Cape Ann SUP – SUPahBowl 2017

Yesterday’s Cape Ann SUP event at the Beauport Hotel Pavilion Beach

GoPro Video Camera Inside A Dishwasher

First off I’m not suggesting for a second that we ever get rid of dishwashers, but after watching the video it makes me think that there’s a ton of water that gets wasted because people don’t want to scrub their dishes by hand, me being one of them.


I’ve been corrected.  I had no idea the water was recirculated by a pump.  Makes me feel much better.

Brianmoc Video of Porter B Fighting a 42 inch Striper

Brian Moc Writes-

Porter B with yet one more big striped bass in 2010! this little fish was 42 inches & its was his 8th ish in two weeks! Also this guy Catch & Releases! Caught on a raindow Gibbs 1oz pencil popper . Word on the street is his last year fishing because he is getting married to his super hot high school sweetie in 2011!

Brian Moc has a great series of saltwater fishing videos from Cape Ann

You can check out his Youtube channel here

Nice Fish!

“S.O.S. Water” Event @ CACC This Sunday at 2pm

Learn more at the CACC this Sunday @ 2pm.This Sunday, September 20th at 2:00pm, the Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester will host a “Water S.O.S. Cape Ann” gathering for all Cape Ann residents concerned with the state of our water systems and our water rights.

Specials guests Gail O. Darrell, Community Organizer for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) New England, and Ellen J. Hayes, M.S. Executive Director and Co-Founder of Advocates for Community Empowerment, will speak about their experience helping other towns deal with water crises. Excerpts from the program “Democracy School: Communities Decide” will be shown.

The event is free, though donations will be accepted to help defray both guests’ travel expenses.

Gloucester Water Ban Update

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Water Update, September 4th, 6:00 p.m.


We have a sufficient quantity of water in Bond Hill storage and the water level is continuing to rise. People are encouraged to resume their outdoor water use as this will help draw chlorine into the water system.  If at any time the situation unexpectedly changes, the outdoor water ban could be reinstated. Although we expect to stop receiving water from our neighbors, we intend to leave the temporary lines in place should we need to resume.


We are waiting for Thursdays results. As we disconnect from receiving water from our neighbors, we may experience a slight increase in coliform hits as the water system readjusts itself.


Fire hydrant flushing will continue tonight starting at 9:00 pm.


The DEP continues to report that the system is responding positively to the actions we have taken to date.

A Microbiologist from the Office of Ecosystem Protection, EPA, toured the water sites yesterday.


We currently have 7 Chlorine Booster Pump Station in operation throughout the city. Some of theses sites will change to boost areas that have low chlorine residuals.

Please note that you may have increased chlorine smell from the water in some areas of the city.


Once the situation has stabilized, independent experts from outside the city with the full input and cooperation of the DEP, will gather the information and attempt to ascertain the root cause of the increased coliform in the water system.

We will also have an independent contractor, again from outside the city, perform an after action report to evaluate the response of the city as well as the independent contractors.


Please note, updates for this weekend will be published once a day in the early evening.

The Mayor will be holding an information meeting regarding the water situation on Tuesday, September 8th at 5:00 pm at the Rose Baker Senior Center. All are invited to attend.

Mayor Kirk’s latest interview with Rick Moore is available at The interview taped September 2nd with Cape Ann T.V. is now available on the city web site, and on Ch. 67 at 6:00, 10:00 and 2:00 am & pm.

The CODE RED system is being updated. If you know of any friends and neighbors who do not have access to the internet, please help them out and register them at the City of Gloucester web site,  (Click on CODE RED )


All of this weekend’s events are proceeding as planned.

In recognition of the efforts of our local merchants to remain open during this difficult event, please continue to support local businesses. All restaurants and coffee shops are open. Cape Pond Ice is producing ice in their off site facility and distributing it to local customers. Again, please support your local businesses.

The boil water order is still in effect while we attempt to resolve this matter.

For more information, please contact:

Public Information Officer

Deputy Chief Miles Schlichte

Public Service Announcement From FOB Joe McKechnie Water, Wine and Beer

To paraphrase W.C. Fields, “I don’t drink water, because fish screw in it.”

To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine.. .
and those who don’t.

As Ben Franklin said:

In wine there is wisdom,
in beer there is freedom,
in water there is bacteria.

In a number of carefully controlled trials,
scientists have demonstrated that if we drink
1 liter of water each day,
at the end of the year we would have absorbed
more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli , (E. coli) – bacteria
found in feces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop..

we do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer
(or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor)
because alcohol has to go through a purification process
of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.


Water = Poop,
Wine  = Health.

Therefore, it’s better to drink wine and talk stupid,
than to drink water and be full of crap.

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information:

City of Gloucester Water Update

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Water Supplements

Additional Chlorine continues to be added into the water system in West Gloucester and East Gloucester.

Impact on Schools

Schools will be opened as scheduled. Additional information will be available on the school’s website

Low Water Pressure/Discolored water

We realize that there may be low water pressure and discolored water in certain area of the city. This is a byproduct of the flushing of the water system and is necessary to get chlorinated water to those areas.

Frequently asked questions regarding the water situation:

When can we expect a lifting of the Boil Water order?

After we receive two consecutive days worth of zero coliform hits and we agree with whatever additional testing and oversight issues the DEP requests.

How will I know when the boil water order is lifted?

Code Red will be activated, the media will be notified, the city web site will be updated, the signboards located at Grant Circle and the Boulevard will be changed, and the 978… message will be changed. We will also request Cape Ann TV to post on channel 12 and 20.  Blogs will also be notified such as Cape Ann online and Good Morning Gloucester.

Just what is a “hit” in reference to coliform testing?

A hit means there is presence of coliform at that testing location. It is a simple (+) yes there is coliform or (-) no there isn’t coliform present.

What is the allowable amount of positive hits normally?

The DEP measures coliform hits on a % basis.  5% (+) results for coliform of all testing done on a monthly basis is acceptable.

How many sites are tested per day?

Normal testing occurs weekly at 10 standard locations throughout the city. If a (+) hit is discovered retesting is required within 24 hrs. All testing takes 24-28 hours to get the written analysis of the test results back to the DPW/administration. If a retest comes back (-) normal testing on a weekly basis resumes. If this retest comes back (+) additional tests of that location as well as locations up and down stream of the original (+) are taken. Any (+) tests are required to be retested until testing indicates a (-){zero coliform} If testing starts to show a trend of increased (+) hits then testing is increased to every other day throughout the city. If the trend of (+) hits does not appear to be lessening quick enough testing is done every day at many locations based on historical data and test results from previous days. This process is reflected in the hits recorded during this incident which showed small amounts of hits initially requiring retesting, an increase in hits over several days requiring additional daily testing sites, and a current decline in hits resulting in less testing sites daily.

When does the City get notified of a potential problem?

When the total number of (+) coliform hits exceed 5% of the running total of tests done calculated on a monthly basis.  If this limit is not exceeded during the 30 days a final report is issued to the city showing all the test results. As long as the % is under 5% the City is not notified. It is normal to have a small number of hits which are retested and these hit numbers are recorded but no notification is required.

Why were we not notified earlier about the fact that the water is “bad”?

The Mayor’s Office was not notified by the DEP until Friday afternoon, August 21st.  We immediately notified citizens of the boil water order issued by DEP via a Code Red call.

Have I been drinking contaminated water?

There is nothing to indicate that there is anything in the City’s water supply to make anyone sick.  The boil water order put in place by the DEP is to err on the side of caution until chlorine levels are where they should be.  Low chlorine levels could allow bacteria to get into the water supply.  No test results have indicated the presence of e-coli or fecal matter in the City’s water supply.

Are there any plans for the City to distribute bottled water, as had been done in the Town of Milford?

At the present time, there are no plans to distribute bottled water.  It is recommended that you boil your water for one minute before consuming.

What are the restaurants who are open serving their patrons?

Restaurants that remain open are most likely following the guidelines set forth by the Board of Health.  Some restaurants chose to close, while others obviously have decided to remain open.

If I only have to boil my water for 1 minute why do restaurants have to boil theirs for 5 minutes?

Although boiling water for a full minute will kill any bacteria present, if a homeowner fails to do this the impact will be on the health of a few number of people in that household. If a restaurant feeding dozens or hundreds of people over the course of the day makes the same mistake the health of a much larger number of people is put at risk. That is why food service vendors are required to boil their water for five minutes instead of the one minute for home consumption.

If we are being asked to conserve water, why do I see hydrants running in the street?

Hydrants are being opened in a selected manner to draw chlorinated water through the system to kill the coliform bacteria. Normally chlorine is injected into the water delivery system at the Bond Hill storage site. Opening these hydrants forces water to be drawn from Bond Hill throughout the system.

Will school open on time?

All schools will open on time. Students will have bag lunches Tues, Weds, and Thurs. even if the boil water is lifted before then. This is because the school department wants to ensure that all the water lines in all the schools as well as the underground pipes feeding into the schools are completely flushed. This flushing cannot take place until after the boil order is lifted. In the interim school water fountains have been secured, drinking water supplies will be available within the schools, and additional sanitizing devices have been placed in all the schools.


I did not get the phone call about the boil water order, but I did get the Mayor’s phone calls.  What is wrong with the system?

The Code Red alert system was just recently installed and we had not had the opportunity to run our testing as anticipated before being pressed into service. People can re-register their information on the City’s website.

I answered my phone, but the call “clicked off” and no message was delivered

There obviously were several “glitches” with the system which we have discussed with Fire Chief Dench, who is the City’s liaison with Code Red, and the vendor. They are currently being addressed.

City of Gloucester Water Update

I’ve been asked to update GMG with the latest City of Gloucester Water Updates and Point folks to the City Website so here goes-

It would be nice if someone in the city web department could figure out how to use rss feeds so we could get this information updated directly and instantaneously. -Just a thought.

Announcements Posted by: cpantano on 08/24/2009 17:09:36
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As of 5 pm on Monday, August 24, 2009, further information is available

 Unified Command / Public Information Officer

 A Unified Command system has been in place since the middle of last week with representatives of the Administration, DPW, Board of Health, and Fire Department meeting as needed to evaluate the status and plan accordingly.  In response to high demand for frequent communication, we are moving forward with all channels of communication available.  To help address this issue, Deputy Fire Chief Miles Schlichte has been named as the Public Information Officer for the duration of this event.  He will be working to get current and factual information out to the public with all available local media options including blogs. 

 Water Supplements

 As of this afternoon we will again be receiving water from Manchester. We stopped last Friday while we waited for a custom valve to be fabricated to prevent any chance of our water backflowing into Manchester’s water supply. The DPW and Fire Department will again be connecting the two systems together shortly.

 Water Main Break

 There was a water main break on Western Ave today. Prompt work by the DPW crews repaired the break and water is again flowing through that pipe. The road will be passable shortly if not already and is scheduled to be repaved on Wednesday.

 Bond Hill Water Level

 We did lose some of the gains we had made in the Bond Hill storage facility due to the water main break.  Bond Hill water level as of this report is 7 ½ feet.

 Test Results from Sunday, August 23, 2009

 Test results from samples taken on Sunday indicate improvement on coliform levels over the previous days, but are still not within normal levels.

 Information Updates

 We are working on putting together a dedicated phone number together with a recorded message that any citizen can call for an update.  The phone number will be announced on Tuesday, August 24, 2009. The message will be updated as the situation changes. If the message does not change you can assume the situation has not changed either.

 We will be updating the city website in a more timely fashion as well.

 An update will be presented to the City Council at 7pm on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 in Kyrouz Auditorium.  Command staff from the Administration, Department of Public Works, Fire, and Health Department will be available to answer questions, and the public is invited.


 The Incident Command Staff is meeting regularly and contingency plans are in place in case the situation should worsen, but until today’s water break, things were slowly and steadily improving. These contingency plans include mutual aid plans for fire suppression.

 The outdoor water ban and the boil water order remain in effect.

Movie – “F.L.O.W. (For Love Of Water)”

Click for a trailer.

Irena Salina’s cautionary documentary is determined to stir things up. Water, the quintessence of life, sustains every creature on Earth. Flow: For the Love of Water is an inspired, yet disturbingly provocative, wake-up call. The future of our planet is drying up rapidly. Focusing on pollution, human rights, politics, and corruption, filmmaker Salina constructs an exceptionally articulate profile of the precarious relationship uniting human beings and water. While each community’s challenges are unique, the message is universal — the time to turn the tide is now.

“Galvanizing… An informed and heartfelt examination of the tug of war between public health and private interests.” -Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“The inconvenient truth at the center of ‘Flow: For Love of Water’ is that while the oil crisis is intensely debated and documented, disasters involving an even more essential fluid go perilously unnoticed.” -Fernando F. Croce, Slant Magazine