Abbie Lundberg Photo Of Tony Gross’ Seahorse Find

You may remember Tony Gross from his pictures in the Boatyard-


or when he chopped off the tip of his finger and became a “cull”



Well the other day Tony was hauling lobster traps and off his gear fell a seahorse which are pretty rare to catch up in our waters. His lovely wife Abbie sent us the picture-

Hi Joey, here’s a photo of the seahorse that came up with Tony’s trawl
— Abbie


Tony Gross’ Swedish Coffee Bread

Every Christmastime Tony Gross, the skipper of the lobsterboat F/V Sandollar makes a ridiculous number of Swedish Coffee Bread loaves and gives them out to friends.  I made the mistake and called it Nisu but because the recipe comes from an elder in Tony’s family he insists it be called Swedish Coffee Bread.

It’s delicious and best eaten within a day of cooking.  I sure am glad I’m on the list of those who get one every year!

Backman Josh Lordan Produced Lobstering Aboard The Sandollar With Captain Tony Gross

Click the picture to view the video

Be sure to watch it all the way through.  It gets pretty interesting tehn they start to band the lobsters.  Thanks to Josh Lordan who made the movie.

Tony Gross Is A Cull

I knew something was wrong when Tony’s wife Abby pulled up to the dock with his lobsters.  Abby never comes down the dock but this day was different.

Tony Got his finger stuck in the hauler and it ripped the tip off.  Not good.

Tony Gross Is A Cull, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

CJ Morgante Day Three Aboard The Stanley Thomas

Y’all may not believe this but CJ refereed the New England Revolution/DC United match last night at Foxboro, got done reviewed the game tape and then hopped in his car at 2:00AM to get to Gloucester to go fishing on his Fourth Boat this morning at 5:00AM.

He went out lobstering with Tony Gross this morning at 5:00AM aboard The Sandollar. We’ll have a report on how he is holding up when he gets in tonight. So far he has been an iron man.

Tony took four boxes of bait this morning, showing no mercy at all for CJ’s schedule. As long as Tony has unloaded here I don’t think he has ever taken four boxes of bait (the previous most amount of bait being three boxes).

Hauled out for Maintenance

Hauled out for Maintenance, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Fiberglass, Wood, and Metal.

Three different materials making up these three lobster boats hauled out at Rose’s Marine for maintenance.

Tony Gross and F/V Sandollar

Tony Gross and F/V Sandollar, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Ran into Tony Gross, lobsterman extrodinaire down at Rose’s Marine where he had the Sandollar hauled out for some tweaking and maintenance.

Here’s a man that loves his craft.

Tony is one of the good guys.