Clare shares seARTS 12th Annual Art Loan @Bass Rocks Show list of artists

bass rocks golf club_20170618_© c ryan (2)se ARTS art loan @ Bass Rocks Golf Club 2016_20160608_© c ryan

 For Immediate Release

seARTS celebrates 12th Annual Art Loan @Bass Rocks Show at Opening Reception June 12, 2019

Contact: Chuck Hayback

seARTS Art on the Rocks Opening Reception

The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) proudly announces its twelfth anniversary of partnership with the Bass Rocks Golf Club for the Annual seARTS Art on the Rocks Program. This year’s show presents 40 works by 28 artists from Cape Ann and beyond, at its opening reception on June 12. The opening provides a chance for seARTS members along with the general public to enjoy superb art in an elegant club setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The program is a year-round exhibition, showing and selling the work. The fresh and bold work of the 2019 show balances a body of returning artists with new.

Among the newly enrolled artists (from Cape Ann unless otherwise indicated) are Andrew Anderson-Bell (Ipswich), Kathleen Chrzanowski (North Billerica), Melissa Cox, Kristine Fisher, Marion Hall, Patricia McCarthy, Jim Murphy (Ashfield), Karen Nastuk (Danvers), Mary Rose O’Connell (Billerica) and Debbie Shirley (Boxford).  

Returning to the show from previous years are Joan Bediz, Ted Bidwell, Matt Cegelis, Michele Champion (Ipswich), Katherine Coakley, Jeff Crawford, Rob Diebboll, Anita Freeman (Durham NH), Larry Grob (Weston), Olga Hayes, Kirk Larsen (Hicksville, NY), Nancy LeGendre, Michael Oleksiw (Beverly), David Piemonte, Mary Rhinelander, Judy Robinson-Cox, Deb Schradieck and Marny Williams, all from Cape Ann unless otherwise indicated.

We are also planning to feature an on-line catalog of the juried art works available for sale, for those unable to attend the reception. Details will be announced soon.

Responsible for the show’s thoughtful and lively selection of art is this year’s jury, consisting of Richard Caturano, a partner in the Boston Office of RSM US LLP (RSM) and an avid art collector, Janice Charles, owner and manager of Charles Fine Arts, Gloucester, and Ted Charles, President of the Board of Directors of the Copley Society, which represents over 300 artists.

We will also be honored to welcome Nathan Lewis, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at Montserrat College of Art, as a new voice in a panel discussion, “The Changing Art Audience,” moderated by Maureen Aylward, Communications Consultant and Sustainability Educator and Adjunct Professor at Endicott College. The panel will include Jan Charles and Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, seARTS Advisor and Chair & Co-Founder of Celebrate Wearable Art. Plans are in the works to have the discussion documented by 1623 TV as a live performance.

The jury will award honors that will be announced at the event. Awards are sponsored by Cape Ann frame shops.

Details of the Evening:

Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Time: 6:00-9:00 PM

Location: Bass Rocks Golf Club, 34 Beach Road, Gloucester, MA, (978)-283-1866 Please RSVP by leaving a message at (978) -281-1222 or emailing

Event is Free & Open to the Public

Hearty Appetizers & Cash Bar

seARTS Cape Ann, a registered 501(c)3 is a coalition of artists, art lovers, cultural institutions, businesses, and municipal organizations, all working together to improve the economic base for the arts and the larger Cape Ann community. In 2013 seARTS launched a new website where there is a robust section about the Art Loan Program and the works that have been on display. Find out more about this signature program and more at

Read seARTS current weekly newsletter here

Caddy Shea waits for a customer | history Bass Rocks Golf Club ca.1910

Shea is perched on the rock. He told me it was worth the wait–eventually he made $40.

 I was happy to see the dramatic fog burn off to a spectacular Father’s Day. Bass Rocks Golf Club filled up by mid day. IMG_20170618_055704



Bass Rocks Golf Club ca.1910

bass rocks golf club loc detroit publishing co ca1910 on license plate small size

photo caption: Bass Rocks Golf Club, ca. 1910 (note the date on the license plate), Library of Congress collection. Scroll down to see detail zooms  from the left and right sides of the photograph.

detail 2detail

My folks loved Bass Rocks  and Cape Ann Golf Clubs  two breathtaking linkslands. The Bass Rocks Golf Club was started in 1896, two years after the US Golf Association was formed. Yale and Princeton bought land and began organizing golf clubs in 1895. 

some background from the Bass Rocks Golf Club website:

The club was founded “by a group of Bass Rocks summer residents who rented the land in the area surrounded by Beach Road, Moorland Road, Souther Road, and Nautilus Road. This area is known as “The Meadows” and is currently used for our 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th holes. The rental fee was based on the value of the hay crop that would normally have grown there.

The first six-hole course was laid out by Alex Findlay, a Scottish golfer who worked as a salesman for a sporting goods company. This job entailed the planning of golf courses to increase the sales of golf equipment.

The original course was known as the Intervale Links. Subsequently Madison Mott Cannon, Gloucester’s City Engineer, designed a new nine-hole course. At a dedication of the new nine-hole course in June of 1904, a flag was raised proclaiming it to be the Bass Rocks Golf Links. The membership was about 250. In 1905, with increasing membership and more golf and social functions, it became evident that a more structured organization was in order and the Bass Rocks Golf Club was incorporated for the “purpose of encouraging athletic exercises and the establishment and maintenance of places for social meetings.” A formal lease was entered into with the landowners, The Souther Estate*. In 1909 the clubhouse was built and the rent increased.

More land was leased from the Souther Estate and the course was increased to 18 holes in 1913. Designed by Herbert Corey Leeds, who also designed the original Essex County Club (since redone by Donald Ross and modified by E.F. Wogan), a new 18-hole course began to take shape at Bass Rocks. Leeds also designed and maintained the Myopia Hunt Club course until his death in 1930.”

ed. note *Here’s a picture of Henry J Souther (1810-1892) who was married to Gloucester gals Eliza Phipps Souther (1814-1863) and Mary Wheeler Souther (b.1832-d.1914). His father John Souther Sr, owned Souther Tide Mills and Souther Shipyards.  Henry rebuilt the mills after a devastating fire. Later in his career he opened a brewery. He also owned Bass Rocks Hotel (twice!) in Gloucester MA. Henry and Mary’s son Henry Souther (1865-1917) was an MIT grad specializing in mining and metallurgical subjects who spent his early professional career in PA and consulted for the automobile industry eventually founding his own firm. He married Edgar Jay Sherman’s daughter Elizabeth Louisa. Sherman’s point and Sherman’s home on bass rocks are famous Good Habor Beach motifs. 

Henry Souther

photo caption below: Scottish golfer Alexander “Alex” H. Findlay. Findlay designed hundreds of courses. Findlay’s younger brother, Fred, also designed golf courses in the US. 

alex findlay scottish golfer american golf evangelist

Richard B. Findlay and his older brother Ronald A. Findlay, grandsons of Alex Findlay, did tremendous research and writing for a website devoted to this “Father of American Golf.” Bass Rocks was among Findlay’s first if not his first course. Bass Rocks was founded in 1896 though the Findlay family site lists 1899 for the year he worked on it. There were more than 20 Findlay golf courses in Massachusetts, a veritable “Golf Coast”, including several close enough to seek out a Findlay golf trail: Andover, Salem, Reading, Stoneham, Belmont, Haverhill, Weston, Wellesley, and West Newton.

I love this design excerpt from their blog:

The process of finding and authenticating golf courses designed by Alex is an ongoing thing. According to Alex’s list there may well be close to 500. About 200 so far have been found. Interestingly, throughout the ages new golf course architects take an older course and do some tinkering or even a major renovation on that course and it then becomes their design. A good example of that is with the renowned golf course architect, Donald Ross. He moved to the United States in late 1899, but many courses are attributed to him that have a stamp of origin earlier then 1899. Actually over 600 courses are acclaimed as a Donald Ross creation. In many cases he never set foot on the property but merely drew up a layout from his distant office. So it goes with the business of golf course architecture. Alex Findlay visited every single course that he designed, walking off each yard of the layout and in many cases actually was involved in the construction process with his youngest son, Norman, who developed a construction business for the purpose of constructing golf courses. As I visit Alex’s golf courses I learn so many valuable tidbits that I think you will find fascinating.

For instance, when he was building golf courses in the Northeast he would always face the green to the south in order to get at least 6 more weeks of play in the late fall into early winter, before the greens would take a hard freeze. Did you know that not one of his greens are alike. No two fingerprints are alike, no two snowflakes are alike and no two clouds are alike. You see, every green he designed he did so by laying down on his back and looking up at the clouds. He would then sketch the clouds on his design sheets, and presto every green is a unique masterpiece. Clouds of Green!”

 And this interview with Richard Findlay from Golf Club Atlas, 2012:

“In the early 1900’s the Prince of Wales, a childhood friend of Alex Findlay and soon to be King of England, wrote a letter to Alex. He did not have his address so he just simply put my grandfather’s name on the envelope and mailed it. In a short while the letter was delivered to Alex’s home in Boston, MA. This will give you an idea of how well known Alexander Hamburg Findlay was during his life in the United States as well as Scotland and England. Imagine putting the name Tiger Woods on an envelope and dropping it in the mail. Would it be delivered? Would people recognize the name? Of course they would…Move the clock back 100 years and who do you have? Alex Findlay, one of the most written about athletes in the world at that time…

What have you gleaned from studying your grandfather’s golf courses?

“Alex protected par.”

Northshore Magazine: August 2016 issue Best of North Shore includes so much on Gloucester and Cape Ann!

20160815_100527Before we dive into Northshore Magazine’s Fall Favorites September issue, let’s take a moment to acknowledge its Best of North Shore August issue. Although votes did not come in all Cape Ann for categories you thought might be a shoe-in: best beach, bakery, breakfast, burger, clam chowder, farmer’s market, art gallery, art anything (!), museum, or attraction — Gloucester and all of Cape Ann businesses receive a lot of deserved attention! Signing in to vote may be a barrier to entry for some. Still, 150,000+ votes were cast. You can check out what won in many additional categories in the 300pp monster issue.

Congratulations to Cape Ann 2016 Best of awardees!

DINE ALFRESCO – The Market Restaurant, Gloucester

FRIED CLAMS- Seaport Grill, Gloucester and Top Dog (seasonal), Rockport; reader’s choice: Woodman’s

LOBSTER DINNER- Roy Moore Lobster, Rockport; reader’s choice Woodman’s of Essex

LOBSTER ROLL- Seaport Grille, Gloucester

PIZZA- Short and Main, Gloucester in a three way tie

ROMANTIC- Duckworth’s, Gloucester

SANDWICHES- Willow Rest, Gloucester

WATERVIEW RESTAURANT- The Market Restaurant, Gloucester

HOTEL BAR- Beauport Hotel, Gloucester

CHOCOLATE- Rockport Fudgery, Rockport (seasonal)

HOTEL- Beauport Hotel

CHARTER BOAT- Schooner Thomas E Lannon

COMMUNITY WALK RUN BIKE BY SEASON – summer Twin Lobster Half Marathon & 1 mile Race, Gloucester; winter Happy Holidays Half Merrython, Gloucester;  reader’s choice, Motif #1 Day 5K, Rockport

FESTIVAL (FALL)- Essex Clamfest, Essex

GOLF COURSE- reader’s choice Bass Rocks Golf Club, Gloucester

MARINA- Cape Ann Marina, Gloucester

NATURE TRAILS- Ravenswood Park, Gloucester

BOOKS-The Bookstore of Gloucester

MATERNITY CLOTHING- The Urchin Exchange, Gloucester

CONCIERGE- reader’s choice Tending the Sweet Life, Gloucester

DANCING- Minglewood Tavern, Gloucester





seARTS art loan @ Bass Rocks 2016 and Cape Ann Plein Air panel


seARTS 9th and biggest art loan installation at Bass Rocks Golf Club opened last night. Visitors to Bass Rocks Golf Club will be able to see the art of 14 artists selected for this year’s seARTS art loan, and it’s all for sale. As if the art, food and party weren’t enough, the reception included brief panel talks about the national Cape Ann Plein Air festival that will kick off this October 11-16, 2016. 

Artists interested in competing in Cape Ann Plein Air make sure to apply by the July 14th deadline.



Leslie Heffron above, and below her painting in the distance and painting in the foreground is by Joan Bediz



Above, first time in the art loan @ Bass Rocks, Leigh with her husband Betts. Look for Leigh Slingluff’s painting hanging near prints by Rusty and Ingrid.


First prize went to Deb Schradieck. Head to seARTS for a complete list of all the participants and winners and to Bass Rocks to see all the artists (I didn’t get to take pictures of every work)  Congratulations to all!



A work by Ron Diebboll, also a Cape Ann Artisans participating artist.



More pictures follow the break

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Bass Rocks Golf Club in the Lifting Fog

Bass Rocks Golf Club ©Kim Smith 2013Shrouded in fog–

Bass Rocks Golf Club -1 ©Kim Smith 2013a few moments later–it didn’t take long for the fog to lift in the rising sun. Click image to view larger.

Bass Rocks Golf Club Cat-tails ©Kim Smith 2013. copyCat-tail

Bass Rocks Golf Club -2 ©Kim Smith 2013.

Thanks to Heidi Dallin for the tip to go see how pretty the Golf Course looked. I often see Heidi out running and exercising when filming at daybreak.

In searching for their website link, I learned that the Bass Rocks Golf Cub is the BONS (Best of North Shore) recipient of the 2013 award for the “Best Private Golf Course North Shore!”

Community Stuff 2/28/13

Hi Joey, We were looking to post an announcement of a Bridal Show we are having at Bass Rocks Golf Club March 24th from 12-3. There is no charge and those who register early will have chance at a “Free Venue Rental” and $1000 off catering from Timothy Hopkins Catering. They can register at

Thank you!

Peter N. Hood, Jr.

GM/Director of Golf



Joan Ciolino submits-

Hi Joey – I’m part of a huge family project to wish my kickass Aunt Addie a happy 90th birthday.  I am trying to gather 90 digital signatures / happy birthday wishes that I can then print off and send to her.  Could you please pop this up on GMG and we’ll get this thing DONE  prontissimo!  She has a great story – details here:

THANKS !!!!!

Christopher Cutler Rich – Cape Ann Animal Shelter– Fund Raiser

IMG_1726aThe Christopher Cutler Rich – Cape Ann Animal Shelter, held their 2nd annual Golf Tournament and auction at Bass Rocks Golf Club.



IMG_1737 Bruce Tarr – Auctioneer Extraordinaire and State Senator

Auctioned Trips to the Bahamas, signed Bruins Hockey pucks, shirts and Lobster Trap chairs and much more, all donated to help support the Animal Shelter.



IMG_1755The Mike Fpnzo Phenomenal Volunteer Award presented to Peter and Diana Porper. (photo below)


Winners of the Golf Tournament with a score of 58, photo below.


Andrew and Rick Southgate, Nick Carleton and Chris Mason

Golf Outing at Bass Rocks Golf Club for the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium–Update


Because of wet conditions at Bass Rocks Golf Club, the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association golf outing has been postponed until Tuesday, October 9. Tee Times are still available by calling Gerry Hart at 978-283-0686.


The Partnership between the City of Gloucester and the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association is producing outstanding results. As a result of this partnership, construction of the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium is about to begin. You can help with the effort and have a great time doing it by playing golf at Bass Rocks Golf Club on October 1, 2012. Bass Rocks is open to the public for next Monday (10/1) only and 50% of your fee will be donated to the scoreboard at the New Balance Track and Field at Newell Stadium.

clip_image001 Thanks to Rockport National Bank, there is now a hole-in-one contest on the Eighth Hole.

The date is Monday, October 1, 2012, and tee times are available from 9AM to 2PM at $320 per foursome and tee times are now available at $100 per person; this includes golf and a cart. The golf shop will be open for additional purchases and the Clubhouse will be open for refreshments. Proper dress is required; no jeans or tee shirts.

Make your tee times with GFAA Board member Dave Amero at Favazza Johnson Insurance Agency at 218 Main Street Gloucester or call at 978-283-0016. Please do not call the Bass Rocks Pro Shop.

SeArts Fashion Show – Wearable Art (Model Slide_Show)

Terry Weber writes:

Yesterday’s Celebrate Wearable Art Show was a smashing success, with over 160 attendees enjoying a runway fashion show featuring designs and jewelry from local and other artists. The event, organized by volunteers and friends of seARTS, was held at the Bass Rocks Golf Club and attendees enjoyed not only a spectacular runway show, but a luncheon, and opportunities to shop for one of a kind pieces. The beautiful models included local fashion lovers and professional models recruited by Mobius and Rising Design of Boston. The show was a fundraiser benefiting the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) which seeks to energize the arts community of Cape Ann– and if you attended the fashion show, you know they accomplished their mission!

See Designers photo below, and also enjoy slide_show of the models displaying Wearable Art by CLICKING on Any Photo.

Guitar Masters to Headline seARTS Benefit Concert

Jazz legend Larry Coryell and  renowned guitarists Ken Bonfield and Steve Davison will lead an inspiring tour of the world of American fingerstyle guitar in a benefit for the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts on Nov. 19. “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase” will feature country blues, ragtime and folk, traditional Celtic, jazz and classical pieces in an intimate café-style setting, appealing to fingerstyle guitar aficionados and newcomers alike.

The concert will feature three of the most talented guitarists performing today in a single venue. Coryell, one of the world’s acknowledged guitar masters, has recorded 75 albums over the past 40 years. The New York Times called him “a true pioneer of rock-jazz fusion.” Bonfield, a Gloucester resident who has toured nationally since 1994, was called “one of the best guitarists recording today” by Wind &Wire. Davison, who released his debut “White River Suite” this year, has teamed with Bonfield on the “Artistry of the Guitar” tour around the country.

–        “Larry (Coryell) has remained in the pantheon of great jazz guitarists for more than 40 years.”- Jim Wadsworth Productions

–        “(Ken) Bonfield’s music always evokes strong emotions and vivid images… (he) may be the best acoustic guitarist recording today. ” – Wind and Wire

–        “Cafés and other venues ought to be booking the 52-year-old (Steve) Davison … It is really good to see someone at the top of their game.” – Arkansas Times

Tickets for “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase,” are on sale now for $75 before Oct. 31 and $85 thereafter at or by emailing Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Bass Rocks Golf Club is also home to seARTS original “Art Loan Program” and the arts on the walls are original works for sale by 24 seARTS artist members.  The evening will also feature over a dozen ceramic artists of Cape Ann whose work will be on display and for sale to benefit seARTS.

  WHAT:           “Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters’ Showcase

–        Jazz legend Larry Coryell and renowned guitarists Ken Bonfield and Steve Davison to play a concert featuring American fingerstyle guitar

–        Fall fundraiser for the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 19

–        6 p.m. Art Show Walk-around

–        6:30-7:30 Hearty Hors D’Oeuvres

–        7:30-10PM  Music

WHERE:          Bass Rocks Golf Club, 34 Beach Road, Gloucester

–        Note: Intimate café-style setting; seating is limited

 TICKETS:        $75 before Oct. 31; $85 thereafter                                                                                                          Contact or


 The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts is a coalition of individual artists, art organizations, cultural and civic groups, and businesses working to improve the economic base for the arts on Cape Ann, and to promote Cape Ann’s thriving arts community and rich arts heritage.  The Society for the Encouragement of the Arts has been a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Adams Arts Fund for Cultural Economic Development and the Boston Foundation’s Bruce J. Anderson fund.

CONTACT:  Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco

Society for the Encouragement of the Arts

978.281.1222  or at

Inside The Bass Rocks Golf Club 7/11/08

The best part is the incredible view. To view a slide show of the Bass Rocks Golf Club Construction project you can click this highlighted text.