Little Chick is spending greater amounts of time in the deeper tide pools.

On Gloucester’s busiest of beaches, a tiny Piping Plover chick has survived five whole weeks. His survival is in large part due to the tremendous effort and kind caring of our community. Ā My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped this resilient little guy come so far. Thank you especially to all the PiPl monitors, the crews of the DPW, especially the gentlemen who clean the beach and who drive the beach rake, beach picker uppers such as Patti Amaral, Patti and Kerry Sullivan, Gloucester conservation agent Ken Whittaker, Police Chief McCarthy, Animal Control Officer Dianne Corliss, the Volleyball Players, Coach Latoff and the GHS sports teams, the GHS cheerleaders, and countless others who have made allowances for the Piping Plovers to successfully nest at Good Harbor Beach.

All who are monitoring Little Chick have seen him fly fairly low to the ground in approximately ten foot distances. Within days he will have fully fledged, but it will still be several weeks more I think before he can undertake his first migration to the lower Atlantic states, Bahamas, or West Indies. He and Papa have adapted well to Good Harbor Beach and they very possibly could stay several weeks into August, feeding to build reserves for the long migration south. Or, they could leave GHB and join the Piping Plovers starting to gather at other barrier beaches such as Cranes and Plum Island. Young birds travel with old birds, who show them the way.

Hourly monitoring may no longer be needed, but it doesn’t hurt either to check in with the little guy and Papa regularly. It’s super important for the roping to stay in place as the family continue to use the cordoned off area as a “safe zone.” I will continue to film and update as long as they are at Good Harbor Beach, because that is part of the documentary, too.

The most rewarding moments are meeting on the beach fans of our Little Superstar. They are full of delighted interest and concern for the chick. Just this morning, I met mom Amy and her daughter Emma. They live in Southborough and have been daily following alongĀ with the adventures of Little ChickĀ on Good Morning Gloucester. Amy thanked us for sharing Little Chick’s story.The beach was awash in seaweed, perhaps brought ashore by the storm of several nights ago. Extra wormy and mini-sea creature breakfast deliciousness today.

Well camouflaged in the sand and taking a brief rest before returning to the tide pools.

Warrior Three mastered, and don’t you love the beautiful patterning of the Piping Plover feathers.

Papa never to far off and always, always watching.


The title of the post could just as easily have read Monarchs, Eggs, and Caterpillars Here, There, and Everywhere. I haven’t seen this much Monarch activity on Cape Ann in over ten years and hope so much the number of Monarchs seen in gardens, meadows, and dunes indicates a strong migration.

Thank you to everyone who has written in with your Monarch sightings! The reports are tremendously informative and fun to read, so please, do continue to let us know. The rainy cool weather has temporarily put the kibosh on mating and egg laying, but they are here on our shores and just waiting for a few warm hours and the sun to come out to renew breeding activity.

Monarchs not only drink nectar from the florets of milkweed, it is the only species of plant on which they deposit their eggs. In the above photo you can clearly see the Monarch probing for nectar with her proboscis, or drinking straw. 

Look for the butterflies, eggs, and caterpillars wherever milkweed grows. In our region, they are most often found on pink flowering Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) and Marsh Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), as opposed to the orange milkweeds, A. curassavica and A. tuberosa.

Female Monarch depositing an egg on an upper leaf of Common Milkweed.

The eggs are typically laid on the underside of the leaf, near the top of the plant. Tiny golden domes, no larger than a pinhead, Monarch eggs are easily confused with the eggs of other insects.

Once the tiny caterpillar emerges, it will stay towards the top of the plant, venturing further to larger leaves as it grows.

Four Monarchs in One Photo!

I was trying to take a snapshot of two Monarchs flying but not until I returned home did I realize that resting on a leaf were a pair of Monarchs mating. Lara Lepionka had just sent a photo the day before of a pair mating in a tree above her garden. Typically Monarchs will begin mating on the ground, or the foliage of a lower plant plant such as squash or milkweed. They will join together abdomen to abdomen and, once securely attached, the male then carries the female to a safer location. A male and female Monarch will stay coupled together for four to five hours before releasing (see photo below of a pair of Monarchs mating, towards center left. 

Lara Lepionka cell phone photo of Monarchs mating in a tree.Monarch and Common Milkweed Good Harbor Beach

Not everyone has a gorgeous milkweed patch like Patti Papows. Don’t despair. You don’t have to go far! I am finding tons of eggs and caterpillars on the Common Milkweed that grows around the edge of the parking lot at Good Harbor Beach.

Patti Papows Common Milkweed with Monarch and Bee


Joe Lucido, Phil Cucuru, and Mike Tarantino

Today the sign was installed at the new guest area at the footbridge. The sign will display information about Good Harbor Beach and, as was the previous sign, will be maintained by the community group “Friends of Good Harbor Beach.”

Stage Fort Park | that darn grass and topics galore for proposed plans

Scenes from last Thursday’s public display and discussion about proposed plans to Stage Fort Park, held during the Cape Ann Farmers Market.


The plans are similar to ones you may have seen over the last year, though it is always something else to inspect them in person, walk through a site, and hear feedback, input and questions. I’ve considered the plans before, but had not realized that the parking lot was going to be shifted and expanded double wide at the top abutting the dog park. Some neighbors liked the idea of an altered viewshed, others not so much. People talked about cleaning up the broken glass, trash management (great praise for DPW dealing with this every day), repairing the stone steps, the beach, bringing back some of the fanciful playground elements, trees and maintenance. There was pretty much universal praise for the Rotary and the farmers market. I was told there was mention of altering the Tablet Rock plaque, which does not need it, though I did not hear any. I was there for the duration of the meeting and even a tad beyond as Steve Winslow was kind enough to lead a tour into the field and perimeter afterwards. A great challenge is maintaining the meadow expanse which many feel is ragged around the gazebo while serving crowds. The proposed plans center about the gazebo and parking lot, and did not cover the area along the harbor (across from the cupboard) where the annual Waterfront music festivals occur as well as elements listed above.

In case you missed the Mayor’s Facebook page, here is a summation from the evening and invitation to join in.


Stage Fort Park three nights later plus historic photosĀ 


Gloucester High School Junior Varsity cheerleader’s beach practice.

Great group of girls and coaches, along with their sweet littlest helper, Aria, making an important phone call. Thanks to the girls for their help today with the Piping Plover documentary!

Local artist Naomi Lee is exhibiting at the Lone Gull 146 Main St Gloucester for the month of August 2017





All paintings are different dimensions 11” by 14”, 16” by 20” and the 3 dimensional ones with sea glass are approximately 11” by 14”.


Ā The ones below are approximately 3” x 3” and 6” x 6”

These are 4” by 4”

Naomi will have different mediums to see such as watercolors, oils, and acrylic paintings. She will also be exhibiting for the first time in Gloucester, her new approach to art. She has taken the things she has found along the shore and combined them with her acrylic paintings to make a 3 dimensional piece of art. Come see Naomi personally on Thursday August 10 from 12-1:30 or Saturday August 26 from 11-12:30 and choose your own complimentary greeting card!
Naomi Lee
Gloucester, MA
call or text Ā for more info 1- 781-710-1080

Orville Giddings Tonight @The Rhumb Line’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm 7.27.2017

Tonight Mr. Orville Giddings jumps into the pool of love at Fredā€™s Paradise RhumblestiltskinĀ  Club. Long a staple of the burgeoning Ipswich musical scene, O is sure to put a little GleemĀ® in your smile. He writes great songs, sings ā€˜em well, and is just an all-around pleasure to work with.

Joining us will be “Dr. John ā€œ Cameron ,keyboard centipede, and Lā€™il Steevee Chaggaris on the skins.

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Lyon-Waugh Auto Group Gifts Two BMW i3s to the City of Gloucester

So, this happened last night!

To kick off this yearā€™sĀ Bluefin BlowoutĀ at Cape Annā€™s Marina Resort, theĀ Lyon-Waugh Auto GroupĀ donated, not one, but TWO BMW i3s to the city of Gloucester! Ā Warren Waugh made the presentation to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Police Chief John McCarthy to help show Lyon-Waughā€™s appreciation and support to the city. Ā What an amazing gift!


Two Free BMWs Donated to the City of Gloucester? Done.

So, this happened last night!

To kick off this year’s Bluefin Blowout at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort, the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group donated, not one, but TWO BMW i3s to the city of Gloucester! Ā Warren Waugh made the presentation to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Police Chief John McCarthy to help show Lyon-Waugh’s appreciation and support to the city. Ā What an amazing gift!





Gloucester Little League Champions move onto State Finals

DSC06007Gloucester is one of 4 teams playing in the Little League State Finals  playing for the chance to go on to Bristol, CT. and the Regional Finals. The State Tournament is in North Reading starting Thursday July 27th

Schedule for the State Finals in North Reading. Also see Gloucester Daily Times for more information.

Benevento Memorial complex
251 Central St. North Reading

DSC06016 (2)

Team Receives District championship medals at IC42

DSC06035  DSC06037  DSC06038

DSC06039  DSC06040  DSC06042

  DSC06044  DSC06045  DSC06047


DSC06048  DSC06050 




Celebrate with Fried Dough, Snack of Champions

If you’re not too good with the Whole Plants Not Dying Thing…


Iā€™ll be the first to admit that weā€™re not all that good with keeping plants alive in the house.  But I love a little green here and there to keep the place looking nice.  Enter these cool decorative cactus tea light candles and voila- little pops of green on the kitchen window sill, in the bathroom, on the sofa side table.  Looking fresh to death baby!

Ornerx Decorative Cactus Candles Tea Light Candles 6 Pcs


  • 6 Pcs decorative candles in metal tealight holders
  • Standard tealight size, each candle size: 1.57″ Dia x 1.57″ H
  • Unscented paraffin wax candles, last about 30 minutes burning time
  • Three different shapes of cactus, two of each design, total 6 pcs candles
  • Theses cute tealights will add a nice touch for any decor, a great gift idea for your friends

Pineapple + Digestion

Cape Ann Wellness

Ayurveda and Pineappleā€¦.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC loves the powerful digestive enzymes found in Pineapple such as bromelian. Eat this wonderful fruit to help enhance sluggish or weak digestion.

Pineapple is useful in both indigestion and loss of appetite. Itā€™s juicyness hydrates you as well! Pineapple clears heat and replenishes your strength, energy levels and is helpful with diarrhea, bronchitis, sinusitis and arthritis.

Use Pineapple with any mealā€¦.layer slices on ham prior to baking, pineapple grilled skewers, on top of a burger or chicken sandwich, add to your salsa or guacamole ā€“ the digestive properties of pineapple combine well with many foods. But DONā€™T mix pineapple with dairy or yogurt as this combination clogs the channels.

ā€œBlockage is disease/Flow is healthā€


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