Meet Gloucesters New Nurses

2010 White Breakfast

Northshore Community College Nursing Program Graduation

at the Gloucester Cruiseport

Today Gloucester Welcomed seven new Nurses including my Beauitful Wife Cathy,  who currently works at the Seacoast Nursing Home.

All of the Graduates passed an intense year long Practical Nursing Program at Northshore College. They gave up their; personal and career lives, sleep, holidays and Family Functions to earn their Degrees.

I’m very proud of my Wife. She worked so hard for this Degree.  Her dedication and Caring will benefit many in the career she chooses.

If you see any of these Hard Working, Dedicated Women around Town, Congratulate them! They Deserve it.

Gloucesters New Nurses, from left to right; Jennifer Severino, Deb Taylor, Rosa Harris, Heather Buffum, Cathy Frontiero, Stephanie Belcher, not Shown Tara Korinko
Cathy Frontiero being Pinned as 3 of 4 of our Boys look on
Cathy and Me. The Blue stripes on her cap indicate that she's a Graduate.

8 thoughts on “Meet Gloucesters New Nurses

  1. Your wife was a student at Day by Day and we loved her!! Such a natural!
    Tell Cathy the theme for the talent show is GREASE!!!


  2. Congratulations Cathy! It may have seem as though this day would never come at times but you did it. Maybe now you can have a weekend off…LOL…. GOOD JOB!


  3. Congratulations Cathy!!!

    Awesome job and I know it has been a challenging year with lots sacrfices.

    We are all very proud of you and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

    All my Love,

    Your Brother Joe


  4. We made it, Cathy!!! Congratulations! From the looks of this article your husband really loves you and is very proud. Keep it up. Hope to be working with you as a nurse.


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