Folks at Good Harbor Beach this afternoon practicing physical distancing 

Over the weekend many more beaches and beach parking lots closed across the state. Massachusetts DCR State Beaches such as Winthrop Shores Reservation, Revere, Swampscott, and Nahant joined other North Shore communities (Crane Beach, along with Ipswich and Newbury town beaches, for example) in closing to non-residents.

Should Gloucester close her beaches to non-residents? Please write and let us know what you think (and why).

The good news is that State Parks across the Commonwealth are opening early. Massachusetts owns more 450,000 acres of recreational property. Several of the State Parks listed below are beaches, which are now closed, but many are not.

Here is a link to Massachusetts State Parks, alphabetically listed by town.

State Parks by region.


  1. Absolutely …I’m seeing more and more traffic every sunny day and some people from out of town are going for walks on our beaches and driving around the backshore. I don’t like denying anyone fresh air but it’s not fair to residents that feel too cramped to walk themselves.

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  2. No. The more we limit the open spaces that people can go to the more crowded the spaces that remain open will be.
    Open spaces are a refuge in these trying times and are necessary to maintain our mental health.
    I commend the City of Gloucester for keeping the beaches open.

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  3. ten-thousand Americans are dead, but some people want to keep the beaches open?

    Wasn’t this the plot in “Jaws” for gawds sake?


  4. Everyday I wonder when will GLoucester close the beaches? Every city around us has closed their beaches. What are we waiting for? People from out of town will come this way for sure. Please…… close the beaches for all.


  5. Yes! Keep them closed….give the beaches and the shore birds a time to rest from people, dogs, and trash. History tells us what the beaches will look like if they are kept open this year…humans are selfish, it’s time for them to use a little imagination during these trying months, stay home!


  6. It makes no sense to funnel more people together to our open beaches. It’s basic infection control and will only be temporary if everyone does their part


  7. Guess the friendly people of Gloucester aren’t so friendly after all! When there isn’t a national disaster, “come enjoy what Gloucester has to offer, especially the beaches” and charge to park. Let’s not make this a townie and non-townie argument! Close the beaches for the safety of ALL! We will get through this is we follow the rules and social distance!


  8. I say close beaches to non residents. Check everyone coming into Gloucester and Rockport. 8Only residents and people and deliveries as deemed necessary.


  9. Sadly I agree to close them to non-residents also. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were shocked at the traffic downtown on a sunny Saturday ? who knows what day it is sometimes. We want to keep everyone healthy and before you know it, the crowds will be here. Our Firefighters, Police, Medics have enough to deal with right now without having to watch over the beaches. As a neighbor of Halibut Point, the crowds there on beautiful day make us unable to walk around.


  10. I think the state has to coordinate with cities and towns to open public parks, beaches and trails and then MONITOR the usage. There has to be a way to do this. As the weather gets better, it’s unrealistic and mentally unhealthy to tell people to stay in their houses. We have a lot of state departments who could surely figure this out? Pitting people in an “us and them” way is pretty ugly in an already ugly time in our history.


  11. Absolutely and I wouldn’t mind paying $50 for my beach sticker to try to help offset the financial shortfall of not having non residents come.


  12. Struggling with this one as the beach is my only refuge – perhaps open just to foot traffic and bikes? People should be practicing social distancing no matter where they are but there aren’t enough lovely outdoor spaces available in our area without the beaches and these are much needed for mental health checks!


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