Cameron’s Building Boarded Up and Marked Unsafe

The large white “X” — typically painted on a red background and placed on the front or roof of a building — serves as a clear warning for firefighters throughout the state that a building is unsafe.  Also not Good for Downtown Businesses on Main Street.

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Cameron’s a Historical Watering Hole sold for $975,000

Cameron’s once a very popular Restaurant, and a great hang out place was sold to non profit organizations Action Inc. and North Shore Community Development Coalition for $975,000.  What will happen to the famous Cameron’s Sign?

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Gloucester Bingo

The Gloucester Downtown Association

Gloucester Bingo    Come downtown, support our local small businesses and have a bit of fun.   You may have heard that Boston created “Boston Bingo” as a means to jump start their local economy…well, we are having some fun with “Go Fish/Gloucester”!  We thought this could be a great promotion for Gloucester too and we would love for you to participate with us.   We are creating a “bingo” sheet with 20 or so general categories where one or more blocks could be satisfied by shopping/dining in your business.    An example of a few categories are:   

Snag a sparkly piece of jewelry

  •    Upcycle something (buy something used)
  •    Enjoy a drink with a friend
  •    Grab a sweet treat, pastry or cookie
  •    Visit a downtown bookstore
  •     Buy a Glosta themed Tshirt or item
  •     Purchase a Mother’s Day gift
  •     Ahoy! Buy something nautical

The plan is for this promotion to run from April 22 through May 22 .   On April 22 there will be 6,500 inserts in the Gloucester Daily Times and we are planning a media/social media blitz to get the word out.   Once complete there will be a few  locations to drop off their bingo sheet and be entered in two different raffles.  A winning card will enter players in a raffle with prizes such as having lunch with Mayor Sefatia, a trip for two on the Ardelle, a Maritime Gloucester membership and we are working on other prizes from local businesses.  If you would like to donate a prize, please let us know.  Submitting a card with one line completed in any direction counts as one entry into a raffle, while a card that is completely filled out will see the player entered into the grand prize raffle.  Winners drawn from the raffle will have their choice of all the prizes available at that point with grand prize winners having first pick.
We truly think this is a fun and creative way for engaging our customers and thanking them for supporting their local businesses.

For more information regarding the Gloucester’s Downtown activities please follow the link below.




First Ever!!! Gloucester Downtown Chocolate Tour February 9th from 5-9PM

You gotta recognize!  Downtown Gloucester is not your father’s downtown Gloucester.  These merchants are pulling together to come up with some pretty cool happenings for our community.  Now is up to us to support them and have some fun while we’re at it.  see you on the 9th, where else but Downtown Gloucester!


Family and Friends Night Thursday December 20th With 9 Downtown Restaurants Offering Free Desserts or Appetizers

Hi Joey,

Could you post this Family and Friends Night. Also would you remind everyone that Thursday Dec 20th is the last chance to enter the $1,500. Shopping Spree. The Winner will be drawn at Family and Friends Night. Thanks again for all your help!

Christine Orlando


Lobster Meat At Cruiseport

Portside Grille At Cruiseport has been packed every single day.  One of the recurring things I’ve been noting when soliciting feedback from people about the Block Parties is that people really love alfresco dining.  Other than the Block Parties there are a few places you can really enjoy this type of dining around town -the Cruiseport unique-to-Gloucester sliding open frontage to the waterfront, Lobster Pool Restaurant in Folly Cove, the Rudder, the Studio, Latitude 43 deck and the Gloucester House.

Hopefully some group of downtown business owners get together and find a concensus as to how they would like to close Main Street to vehicular traffic on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer.  Gloucester Crossing will be opening soon.  It is of my opinion that the Downtown business owners really ought to start thinking about soliciting the city for the street closures as a way to differentiate and make Downtown Gloucester the destination it has been developing into.  They just need to take it to the next step.  It wouldn’t have to be a Block Party every summer weekend night but if the Block Parties showed anything it was that Gloucester is a social city and given the opportunity to see and be seen people will show up.

Lobster Meat At Cruiseport, originally uploaded by captjoe06.