Farewell Snowy Owls! Till Next Year…

We were surprised to find this snowy owl at Parker River Wildlife Refuge on Sunday as I believe it is getting kind of late for them to be hanging around here. It was delightful as this owl was very active in our time there grooming and hopping up and down from the ground to nearby posts. It also stared down some pretty brave crows. I don’t think I will be seeing another one until next year……..

Beauport Exclusive Experiences


Fish with the Crew from Wicked Tuna’s F/V Hard Merchandise


​Spend the day hunting giant tuna off the coast of Gloucester with captain and crew, and if you land a keeper, you’ll even take home a share of the total earnings. Let the Beauport Hotel concierge team curate a one-of-a kind experience by arranging everything needed for a hardy day on the water, such as Breakfast & Coffee To-Go, cooler packed Lobster Roll Lunch & Choice of Beer or Cocktails To-Go, plus a Survival Kit to keep you going for the excursion.

Available for booking through July 2021. Tours will be paused from July-September due to filming. Tours are 12 hours in duration and available from 1-6 guests. Tuna Fishing Charter Experiences are available exclusively to overnight guests. Starting at $2200 plus Room Rates. Optional Food & Beverage selections are available.

ContactConcierge@BeauportHotel.comto book.

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GloucesterCast 495 Livestream With Wicked Tuna Casting Producer Michael Yates, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 4/12/21

GloucesterCast 495 Livestream With Wicked Tuna Casting Producer Michael Yates, Scottie Mac and Joey C Taped 4/12/21

Press play to listen (audio)-

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“Wicked Tuna” is Back and We’re Looking for New Tuna Fishermen to Join the Show!
The breakout TV show that follows the exciting and back-breaking work of hardcore tuna fisherman in New England wants to add some brand new pros to its cast.
Do you know a dynamic, hard-fishing captain, mate or crew? Do you want to join one of our existing crews? If so, we want to hear from you TODAY!
It’s the chance of a lifetime for any commercial tuna fisherman who wants to get their name or company on national television and show America what they’re made of. Producers are in your area right now.
Send an email TODAY to WickedTunaCasting@gmail.com  with your name, recent photos of you (and your crew if you have one), your location, phone number and a brief explanation of why you should be on “Wicked Tuna.”
The Bluefin are almost here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Topics Include:
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The Tonno Trifecta

So, it’s not necessarily a real thing, but I’m going to refer to my meal at Tonno the other night as winning the trifecta. We started with delicious cocktails….mine was a pomegranate margarita, moved on to amazing entrees…mine was cod over creamy potatoes (which I made the rookie mistake of starting to enjoy before taking a photo so the photo does not do justice!), and then we shared an unbelievable big slice of banana cheesecake. Like picking and winning the trifecta.

Hawk Couple in Action

As I have described several times, we have a nest nearby that the eagles and the hawks have each been grooming and building over the past several weeks. Two years ago, there was a hawk family in there but last year it was empty. This year it seems to be a popular spot for both a pair of eagles as well as a pair of hawks. This creates a great deal of activity in our backyard here in Magnolia. Today I observed what I believe to be mating between a pair of nearby red tail hawks. The female flew into the tree from a nearby perch and the male soon joined. Shortly after they seemed to be done, the male flew off. Not a comment on male/female relations, but take from it what you will…….

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