gypsy moths killing our trees

Dear Joey, I am asking you to send a message to our Gloucester people to inform them of our calamity with the gypsy moths. To some, the trees around them were not affected, but to many especially in the west Gloucester area our trees were decimated this year. They are now growing a second set of leaves, but for a while there it looked like fall came early. All those caterpillar munched and munched our trees. Then they layed cacoons and then they turned into male and female moths. Then they layed eggs on trees, rocks, car tires etc. I have been trying to help my trees in my yard by scraping off the eggs into a plastic zip top bag and putting soap in the bag to kill the eggs and disposing of the bag in the trash. I have been through 2 gallon sized bags so far and never left my property. I was wondering if you could spread the word to Gloucester tree lovers to do the same when they take walks in the forests of Gloucester. It doesn’t take much and kids can help. A spoon, a paintbrush and a plastic bag. By placing the bag under the egg masses, scraping the bark of the tree, and brushing tight areas with the brush, carefully getting all the eggs into the bag. Next year all these eggs may hatch and we will be attacked by millions of caterpillars and moths worse than this year. Yuck. never mind what our trees will look like. Please pass it on Joey, if we all help, there will be less next year. Thanks, Deb Gilbert Herrick of West Gloucester MA

female moth and eggs

bag 2 Moth eggs


Reblogged from the early days of the blog-

Back in the eighties I heard this song on WBCN once, just once.  I loved it but never found out who sang it and always wanted to find out.

Fast forward 20 plus years and I’m at the library thumbing through the cd collection and lo and behold I run across Willie Alexander’s “The East Main Street Suite” cd and the third song is “Bass Rocks

I had an idea for making a video of Back Shore photos put to Willie’s song and asked his permission which he kindly granted.

But in Willie’s email he asked which version I had, “The East Main Street Suite” version or “the earlier version“?

Intrigued, I checked youtube for “the earlier version”

That’s when I found the following video and decided to scrap my project in favor of Willie’s early eighties music video-

Check out Willie’s website by clicking this text

You can even check out Willie’s wikipedia page by clicking this text

Did you know that Gloucester resident and bad ass Willie Alexander was a part of The Velvet Underground?

BTW Willie if you read this, I think you look like you are in way better shape now than you were back in the early eighties.


Arriving at the beach at 5:30 this morning, Little Chick and Papa Plover were found quickly, both feeding in the the intertidal zone, and both doing beautifully, despite the previous day’s cold, wet, and windy weather.

What first caught my attention though was the fact that the high tide line was up to the edge of the dunes, so high that if a similar super high tide had happened in June, the PiPl nest would have been flooded. Are we experiencing a King Tide I wonder? I have been filming daily at GHB since April and have not previously seen the high water mark quite so high this season. Meteorologists reading this post, please let us know what you think. Google wasn’t much help. Thank you!

The seaweed deposited from last night’s tide shows that the high tide was up to the edge of the dunes in some areas.

With the tide so high, Papa and the chick were not feeding in the wrack line, no insects I imagine. We’ve all seen short little flights, but no sustained flights as of yet. I am not surprised as this coincides with what was recorded last summer filming Plovers.    

Yesterday morning and today were too wet and drizzly to use the good cameras, especially my new (and this time, insured) lens, but I did have my cell phone with. The first shows Little Chick running in average speed, not the top speed in which he is capable. The second, in slo mo. He really is the cutest, a small little bird with a big huge personality 🙂

O’Shea Family Reunion

IMG_6807 A very energetic group from Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, and several other States.  The photo below only has a few of the 41 members that embarked on Cape Ann to celebrate with “Ma”, Lillian O’Shea (88) of Rockport Massachusetts.  She is the mother of 8 children, 4 boys, 4 girls, which accounts for the large group.  Some were wearing their reunion motto for 2017, “Our Family Doesn’t Suffer from Insanity, We Kind of Enjoy It!!”



O’Shea Family Reunion

COLOR PLAN DRAWING of the Stage Fort Park Conceptual Beautification Plan July 2017

Stage Fort Park Beautification Plans 2017

Mayor Sefatia Romeo-Theken and the Stage Fort Park Advisory Committee have begun a process to consider ways to beautify Stage Fort Park in anticipation of Gloucester’s 400th anniversary. Potential improvements include:

  1. Beautifying the area between the Gentile Bandstand and Visitor’s Center;
  2. Creating a new terrace to better accommodate popular festivals and the farmers’ market; and
  3. Modifying the paved parking area nearest the Visitor’s Center.
On Friday July 20th, 2017 a conceptual plan was presented to the community for review and comment. If you would like to comment on that plan please look at the plan provided below and contact Stephen Winslow, Mass in Motion – Cape Ann Coordinator for the City at or 978-325-5232.

Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Cape Ann Wellness


Even though it’s rainy today, the rest of the week looks like sunshine! It’s not too late! We still have 4, 6 and 8 week short-term SUMMER memberships available, and from July 25th – 31st we are offering an EXTRA 25% OFF!

Our summer memberships provide the same benefits as a standard membership – you just choose your start date and duration! Hit the fitness floor for some strength training or try one of our 100+ group classes held each week. Feel like relaxing? Come and hang by the outdoor pool and grab lunch at our Poolside Cafe. We even have a Spa! There’s something for everyone.

Call us TODAY, or stop by, and make the rest of this summer MACnificent!

978-526-8900 x253 (Opt. 1) or

*Special applies to Manchester location only.

8 Atwater Ave. Manchester, MA 01944


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Gloucester’s very own Rock Star joins his TV Star Friend in an intimate concert this Friday

If you’ve seen Grammy-nominated guitar god Jon Butcher over the past few years, you’ll probably have a Jimi Hendrix riff in your head by the time you finish reading this sentence. But…you may not know Jon Butcher the award-winning singer/songwriter, whose acclaimed new CD 2 Roads East would be in the Soul Music bin if record stores still existed.

This Friday, Jon welcomes his longtime friend/collaborator Chris Pierce (who wrote the #1 soul/blues/R&B hit “We Can Always Come Back to This” for the #1 TV show “This Is Us“) to join him in an intimate concert of music — from the soul and for the soul — right down the road in Beverly at the newest, most intimate, elegant listening room north of Boston.

Watch the video for a taste of what you’ll experience Friday night:

Jon’s last show at 9 Wallis sold out. So did the last show we presented there. Please don’t be one of those people calling us at the last minute begging for a seat that just doesn’t exist. Get your tickets now–right HERE.



With DJs LION PRIDE SOUND spinning strictly the best in Reggae, Roots, Rockers,lovers Rock, Dancehall, ska, and rocksteady!!!
63 Rogers ST
6 pm board
7 pm depart( sharp ) gets back at 11
$20 admission in advance $25 at boat

THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST EPIC ONE YET! Come on board and experience the magic everyone talks about

New children’s picture book by Maura Wadlinger! Faraway Grammie

Faraway Grammie: A Rockport Story is a fantastic, original new children’s picture by Maura Wadlinger with illustrations by Christina Ean Spangler.

You may know Maura from the major part she played in establishing Rockport’s Cultural District, or from her gardening, especially with Rockport’s Millbrook Meadow. Contact Maura for pre orders. Stay tuned for more about this beatiful new book, and details announcing when and where we’ll be able to purchase it on Cape Ann.

As a Cape Ann Reads finalist, the book will be featured in the Cape Ann Reads group exhibition and readings!



Gloucester’s Stage Fort Park is spectacular | historic photos and summer concert series

Here are some scenes from July 23rd  during the 4 Ever Fab Beatles nicely played tribute band evening sponsored by Cape Ann Savings Bank, part of the 2017 line up for the annual Stage Fort Park summer concert series at the Antonio Gentile Bandstand. See the full 2017 schedule here  The crowd brought chairs and blankets. What a venue!

IMG_20170723_201232 (1)

Stage Fort Bark summer concert series beatles tribute band July 2017

IMG_20170723_201912 (1)



We walked to Stage Fort Park from City Hall and could hear 4 Ever Band on the approach from the Boulevard, and later Tablet Rock where we settled in with a picnic dinner. The band sounded great!

Here’s Stage Fort Park in 1901 with it’s grassy meadow expanse.

Thomas Warren Sears stage fort park!


When you zoom in you can see the big ‘Battery K’-  for the Civil War 1861 to 1865 Fort Conant.

detail battery k


And this weekend.

IMG_20170723_201439 (1)


Here’s a gorgeous aerial photo from the 1907 Tablet Rock dedication. There are several modes of transportation by land and sea. The well worn road was ground in from years of steady use, carriage trade and automobiles in this picture. The road is still prominent today.

tablet rock gorgeous

Note the tents in this one.

tents 4a18114v


Here’s another angle and a closer picture from the ground

4a22293v loc

John Hays Hammond, Sr. with his daughter Natalie (not looking happily back at the photographer). She pulled back the cord for the reveal. Hammond orchestrated and compelled the press coverage.

I’ll go into more details about the commission with Part II.


Here’s a detail of the plaque in 1907

detail from 1907 opening

stage fort gazebo old location.png


closing soon: art exhibition includes rare Paul Manship sculptures you could own

This intimate and museum worthy exhibition, THE MANSHIPS, is a rare chance to see and purchase original work by a talented family of artists: Paul Manship, Margaret Cassidy (daughter in law), and John Paul Manship (son). The show closes August 6th. Flatrocks Gallery is located at 77 Langsford Street, in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

Paul Manship

(b. 1885 St Paul, MN –  d. 1966 NY, NY)

Paul Manship was an American sculptor of international status. His most famous work of art was the public art fountain he was commissioned to create for Rockefeller Center in New York City.  The 18 feet high, gilt bronze statue of the treasured Greek myth, Prometheus Bringing Fire From Heaven, soars above the skating rink. It was installed in 1934 during the Great Depression and includes an inscription above the statue: “Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.” (The artist’s model for Prometheus was a lifeguard from New Rochelle, NY, hired regularly for life classes at women’s colleges. I have not been able to track down a picture of him at work, but have tried.) Prometheus refers to the Titan granted the power of creating mankind out of mud and water. What was missing? Fire, of course, which Prometheus stole from the Gods, a selfless act for humanity that nearly had him punished for eternity (in a memorably sad, gruesome and groundhog day bit of the myth) if not for Hercules. In Manship’s ingenious composition, heaven and earth are filled with Prometheus, clutching fire coals, and the artist’s signature forms and themes in every detail. Note the forms of the water spray in this photo from 1934 and the effect of the water over the base!



photo caption: 1943 Christmas Tree, Skaters, Paul Manship Prometheus, Rockefeller Center 

skaters and christmas tree 1943 Gottscho Schleisner


photo caption: Gordon Parks, 1945 with detail showing back and hair of Paul Manship Prometheus

gordon parks 1945a


photo caption: Carol Highsmith Rockefeller Center (Paul Manship Prometheus) ca.1980 

Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division date unknown (1980 to 2010)

Why am I going into such detail about the Prometheus statue?

Paul Manship lifetime bronzes from the family estate have been made available for sale during this exhibition!

This exhibit at Flatrocks includes a complete set of Manship’s famous tondo Zodiac medallion ashtrays, ca.1946  ($18,000). Manship was a cigar smoker. Ashtrays weren’t a big creative leap from medallic art. He created his first one in 1915. They were utilitarian, and sculptural objects. He did this with architectural details in his home, a Manship (rather than Midas) touch. He worked out a deal with Medallic Art Company to replicate them. People bough their favorite zodiac sign for themselves or as gifts. Even if you don’t know Manship’s motifs like the zodiac ring around Prometheus, it’s fun to linger and observe the entire set.

photo caption: Installation view of display case, an exhibition within an exhibition.

IMG_20170723_162135 (1)


Compare the Paul Manship Aquarius from the Zodiac set with a zoomed in detail from Prometheus


detail zodiac ring


A first edition of Manship’s creative and original representation of Venus Anadyomene “Venus Rising from the Sea” is also available for sale! It’s modeled in bronze and set on a marble base, measuring 7.5″ (not including base) and dates from 1924 ($42,000).


Artists and patrons through the ages couldn’t resist this Aphrodite lure. Manship’s sculpture isn’t as famous as Botticelli’s, but it should be — and not just because his kneeling modern beauty has the best wrought hair wringing out there. It’s just a fabulous sculpture.

The main commission for the new Addison Gallery building at Phillips Academy  which opened in 1931 was this Manship sculpture.  Unforgettable and rendered in gorgeous alabaster, the Addison Gallery’s Venus Anadyomene from 1927 is one of the world’s most optimally sited sculptures. The whole museum flows from this Venus. Now you can purchase the sculpture that inspired Addison’s architect, Charles Platt, to make such a brilliant selection. Platt also designed the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC, which is equally sublime.

Another life cast that’s for sale is this vividly detailed and lovely Perseus and Andromeda, 1965 ($39,000).  There’s a rescue and great tension so effective with the mixed materials, florid and fascinating. There’s poor Andromeda sacrificed by her mother Cassiopeia to appease Poseidon and beg off a sea monster. You can pick out the anger and emotion in that sea. The bag with Medusa’s severed head was captivating, bounced just so, side quests are still to come after all. Don’t miss the sword and winged sandals Hermes gave Perseus.

I’m fascinated by Manship’s treatment of time. Speaking of which, make sure to leave enough of it to study those glorious Manship reaching hands and gestures.




Another knock one’s socks off lifetime bronze that’s for sale is David, ca.1916-1921 ($72,000), mesmerizing composition and signature elegant articulation.


Manship came to Gloucester in 1915–before his first solo exhibition– and rented until the 1940s when they were able to purchase fourteen contiguous acres in Lanesville, ensuring the acquisition of two, gorgeous abandoned quarries. His daughter Pauline and her husband Ilmari Natti also bought a home in Lanesville in the 1940s. After Manship died, his son John Manship and daughter in law Margaret Cassidy continued to reside and work in the family estate. The Flatrocks Gallery location, vibe, and roster make it an ideal gallery for this exhibit and fundraiser. Proceeds will help the nationally significant Manship estate and property.


John Paul Manship (1927-2000)

Make sure to look back at John Manship’s work from the next room as well as up close. There are strong works from different series and decades primarily of the landscape and people about him, and so many greens! They range in price from $750-$10,000.




IMG_20170723_161719 (1)



Margaret Cassidy Manship

(Cassidy died in 2012)

I was so intrigued by the 3 Cassidy works.  The painting and bronze of Beryl Grimball are sold as a pair ($5000) and the portrait from life of Pope Pius XII is $7000. She also sculpted Pope John Paul II and Presidents Carter and Reagan. I hope to see more.


IMG_20170723_160637 (1)

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Fine artist Patti Sullivan special art sale | Cuba, Gloucester, Marsh, and More 

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to buy original art and survey an artist’s oeuvre.

Fine artist Patti Sullivan is making room for new work in an open, generous and creative fashion. She’s made works of art created before 2012 available for sale NOW and priced them to encourage local collectors. She’s even added 40+ smaller works in the  $50-$200 price range. Two pieces are on view downtown, available through The Bookstore of Gloucester. Calas in Manchester owns several (not for sale!) I remember her show at Alchemy. Trident Gallery will be  handling work she’s done since 2o12.

By appointment only– Call or email Patti!