Vote for local Satch Kerans Band! They need your help. They made it to the top ten …now let’s help them win it!

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92.5 the River is partnering with New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets’ Summer Fun Tour to give one local artist or band the big break they deserve! In addition to performing on-stage in front of thousands at the Newburyport Riverfront Music Festival, the lucky winner will receive a free recording session at the legendary River Music Hall, and have their song played on 92.5 the River for 3 months!


And we’re letting you, the fans, pick the winner!

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They have made the top 10 selection and now are in the contest when voting ends on August 20. Simply, the band with the most votes wins.

Tom Satch Kerans , Coley Rybicki and Phil Grayton are one of ten remaining bands in a competition to open at the 92.5 River Music Fest. Please take a second to VOTE to keep them in the competition by clicking below and following the prompts. Thanks!

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Friday’s Bluefin Blowout Results

Weigh-in at this year’s Bluefin Blowout opened at 5:00 last night…with the first boat arriving at the dock around 6:15.  Eight boats and eight recorded weights later, and it was very close to 10:00 pm.  The boats arrived back at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort one after the other, all evening long.

This year’s entries are off to an unbelievable start with more than a dozen fish already on ice and some guaranteed fish hitting the scale tomorrow as well.

Friday’s Results look like this:

Sweet Caroline, Captain Alan Murray and crew. 540 pounds

Kelly Ann, Captain Mauro Dibacco and crew. 472.  (Friday’s Daily Jackpot Winner)

Final Offer, Captain Steve Mscisz and crew. 420 pounds

Duck Soup, Captain Alan Petrucci Sr. and crew. 334 pounds

Whistler, Captain Kevin Granfield and crew. 285 pounds

Lily, Captain Bill Muniz (Hollywood) and crew, 282 pounds

Tonno, Captain Anthony Caturano and crew, 266 pounds

Rally Cap, Captain Alex Gonzalez and crew, 246 pounds


Papa Plover was no where to be found this morning (5:30 to 8am). This is very unusual as neither he nor Mama ever left the chicks alone for more than a few moments.

Little Chick spent a good part of the morning resting alone in the sand except for a few moments when he was feeding with the migrating Semi-palmated Plovers. If you see Little Chick, keep a safe distance, which will allow him to forage and rest. If anyone notices Papa, please let us know in the comment section or email me at Thank you so much.


Cape Ann Community

SUPPORT SAFE & AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAMS ON CAPE ANN! Action Inc. will host a fundraiser for its Client and Housing Services programs on Saturday, September 9th at the Cafe Seven Seas at the Gloucester House. We’ll honor Gloucester Police Chief John McCarthy for his committment to protect Gloucester’s most at-risk residents while raising money for vital programs that serve hundreds on Cape Ann. Please join us!


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