Here’s an Idea

Third Thursdays

I’m sure it’s been proposed, but maybe you could shed some light as to why it’s not happening.

In other communities they have “Third Thursday Events” where they close their downtown streets on a certain night of each month and the shop owners stay open and local artisans set up kiosks in the middle of the streets and displays of their art for sale.

They have jazz bands or other kinds of bands and the shop owners have wine and cheese and hors’ douvres.

Why dont we have that here?

We have an incredible arts community.

Can we get to work on it?

It works in Vegas and it works in Naples.  I bet it would be fantastic here from Summer through fall.

3 thoughts on “Here’s an Idea

  1. i think that’s a fabulous idea, Joe
    and Thursday night is perfect with the concerts going on at the Fitz and the farmers market on Harbor Loop. i hope it happens…….


  2. Rocky Neck has instituted Nights on The Neck which I believe is also on Thursdays. Last year they tried a Rocky Neck on Main Street project but it didn’t take off.

    Another idea I heard of which I think is a hoot is a town that has a Midnight Madness night once a month during the summer. They pick a night when the moon is near full and shops stay open all night. What they do to draw people is offer discounts at different hours — 10% from 9-11, 20% from 11 to 1, 30% from 1 to 3, or whatever works. My sister’s town does that and she said it is great fun because people are out all night and all the restaurants do great!


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