.

They ought to talk to guys like Doug or better yet read his blog- North Shore Waterman for the real deal.

Like the header for his blog? 


It’s from a picture I took.

Here is your warning-Doug is RAW.  If you are offended by sexual innuendo or harsh truths with extremely salty language about all things commercial fishing don’t bother going there.

But if you want to read about what is really going on in the fishing industry from a back man’s perspective check out Doug’s blog and make it part of your daily reading.

Here’s the first post that I’d suggest you read to further illustrate why I think Doug Maxfield should be the guy that gets the book deal-

get your soap box

So I’m on the crapper the other day, and with no other options within a step the width of my under-pants, I found myself flipping through the New Yorker.  Wouldn’t you know it I found an article about the tragic state of the worlds fisheries         (  Always interested in people’s take, I read it.  HOLY-SHIT.  Do people outside of the industry and the towns of New Bedford and Gloucester actually believe any of the tripe?

click the link to read the rest of his post

Johnny “Doc” Herrick- The Ironman Heads Out

Johnny has been going out more regularly than any other lobsterman in our fleet this year. The fisherman who goes out most consistently holds the “Ironman” title and so far this year Doc is the Ironman.

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