Motif Monday: Spring blossoms 2 – “Hanami” from Deb #GloucesterMA 🌸


courtesy photo – Ephemeral Magic © Deborah Brown Apr. 2021

courtesy photo – Deb B. “Hanami”

Part 1 was ok. This Part 2 is all in.

Thank you Deb Brown for sharing the joy! Can you guess where Deb is?

More, please! What’s blooming for you?

Bill Maher Defending Us Olds…

The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – Facebook LIVE STREAM4.26.2021

We are excited and honored to be donating all “tips” to HAWC tonight for The Jam!!

Stay tuned for our amazing lineup, including HAWC’s own (and long time Jamily member!!), Charlee Bianchini who has been working with Joe Cardoza and I to organize this little fundraiser!

HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) is working tirelessly to help women and children who are, or have been, experiencing domestic abuse and trauma.
“HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) strives to help abused women, children, men, and nonbinary people live free from violence and fear. As a leading domestic violence agency in Massachusetts, HAWC provides a domestic violence helpline, emergency shelter, legal services, advocacy and counseling services to more than 2,500 families in the North Shore area each year.” -(HAWC site)
Please join us for some awesome music to support an incredibly important organization!!

“HAWC relies on the support of our community to remain a lifeline to survivors. If you are interested in supporting HAWC today, donations can be made on our website or through venmo. Our handle is [at]HAWCNorthShore. “

Here is our amazing lineup for tonight:

Charlee Bianchini 8:00-8:20

Chelsea Berry 8:25-8:40

Sarah Slifer Swift 8:45-9:00

Nadia Robertson 9:05-9:20

Renee Dupuis+Joe Cardoza+ Dennis Monagle 9:25-9:45

Chris Fritz-Grice 9:50-10:10

Amanda Cook 10:15-10:30

Go here to join >

Your Support For Cape Ann Businesses To Win “Best of the North Shore”


Our Cape Ann business community has shown uncommon initiativeto generate business during this singular challenging time. Business owners’ creativity focused to communicating and providing safe, in-store shopping environments, offering curbside pickup and expanding online services have been rewarded by customers’ loyalty and participation, while generating ways to try to maintain and solicit staff employment when jobs are needed most.

Each year, Northshore Magazine offers a notable way to support our Cape’s economy. The magazine’s Best of the North Shore (BONS) competition engages the interest and participation of North Shore consumers, the magazine’s readership, in voting their favorite product and service businesses in a variety of categories, from restaurants, to service providers, retail shops. et. al.

As more Cape Ann businesses participate and win, and through the magazines’ pre- and post-BONS publicity announcing both readers’ and editorial staff’s winners marketwide, brings much-deserved recognition to Cape Ann as an engaging…

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GloucesterCast 497 Livestream With Steve Fill From Docktail, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 4/26/21

GloucesterCast 497 Livestream With Steve Fill From Docktail, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 4/26/21

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Topics Include:
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Clean Pro April Promos

The other day I shared that CleanPro is offering a special for “Buy One Get One Area Rug Cleaning” but, they are also offering “15% Off Upholstery Cleaning” until April 30th!

Visit their website now and get things feeling like new again just in time for Spring’s warm weather and brighter days. There’s nothing like spring cleaning and getting everything feeling fresh again…and CleanPro are just the professionals to help you do so!

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Tonno

It was one of those nights recently……I just needed a little Tonno. I always feel a little spoiled when I am there and the food and drinks are very satisfying. AND, that night, it was like Old Home Days. We saw several friends including Nichole Schrafft and her crew as well as Kerry McKenna! Shawn served us with efficiency and friendliness. Tonno and staff is appropriately attentive to COVID protocols and we felt very secure. Jim enjoyed his Caesar Salad while I had garlic bread with prosciutto (YUMMM). We had Chicken Milanese and Veal Milanese along with cocktail specials pomegranate margarita and red sangria. It was just what I needed. Thanks, Tonno!