Sal Randazza Remembers Fisherman’s Wharf In The 80’s

Good morning Joey

I was looking at some old pictures and came across this post card of Fisherman’s Wharf

In the summers of my 7th grade till senior in high school I spent summers fishing on my dads boat the Debbie Rose

With Family

My uncle John Randazza Captain (AKA Johnny Boy )

My Father Sal Randazza Jr (Engineer)

My Grand father  Cook (AKA Tootise)

My Cousin Anthony Randazza

We were quite the crew

Young and Old

I can remember waking up at 1:30 Am every day except Fridays(New York Fish Market Closed On Weekends)

My Father and I would listen to the NOAA Forecast and he would tell me if I could go with him Weather permitting

Just between you and me my father always said yes hoping I would get sick and not want to go anymore

I spent many of days over the rail sick as a dog

He could see back then that there was no life in fishing in the future

Then we were off to Dunkin Donuts and there was the rest of Fisherman’s Wharf  Boat Crews waiting there till someone made a move

It was usually the crew of the Debbie Rose or Tom Testaverde on the Sea Fox That made the  move

My grandfather would already be on the boat waiting for us 

So off we go in a line to Ipswich Bay to fish

I would see some of the best sunrises that time in my life

We would steam for close to 2-3 Hrs

That’s when the net went over and was towed for 2 hrs

The net was then hauled back and the sorting and cleaning and packing of fish began

We would make 3 tows and head in to make trucks in afternoon that headed to New York fish market

My father always had a 5 gallon bucket of fresh fish to bring home for dinner and to give some to friends and family

These are the days I will never forget

I currently have a boat and fish with my wife rod and reel for ground fish in the same spots I fished with my dad

The good old days

Sal Randazza III

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Cape Ann Museum FREE for families April School Vacation Week! Artist Michael Grimaldi #GloucesterMA Sea Serpent sighting & siting adventures await!👀🐍

Mark your calendars for a Cape Ann Museum visit this week. I’ll follow up in a part 2 post after I visit inside. Happy sea serpent seeking!

Spring News from Cape Ann Museum

April Vacation Week Thursday, April 22 – Sunday, April 25

Free Museum entrance to all families with children under 18

Take a break from the screen and come visit the Cape Ann Museum with your kids during April Vacation Week! Reserve timed entrance for you and your family to follow the Museum’s new family-friendly guide, Cassie the Sea Serpent, by Michael Grimaldi, through the galleries. Inspired by the Cape Ann Sea Serpent, which was seen by hundreds in Gloucester Harbor between 1817-1819, Cassie poses questions and activities for students of all ages to engage with the collection. During April Vacation Week, all visitors will receive a free copy of Cassie’s Scavenger Hunt with activities and crayons included.

About the Artist: Gloucester-born artist Michael Grimaldi is a local muralist, graphic designer, and Monserrat College of Art graduate who now lives in Beverly.

For more information about the Museum, its programs, exhibits, and collections, visit

Work in progress shared by CAM on GMG


“In 2019, a nine-foot bronze sculpture of the Gloucester Sea Serpent was installed at the Museum’s front entrance. It was designed by Essex artist Chris Williams who has created a scaled-down version of his serpent for families to take home during the vacation week.”

– Cape Ann Museum

Chris Williams sculpture