Gloucester Police Department – Elder Abuse Awareness Rally


Volunteers, police, fire and other organization’s personnel came to the Cookout held on Roger Street by the Gloucester Police Department.

See more information at Senior Care

GloucesterCast 119 Taped 2/22/15 With Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 119 Taped 2/22/15 With Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include:Guests Alicia DeWolfe, Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro, Kudos To The DPW, No Novena Trolley, Sista Felica On Hyper St Joseph’s Day Mode A Month Out, Lemoncello, Arancello, Walgreens Open 24/7,Kudos To Gloucester Police for Quick Response To Local Shooting and Props For Local Police Chief Len Campanello and John Macarthy For Being Such A Great Communicator, Props to Former Mayor Kirk and Current Mayor Romeo Theken,How To Win friends And Influence People- Food, How To Politely Decline Food That You are Not Interested In, Cast Iron Skillet Cooking, Debbie Clement Picks Up Clarke Snow’s Book and We Talk About Debbie’s Married Last Name, Cape Ann Brewing Double Dead Eye IPA, Alicia Loves The Keurig Cinnamon Dolce K Cups, Harbor Cove Dental, Pee Wee Football vs Pop Warner Football Controversy, When A Free Boat Isn’t A Free Boat, Passports Wine Dinner Coming Up This Thursday Night, Cape Ann Chamber Business Women Wine Down Tuesday Night At Savour Wine and Cheese, Chamber License Plate Initiative and Giveback From The Serenity Restaurant Group, Chris DeWolfe Rates The Steak Tips At Mile Marker Number 1 In The City, Nichole Schrafft’s Mile Marker Kids In the Pool Recommendation


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City Of Gloucester Police Chief Len Campanello Reflects on His First Year and Looks Forward To the Next With The Good Morning Gloucester Readership

Hi Joey,

Just thought I would drop a note to your readers as my first year as Chief of Police comes to an end. It has gone by very fast and first and foremost, I want to thank the City Administration, the officers and staff of the Gloucester Police Department, and most of all the residents of Gloucester for their assistance, guidance, and support throughout the year. Whether it was a hurricane, a super storm, an earthquake, flooding or any crisis we faced, the support has been tremendous and I truly appreciate it.

We have accomplished a lot in the past year. We have addressed some of the major issues that the Police Department faced and have worked diligently at forming collaborations with the community in as many ways possible. We have also started to change to a philosophy of what we are calling “alternative policing” in keeping with the needs and desires of the community. Alternative policing entertains the notion that the police have many options, not simply arrest, in dealing with situations and we need to develop as many partnerships as possible with the community in order to take advantage of all of them. From an in-house perspective, we’ve made some changes, both tangible and philosophical, that should bode well in the future. These include changes in our command structure, accountability, policy and procedure, training, Records Management, and IT support. While the list of all changes is probably too long for me to write down here, I welcome any discussions your readers would like to have with me regarding any issues, or changes that are being made.

Coming up, we have our second Citizens Police Academy gearing up for October 15 and I’d invite your readers to apply. It will be twice a week for four weeks and encompass just about everything we do on a daily basis (we include tours of Middleton Jail as well as Ride-Alongs and an opportunity to fire our service weapons). This is a great way for police and residents to interacts in a positive atmosphere. Please call the station and ask for Lt. John McCarthy for more info. We will also unveil our SAFEWATCH program, designed to assist in interactions between the police and those who may have a mental issue which would otherwise make an encounter with police inflammatory. SAFEWATCH also assists in returning those who would have a propensity to wander back to their safe environment. We are partnering with Cape Ann NAMI ( National Association of Mental Illness) on this. We are excited to be at the forefront of building positive relations with this segment of the population, and their families who often live with fear that something may happen to their loved ones. We will be addressing drug issues in very noticeable ways, with the ideas of Alternative Policing in mind. Coupling with my previously mentioned strategy of zero tolerance for drug dealers, help for drug users, and cooperation with the community, we have forged a strong partnership with Healthy Gloucester Collaborative and are working regionally with communities such as Danvers and Beverly to share ideas and blanket this problem so that we address the issue from all angles. Another first for Gloucester.

On a daily basis, we continue to work on quality of life issues and plans for addressing issues with animal control, neighborhood disturbances, and concerns surrounding our reservoirs and quarries. Over the winter months we will be developing strategy with the DPW and Environmental Engineering to help solve some of these QoL issues.

Joey, thank you for all your support this past year and for providing me with an outlet to reach so many in Gloucester, and a very heartfelt thanks to your readers, whose engagement of their community makes my job so much more fulfilling. I’m very honored to be here and look forward to serving you in the coming year. I encourage your readers to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.

Thank you,


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

Upcoming Events From The Gloucester Police Department via Our New Tech Savvy Police Chief Len Campanello

The Gloucester Police Department will be hosting a Citizens Police Academy beginning February 27th and continuing for 6 weeks thereafter. It is a great opportunity for residents to learn more about their Police Department and is a program that has been well received and enjoyed in the past. We are happy to be bringing it back. Applications are available at the Police Station and some area businesses. The class is filling up fast, so if your readers would like to get in, encourage them to do so fast. For more information, they can contact Lt. John McCarthy at 978-281-9900.

 Gloucester PD has also brought back the Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge!! We know the complaints some folks have about their officers being, ummm, slightly bigger than there uniforms, so we are encouraging our guys to get into shape with the 2013 GPD Fitness Challenge. Its 3 months long, from mid January to mid April, and incorporates weight loss, exercise, and education on how to make lifestyle changes that would lead to lifelong better fitness. We have over 30 members of the Police Department enrolled, including myself. If you see us out there running as a group, we’d encourage your readers to honk for support. In that same vein, we are asking for business owners to rally and support our attempts to be positive, healthy role models by pledging a $1 per pound for every pound we lose as a team, up to a maximum of 400lbs. The monies raised will be used exclusively to fund a new treadmill and new elliptical machine to further encourage our officers to remain healthy.  While our aim is $1 per pound, we would welcome any support. In exchange, we will be providing a plaque of appreciation for those businesses that show their support, as well as thanking and recognizing them in future media releases about the program. While I understand some may feel this is a lot to ask in these financial times, especially when we, as police officers, should remain in shape, but the reality is we are encouraged by the motivation shown recently and are trying to give an opportunity to become involved in our success in this initiative. I thank your readers and businesses in advance for any support.

 Also, the Police Department is proud to be participating in 1 Billion Rising, a global campaign to stop violence against women and girls. This is locally sponsored by HAWC, the North Shore Rape Crisis Center, the Gloucester Coalition for the Prevention of Domestic Abuse and Cape Ann Savings Bank. On February 14 at 12:15pm in front of the Cape Ann Savings Bank Park at 101 Main St there will be a moment of silent recognition. We hope your readers are able to join us for a few minutes and show that we are united in our fight to end violence against women and girls.

 Thanks for all your help and your service to the community. look forward to speaking with you soon.

 Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police,City of Gloucester, MA

Handgun Rumor At Gloucester High School Addressed In Statement From Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello

Statement From Police Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your call this a.m.

We received a call about 6:20am from a credible source indicating that a rumor was circulating that there was a statement made by a student of bringing a handgun to the High School today. There was also a rumor that threats of bringing a gun to school today were written on a wall in the bathroom of the High School. The Police Department immediately responded, checked the school, began investigating and contacted school officials and the Mayor.

As it stands now, we will have a police presence for the time being at the High School, both to continue to track down the source of these rumors and to dispel any fear that students, parents, and teachers may have. The school is open, quiet, classes are in session as normal and school admin is on scene as well. I am told by the super that if students are apprehensive, there are guidance counselors on scene to speak with them.

Thanks again,

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police, City of Gloucester, MA

Breaking: Rumor Of A Threat Of A Handgun At Gloucester High School Being Investigated By Gloucester Police

I Just Spoke With New Gloucester Police Chief Len Campanello Who Confirmed The Rumor Of A Threat Of A Handgun At Gloucester High School Which Is Currently Being Investigated By Gloucester Police