Day twenty-nine, or I suppose we could say four weeks and one day, and our Little Chick is growing gangbusters!

It’s always a relief to see our one surviving Piping Plover chick at first light.

Foraging in the seaweed at daybreak.

Little Chick seemed a little less independent today and spent a good amount of time with Papa Plover. I wonder if something frightened the Plovers?

Chief McCarthy, who now takes his morning run at Good Harbor Beach, has noticed tracks from folks that are still walking their dogs in and around (and through) the sanctuary. Not to disparage dog owners (I love dogs), a drunk guy also insisted on walking through the sanctuary. A super, super scary thing happened this morning where a small group had gathered around the enclosure. Two Great Blue Herons came flying low and slow over the roped off area, where both baby and Papa were resting. A conservationist told me awhile back to try to discourage folks from gathering round near the Plovers because it could alert predatory birds. I didn’t quite believe it, but after seeing the GBHerons flying so low, and seemingly fearless of the humans, I believe it now. Great Blue Herons are super predators and although their primary food is fish, they eat practically every small living creature, including birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, shrimp, crab, insects, and rodents.

Staying close to Papa Plover this morning.

Hmm, I think I’ll give flying another whirl.

Running to take off.

Hop Up?

Airborne for half a moment!

Landing, with a not-so-graceful skidding thud.

In the Pink


Captivatingly beautiful was this morning’s ever-changing light as the rising sun was greeted by waves of fog.

A fogbow mysteriously appeared and lasted for a good while.

Our Little Chick was nearly impossible to spot on his twenty-seventh day during the early shift and I was super happy to see the sun reappearing when Paul arrived at 8am.

Yesterday morning Little Chick had an extremely close encounter with the beach rake. He’s learned how to crouch and flatten low into the sand when people or predators are approaching. The thing is, yesterday he hunkered down in the path of the oncoming beach rake. Paul had to stop the driver to allow our chick to escape. I think this is an excellent example of why, for the time being, we still need monitors for a bit longer. Thank you Paul for being so attentive.Camouflaged!

A Laughing Gull arrived briefly on the scene and stayed just long enough to catch a crustacean. Laughing Gulls eat baby birds too, so we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on this fellow.

Blue Shutters Inn with Fogbow

If your deck chairs are missing…and you want to see a coyote

We found them at Good Harbor Beach, July 4 2017. The striped cushions are the right color! The pair were upended and cushions scattered along with various party remnants between the pedestrian bridge and the piping plover enclosure. We righted them and set them up for Piper Plover viewing.  Some folks vandalized the endangered species signs and littered, and others were picking up trash and repairing.  The coyote and birds were on the move.



There was a great crow ruckus in the trees across from Blue Shutters Beachside Inn and out popped the coyote. Hung around the creek and then off down the road past 

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20170704065604 (1)

Patti Amaral July 4, 2017


Peggy and Patty July 4, 2017– Peggy spotted the plover family of 5 this morning, Day 12. All are ok after an eventful Day 11 — see Kim Smith’s glorious photojournalism update 



Piping plover 3rd shift brought a hammer


Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20170704071209 (1)

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20170704071339 (1)

Cape Ann Chamber Spring Tourism Mixer Mile Marker1





Live blogging: it is a gorgeous night and packed — ready for discussing upcoming season plans! Mile Marker One looks beautiful — getting all their outdoor decks ready to roll.


*news update: I amended the post to update it with some names and businesses seen in the photos and at the party–which I couldn’t manage live blogging.

So who was there and who helped?

Peter Webber, Ken Riehl, Kerry McKenna were there for the Chamber. The photographs show a range of businesses and organizations across Cape Ann coming together on such a nice evening like: Blue Shutters Beachside Inn, Cape Ann Camp Site, Cape Ann Plein Air, Cruiseport, Gloucester Stage,  Vista motel, artist Melody Phaneuf, Mile Marker One, North Shore Music, Pauline’s Gifts, Rocky Neck Art Association, Ryan and Wood, Schooner Adventure, seArts, Seven Seas Whale Watch, and Woodmans.

The Spring Tourism Mixer was presented by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Council. Members of the Tourism Council are:

Sara Young (Chair) Schooner Adventure;

Matt Anzivino, Rockport Inn & Suites;

Laura Dow, Vista motel;

Tony Sapienza, Blue Shutters Beachside Inn;

Bonnie Scatterday, Woodman’s;

Jim Douglass, Cape Ann Whale Watch;

Meredith Anderson, Cape Ann Museum;

Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, Rockport Cultural District;

Tom Balf, Maritime Gloucester;

Steve Frisch, Loblolly Seal Cruises;

Richard Nestel, Lantana House;

Ted Marshall, Agawam Boat and Fishing Charters;

Carol Thistle, City of Gloucester Community Development/Tourism;

Mike Storella, Central Street Gallery;

Charlie Brackett, Brackett’s Oceanview Restaurant;

Tony Beadle, Rockport Music 

OK Kids It’s Time you Know About Our Latest Plan To Promote Gloucester

The idea is pretty simple.  I study the statistics that I am privy to at the end of each day on who is clicking on which posts here on GMG. 

Whenever there is a storm or an event in which I can direct people to the few webcams around town that are up and running like we have done with RunGloucester, The Fiesta and Schooner Fest, and Celebrate Gloucester at Lat 43 the numbers of views from people who like to view these webcams are substantial.

I contacted my buddy PR guru John McElhenny who does incredible things promoting Gloucester in the National media and my Tech Hardware advisor Tim Blakeley from and ironed out the details.

So having just a few connections around town I thought that a great way to leverage the daily 25-35,000 viewers per day we get here on GMG would be to take advantage of what we have in mass abundance here in G-Town- the Views!!!

So I bought the url and set out to inform local businesses and community organizations to get a ton of webcams up and running.

In just two days since sending out the email we have 19 different cams signed up.


Here is the initial email sent out to DiscoverGloucester and The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

OK guys after testing and figuring out what works best and consulting with my main PR consultant John McElhenny and Tech Guy Tim Blakely and securing the Domain I feel confident that we have an incredible opportunity to drive a ton of traffic to our local business websites and help each other out.

The idea goes like this.

GoodMorningGloucester gets between 25 and 35,000 visitors a day.

Each Gloucester business with a view or one that wants to install a webcam inside of the scene at their restaurant or wherever they’d like puts one online and we put a screenshot of that webcam’s view on

There will be 5 or more categories-

Accommodations, Restaurants, Community and Working Waterfront and Attractions

What I’ve found is that people absolutely LOVE webcams.  GMG gets a ton of traffic when there is a storm or an event of people that just like to view what is going on.

So we have one page that lists 20 or more webcams from Gloucester and Cape Ann. 

The way they are listed to be fair is in order that people commit to go online within each category.

So for example, Blue Shutters Beachside Inn is already up and running so they get listed first and the next hotel/motel/inn that sends me a link to their running web cam get listed directly under theirs.  Same with restaurants and community organizations.

The beauty of the page is that it will only show a picture of that business webcam and when the viewer clicks on the picture it will bring them to that business website.  Many businesses have websites but don’t really offer people a reason to visit their site to see what products  or services they offer.  This would drive traffic to their site and it is only a one time cost to set up.  The Dropcam’s seem to be the best webcams to use.  This is the webcam that Blue Shutter’s Beachside Inn uses and Discover Gloucester.  They are easy to set up and only require a wireless signal and a power outlet.   The ones being used by Discover Gloucester and Blue Shutters is The Dropcam.  I can get them for you for $200..  You can get your own or I can get them for you.  You can try to set it up yourself or you can have the guy I personally trust and have had a lot of great experiences as far as computer services- Tim from GloucesterBytes.

So imagine this-

There is a webcam or two at Cape Pond Ice.  One facing down Harbor Cove toward Lat 43 and/or another one facing across to The Paint Factory or The Coast Guard Station.  The webcam view screenshot is listed on and when someone clicks on it it brings them to the Cape pond Ice website where the webcam is embedded.  While there they learn all about Cape Pond Ice and possibly buy a tshirt from their online store or whatever.  Likewise Lat 43 has a webcam pointing toward Cape Pond Ice and when someone clicks on that at they go to the Lat 43 website where the webcam is embedded into their website.

Every time a new webcam gets listed I highlight it on and its 25-35,000 viewers get directed to where they see EVERY WEBCAM that has already been listed!  So every one that goes live drives more traffic to everyone else.  Its a case of everyone doing a little to help make everyone succeed!  

Every webcam that goes live also gets a link in the blogroll as well.

Once we have about 20 webcams live this is where it gets really really good!

John McElhenny at Matter Communications has had a stellar track record in getting National recognition and placement in Magazines and Newspapers.  Once we get about 20 webcams live we market Gloucester as webcamcity and drive a ton of traffic to each other’s business because we are so progressive and have so many incredible vistas to share.  Can you imagine how stunning it will be to have all the views from all around the harbor and Main street and the Back Shore,Rocky Neck all driving web traffic right back to each other’s businesses?

So for a one time cost you will get something that will run all the time.  This is less than the cost of an ad in a newspaper and up online all the time and gets driven to 25-35,000 people every time we highlight it on GoodMorningGloucester not to mention any time there is a storm or an event in which I can highlight one of the webcams so people will go to look at it.  Brilliant, right????

So I’m sending this to you both at the same time so you both have the same opportunity to get it in front of the people you think it would benefit most and get them the best visibility highest in the listing order on

Feel free to share this email with the people you serve through the Chamber and the DMO

I can get folks Dropcam for $200 you can read about it here and Tim from GloucesterBytes can set it up for you or you can get your own and send me the link.

The webcams will be listed from top to bottom by the people who commit to it first.  So let me know and I’ll order your cam and save your spot highest in the listings in order that you let me know

if you have any questions you can call me at -Joey

Feel free to forward this to anyone you figure it could benefit.  the more interesting cams we get listed, the more viewers it will get to drive people to each other’s websites and increase business.

If you think about the one time cost of this being less than the cost of a one time ad that gets thrown in the wastebasket after one day in a local paper and your cam would be running 24/7 365 , to me it’s a no brainer.

If you have a webcam and want to be listed fill out this form- Application

Here is a list of The Webcams that Should Be Live within The Next Two Weeks! 19 Signed On In Just Two Days!!!

Lat 43
Cape Pond Ice
Schooner Lannon
7 seas whale watch
Island Art & Hobby
Cape Ann Marina
Mile Marker 1 Cam Sponsored By North Shore Kid
CutBridge Cam Sponsored By Patty Knaggs Real Estate
Blue Shutters Beachside Inn
Discover Gloucester
Atlantis Oceanfront Inn
Atlantis Oceanfront Breakfast Cafe
Ryan and Wood
Bass Rocks Ocean Inn
Vista Motel

Rocky Neck Accommodations


Yesterdays “Art, Rocks!” Rock Found


I wanted to see if using Twitter for This “Art, Rocks!” thing would work. It did. Here’s the email I received;



Very COOL.

I found the “Art, Rocks” at Good Harbor Beach. Nice sketch. I have to admit that I must have walked by it 2 or 3 times (I went across the street to look right after your tweet that you left one). The photo clue was what did it…I have been back and forth enough times on my first venture to have pretty much memorized the rocks along the sidewalk :-))).

Thanks for what you do, both for art and for Gloucester. You and Joey C are two of the Great Ones!


Ed Comer Innkeeper/owner

Blue Shutters Beachside Inn

(978) 283-1198