Schooner Adventure Sheds Winter/Pandemic Coat!

It was VERY exciting to see the Schooner Adventure finally out from under cover! It bodes well for the upcoming season. Although I do not yet see an opening date for them, I do take note they are hosting an online fundraiser and auction April 30. Details here. So happy to see you Schooner Adventure!!!

Free Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda for the Week of April 12th Gershwin Routine. Restorative Yoga Mon. and Wed. 5 PM

Cape Ann Wellness

So many standards from the American Songbook were written by George Gershwin. Embraceable You, Our Love is Here to Stay and more. So many contemporary artists are revisiting and recording new versions of the old standards like Willie Nelson, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt. Why? Because this music is so timeless. And it’s great to dance to. We will be dancing to new versions of the Gershwin standards. Come join us at the Zoom Stardust Ballroom. Well at least join me in my basement studio and we will have fun dancing to the Tunes of George Gershwin.

For Restorative Yoga, find some cushions, large books, yoga blocks, blankets, whatever you can use instead of bolsters and blocks. We make it work. For more information on Restorative yoga, check out my site, It is a lovely passive practice that gives the participant relaxation and calm. Who couldn’t use that right now.

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Eagle Spring Nest Maintenance

Just a few hours after the red tail hawks were hanging around in our Magnolia backyard, we noticed an eagle in the nest again. It was just one eagle and we did not spot the partner. It left the nest twice to get sticks for nest maintenance. It took a little poop break between trips; did the nest-work; and took off toward the harbor. It was a spectacular spring afternoon show! I have missed a couple of their recent visits so this was a great treat for me to be able to record it for myself.

I reflect on how fortunate I am to be living here, not only because it is the city of my ancestors; not only because of the blessings of the ocean and the light; but also to have my spirit bird hanging around right in my backyard where I can photograph them sometimes without leaving the house…….WOW.

Winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis program

Cape Ann Wellness

GHP Newshas published the announcement that Herb Tech Pharma is one of  the winners of the 2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards.

See published article below.

Most Advanced Topical & Oral CBD Products Brand – USA

Based in Beverly, Massachusetts, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the development of Hemp CBD and other botanical extracts. Following its well-deserved success in the Commercial Cannabis Awards 2020, we got in touch with Laura Stephens to find out more.

With its consumer- based focus deriving from its unique history, Herb Tech Pharmaceuticals is committed to delivering superior topical and oral products. Going into further detail, Laura begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele.“The decision that a consumer makes to purchase a health and wellness product is an important one and one that we at Herb Tech Pharma do not…

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