Fisherman. Pioneer. Adventurer.

Sounds like a pretty satisfying life. I love this stone found at the Solomon Jacobs Park at Harbor Loop. It inspired me to learn more about Captain Solomon Jacobs.

Wouldn’t you know that upon doing a Google Search for “Captain Solomon Jacobs” the very first result to show up was for a post on GoodMorningGloucester back in 2012…posted by Joey C. with information shared by Chet Brigham.

Click on the photo below to be taken to the post I just referenced.

At the end of that post Chet Brigham writes, “Today we have the park, but Sol Jacobs remains a name known to few. In my new book, “On Opposite Tacks” (Whale’s Jaw Publishing,, I recount the captain’s astonishing career – with the hope that we can turn the corner in giving Capt. Sol the recognition he deserves. So that fewer people will be asking, “Hey, who is this park named after?”

So, also visit and take a look at Chester Brigham’s book, “On Opposite Tacks” to learn more.

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