Church Bells ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10AM – please share

A lovely message and clarion request from Dierdre Savage, a Gloucester resident who grew up in New York City:

“Sitting in my too quiet home in Gloucester at 10AM last Sunday morning I was struck and comforted by the sound of church bells coming from up the street. Sure, there would be no usual gathering, but the bells rang. I felt an eerie sense of calm, as if it was a regular Sunday. 

Later the same morning, I live-streamed Mass being held in a small chapel at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in NYC. 

The endless sound of sirens coming from outside could not be missed. It was utterly heartbreaking.

Here’s a thought – lets get all the church bells in Gloucester – and beyond – ringing in unison on Easter Sunday morning. If you agree — please share this request far and wide.” – Dierdre Savage, Gloucester, Ma


Please consider asking your churches to participate. People across the country have already responded saying their churches are in on the idea — bells will ring across the country on Easter Sunday at 10AM!


  • various places of worship, Gloucester, MA — and City Hall bell tower 🙂 – click individual photos twice to enlarge to full size (or pinch-zoom)
  • Manny photographed the bells CLOSE UP at Our Lady here
  • Our Lady 1924 photo Fred Bodin here


6 thoughts on “Church Bells ringing in unison Easter Sunday at 10AM – please share

  1. What a beautifully uplifting thought to have church bells ringing in unison.’
    We may not be able to safely attend service on this most special day of Easter Sunday but what an incredibly inspiring message it will send that we truly are in this together. Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Peace, love and Wellness of mind, heart and spirit to all.

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