GloucesterCast 231 with Lindsay Crouse, Brad Hall, Rick Blue, Heidi Dallin, Karen Pischke, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/2/17

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Topics Include:

Wine For Crabs
The Franklin’s Private Space Upstairs
Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Area Renovations
Tom Balf
Reids Ride July 16th- 


My, what big feet you have little chick.

Thank you to all who are watching out for the Good Harbor Beach Piping Plover Family! Reports throughout the day from the Piping Plover monitors tell of folks who are curious and interested in the welfare of the chicks. One of our little babies has gone missing, but the three remaining are doing beautifully. They are growing rapidly and getting better at following the parent’s voice commands. In the early morning and evening, for the most part, the chicks go in and out of the symbolic roped off area. During the heat of the day, the chicks stay closer to the grassy dune edge, seeking shade from the sun.

At sunrise this morning it was foggy and chilly. The chicks needed extra cuddling under Mom (ten-day-old chicks).

Interestingly, there is a male interloper. He was first reported by my husband about a month ago, when Tom called and said you have to get down here because the Piping Plovers are fighting! I hurried over, and sure enough an epic battle was taking place between our nesting pair and the strange male. I filmed the fighting, which went on for about half an hour, when Mama Joy and Papa Joe chased the interloper far out to sea. Unfortunately, the “third wheel” keeps reappearing, almost daily. I write unfortunately because as is the case with so many episodes that play out in the life of our little Plover family, when the adults are distracted by a perceived threat and leave the chicks, it makes it easier for a predator, such as a crow or seagull, to swoop in and carry off a baby. Later in the summer, as the Plovers are preparing to migrate south, the fledglings and adults will gather in larger groups, but at this point in the chicks development, the pesky interloper is clearly not welcome.

Eight-day-old chick. Could you be any better camouflaged little Plover?


Gloucester Meetinghouse


First Event of ‘Music on Meetinghouse Green’ Series to benefit Pathways for Children on Friday Evening, July 7th

The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation presents the first of 9 free, family-friendly outdoor concerts, featuring Berklee Be-Bop Guitars with John Baboian on July 7th 2017 at 6 pm, on Meetinghouse Green, corner of Church and Middle St, Gloucester.

The “Be-Bop” Guitars is an all-faculty band from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. It includes guitars, trumpet/flute, vibes, bass and drums. The band plays both guitar-oriented jazz and music rooted in the “Bop” tradition. They promise a lively and fun evening!

The public is invited to make free-will donations to Pathways for Children, the non-profit organization partnered with this concert (please bring cash or check and be generous). Pathways is a leading provider of education and care programs on the North Shore of Massachusetts serving over 500 children and their families from 13 communities.

Picnicking is encouraged so pack a basket with food and drink. You may also purchase delicious seafood and other goodies on-site from Joe’s on a Roll. Bring folding chairs or blankets. In case of rain, the event will take place inside the Meetinghouse.

The sponsors of ‘Music on Meetinghouse Green’ pre-pay the expenses so all contributions go to our non-profit partners. Special thanks to Linzee & Beth Coolidge (matching gift) plus Tom & Susan Andresen, J.J. & Jackie Bell, Michael & Mary Ann Bresnan, Harry & Mary Hintlian, Dick & Doris Prouty, Charles Nazarian, Sandra Ronan, and our corporate sponsor: Cape Ann Saving Bank.



Media Information Contact: Charles Nazarian, president
Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation or 978-821-5291

da dum da dum JAWS less than 2 weeks away Gloucester HarborWalk Summer Cinema

Rob Newton, Cape Ann Community Cinema and Stage, announced the 2017 HarborWalk summer cinema line up back in March. The six free movie nights start Wednesday July 12th! July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 9, 16. Rain dates  August 23, 30.

July 12 ::: Jaws
July 19 ::: Disney Moana
July 26 ::: Rogue One Star Wars Movie
August 2 ::: Lego Batman Movie
August 9 ::: The Princess Bride
August 16 ::: Sing!


“Jaws is a thriller of surprise rather than suspense. You feel like a rat, being given shock treatment, who has not yet figured out the pattern.”Molly Haskell, The Village Voice review


JAWS 1975 trailer Percy Rodriguez voice over



28 year old Steven Spielberg’s legendary camera shot (spoiler don’t peek if you haven’t seen the movie)

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Colors to keep you cool~

Cape Ann Wellness

Cooling colors for summer…

Summer is the season of fire, and there is an increased tendency for arguments, yelling, and getting angry. It is better not to discuss any serious topics during the hot hours of the day, or during very hot days. If you need to make important decisions, do it in the morning or evening when it’s cool.

Dress in cotton (or silk) clothes, and as much as possible avoid colors like red, orange, yellow, and black. Gentle and mild colors help one to stay cool, especially blue, white, green, and purple. After dressing, you can do your worship or meditation practice if it is part of your routine.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC go to summer color is white…what’s your go to summer color to keep your cool?

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”


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