Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 498 At 9AM Friday April 30, 2021

Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 498 At 9AM Friday April 30, 2021


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Adventure Underway Again

Adventure got underway yesterday for the first time in eighteen months. Just a short trip across the harbor to Gloucester Marine Railways on Rocky Neck, but it felt wonderful to be on the water again after not being able to sail last year.

We will be hauled out for a few weeks for maintenance, inspection, and bottom painting, then we’ll return to Maritime Gloucester to begin uprigging for our sailing season. We plan to be ready to sail with the public on board in early July.

Join us aboard this fast and able vessel for an experience like none other.

Thanks to Jim Diedrich for these photos.

Open Vaccine Clinic

The City of Gloucester will be hosting 2 upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics in cooperation with the Gloucester Family Health Center. The Gloucester Health Department encourages all eligible residents to get the vaccine as soon as possible. We will be administering the Moderna Vaccine which is available to everyone 18+. Please register for your 1st dose using one of the links below. 
If the clinic fills up before you have a chance to register, please add yourself to the waiting list as we frequently have cancellations, and we will also reach out to those on the waiting list should we receive additional vaccines. 
Friday April 30th– 10am-1pm

Thursday May 6th– 2:30pm-5:30pm

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Fisherman. Pioneer. Adventurer.

Sounds like a pretty satisfying life. I love this stone found at the Solomon Jacobs Park at Harbor Loop. It inspired me to learn more about Captain Solomon Jacobs.

Wouldn’t you know that upon doing a Google Search for “Captain Solomon Jacobs” the very first result to show up was for a post on GoodMorningGloucester back in 2012…posted by Joey C. with information shared by Chet Brigham.

Click on the photo below to be taken to the post I just referenced.

At the end of that post Chet Brigham writes, “Today we have the park, but Sol Jacobs remains a name known to few. In my new book, “On Opposite Tacks” (Whale’s Jaw Publishing,, I recount the captain’s astonishing career – with the hope that we can turn the corner in giving Capt. Sol the recognition he deserves. So that fewer people will be asking, “Hey, who is this park named after?”

So, also visit and take a look at Chester Brigham’s book, “On Opposite Tacks” to learn more.

Amtrak Auto Train a Good Option for Travel to Florida

We made plans to visit family in Florida and were weighing our options for the mode of travel. We had several legs planned for this trip, so the car was an important consideration. We decided to take the Amtrak Auto Train from Lorton VA to Sanford FL. There was a sale which made it a little cheaper than the last time we traveled by Auto Train and getting a sleeper car seemed COVID safe. It’s not for everyone under every circumstance but it’s a viable option for some. Many are curious about the experience so I thought I would share our journey from Lorton to Sanford on a weekday recently.

The trip is scheduled to leave at 4 PM and arrive around 8 AM the next morning. Upon arrival at the station in Lorton, we checked in with just our names. We were given some sanitizer, a dinner menu and dinnertime options. Most of your luggage is in your vehicle so you just take what you need for overnight. Then we waited in the open airy station with plenty of outside seating for a couple of hours while the cars were being filmed for documentation prior to loading them onto the train.

Our porter, Daniel, showed us our sleeper car which in small but not claustrophobic (at least for us). Three or four of the other sleepers in this car were occupied, about half total capacity. The train aisles are narrow and rocky as expected if you’ve ever seen one of those Lucy episodes!

Our dinner was delivered on time and still warm. It was not gourmet, but it was not bad (certainly better than a McDonald’s chicken sandwich!). We each had the chicken which we ate at the table in our sleeper, knee to knee but that was very manageable. The porter came to set up the bunk style beds and the train motion rocked us to sleep. Breakfast was available the next morning though we did not partake.

We actually departed and therefore arrived almost an hour early. Bathrooms and showers are available. There are also roomette style accommodations complete with their own bathroom/sink etc. Or, you can choose to ride coach style such as on an airplane.

As I said, it’s not for everybody on every occasion. Lorton VA is a long ride from Cape Ann, but only about 5 hours from our home in New York. Amtrak is offering a number of fare reductions for summer travel which we are considering. It’s great to have your car full of your own stuff packed any old way you prefer….especially if you need to transport more than you can carry. It’s worth consideration and I think we may do it again someday.

Weekly Menu Is Up!

photo: @pon.eats

Pick up Location

Savour Wine & Cheese

76 Prospect Street Gloucester, MA 01930

Business schedule : Thursday ~ Sunday

Business hours : 5pm ~ 8pm

Payment : Cash or Venmo (sushisanglee)

4/29/21 ~ 5/2/21

Omakase box (Chef Sang Lee’s signature sushi box) $70

10pc of top grade local and Japanese fish prepared Edomae style Nigiri sushi, Ume Shiso Maki, Tamago, Ankimo (monkfish liver)/ Narazuke (Traditional Japanese pickled cucumber from Nara)

This weeks fish line up

Madai(Sea bream), Ocean Trout, Kanpachi(Amber Jack), Black Sea bass

Akami Zuke(Marinated lean tuna), O-Toro(Bluefin Tuna belly), Aburi Kama Toro(Seared Tuna collar), Sawara(smoked Spanish mackerel)

BotanEbi(spotted prawn), Hotate(Local live scallop), Ume Shiso Maki, Tamago(egg omelet)

  • SASHIMI Omakase available with the same price. Comes with sushi rice
  • Fresh Wasabi from Shizuoka, Japan(10g) $10

* Fresh wasabi will be used in your sushi and the rest will be served in a separate container.

Maki (Roll)

Futo maki (5pc) $12

Tamago, cucumber, avocado, kanpyo (gourd), oshinko (pickled daikon), ocean trout, watercress, oboro (dried fish flakes), shiso (Japanese mint), scallion, sesame

Negi Maguro maki (5pc) $15

Bluefin Tuna, scallion, oshinko

Negi Toro maki (5pc) $25

Bluefin Tuna belly, scallion, oshinko

Ocean Trout maki (5pc) $12

Ocean Trout, shiso, avocado, watercress, oshinko, sesame

Shime Saba Isobe Maki (5pc – no rice) $15

(6 orders/night)

Cured local mackerel, pickled ginger, scallion, shiso, sesame, wasabi

Vegetable maki $8

Same ingredients as Futo maki w/o Tamago (Add Tamago for $2) and Ocean Trout

A la carte (Price per piece)

Oyster shooter $4

Duxbury Oyster, ponzu, radish, pickled jicama, shiso

Uni $10

Sea urchin from Maine

Chu-Toro $10

Medium fatty Bluefin Tuna

Black Sea Bass with Karasumi $10

Black Sea bass with Karasumi (cured Japanese mullet roe) and chives

O-Toro $12

Fatty Bluefin Tuna belly

Aburi KAMA Toro $15

Seared Bluefin tuna collar

*If you have any dietary restrictions, please note on order form

Payment via cash or Venmo

Venmo ID : sushisanglee

Contact Information

Phone : (978)381-3818

Instagram : @sushisanglee

Facebook : Sushi Sang Lee

Email :

If you enjoy Chef Lee’s sushi, please check out Best of Northshore:

Manchester-Essex Rotary Club

Cape Ann Community

Run for the Roses Raffle drawing this Saturday, May 1, 6pm. Live via FaceBook:

Don’t forget to submit your Derby hat photos, guys and gals. Post your photo of yourself with your fancy Derby Hat to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #runfortherosesraffle or email your submission to  Best woman’s hat wins a dozen roses and a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon, best men’s hat wins just the Bourbon. Contest deadline is noon on the day of the Kentucky Derby and our Run for the Roses Raffle drawing, 6:00 PM Saturday May 1. Entrants must be 21 years of age. 

Tickets are still available.

Tickets are still available.

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