GloucesterCast 232 Ken Riehl, Sara Young, Warren Waugh, Cidalia Schwartz, Mark Hayes,Nathan Wilson, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/9/17

GloucesterCast 232 Ken Riehl, Sara Young, Warren Waugh, Cidalia Schwartz, Mark Hayes,Nathan Wilson, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/9/17

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Topics Include:

Chamber Summertime Events This weekend -First Downtown Block Party, Festival By The Sea August 5th, Blues Festival August 12th, Country Festival August 5th, Waterfront Festival August 19th-20th , Schooner Festival, Auction
Bluefin Blowout July 27th-29th At Cape Ann Marina
Nathan Wilson First Goetteman Artist Residency Fellow Through The Rocky Neck Artist Colony In Collaboration with Ocean Alliance  July 24th Talk At Ocean Alliance
Baby Charlotte Update Backyard Growers Garden Tour

Cape Pond Ice Looking For a Truck Driver / Ice Delivery Person

Cape Pond Ice has an opening for a truck driver / ice delivery person.

Join our “Cool” team?  Must be fit and reliable, with good driving record.

Your choice of ride & horsepower.


See Scott, Sera or Larry…

Scott Memhard, President

Cape Pond Ice Company

aka Bresnahan Ice, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse

104 Commercial Street, Fort Wharf

Gloucester, MA  01930

tel:  978-283-0174  FAX 978-283-3714  cell:  978-879-9394


The question should really be what don’t they eat in the world of insects and diminutive sea creatures. Over the past two summers I have filmed PiPl eating every kind of beach dwelling crawly insect and marine life imaginable.

Piping Plovers eat freshwater, land, and marine invertebrates. Their general fashion of foraging is to run, stop, peck, repeat, all the day long, and during the night as well.

Run, Stop, Peck

When foraging along the wrack line and up to the dune edge Piping Plovers eat insects, both alive and dead, including ants, spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, and beetles, along with insect larvae such as fly larvae. Foraging at the intertidal zone, Piping Plovers find sea worms, tiny mollusks, and crustaceans, as well as crustacean eggs.

When the chicks get a little older they will learn how to do a sort of foot tamping technique where they rapidly shake their feet in the sand to stir up crustaceans. I have yet to see our chicks do this, but soon enough.

The purpose of discontinuing to rake the beach to help the Piping Plovers is twofold. Not raking in the nesting site creates a habitat rich in dry seaweed and dry grasses, which attracts insects, the PiPl food on dry land. Secondly, raking in the vicinity of the Plovers after they hatch can be deadly dangerous to the chicks. Not only is there danger of being squished, but also, they can easily become stuck in the impression in the sand made by the tires of heavy machinery.

This morning I had a disagreeable conversation with a woman about her unleashed puppy. She feigned lack of knowledge about the dog ordinances, but aside from that, she informed me that her large puppy would be “afraid” of a chick. And there seems to be a frustrating lack of understanding about where the chicks forage. We can only share again that the Piping Plovers, both adults and chicks, feed from the dunes’s edge to the water’s edge, and everywhere in between. Sunrise and sunset are not safe times to walk dogs on the beach because Piping Plovers forage at all times of the day, and into the night. Adult birds can fly away from a person or dog walking and running on the beach, but a shorebird chick cannot.

Big Beach, Tiny Chick ~ Sixteen-day-old Piping Plover Chick Foraging at the Ocean Edge


Our one remaining Piping Plover chick spent the early morning in the vegetation at the edge of the dune.

Perhaps we lost the third chick to the tremendous deluge late yesterday that happened not once, but twice. Or perhaps to the crows. When I arrived at the sanctuary this morning there was a tremendous kerfuffle underway between two crows and both adults. As the crows were departing, after being vigorously chased away by the PiPl parents, I couldn’t see clearly whether or not they were carrying off a chick. Or perhaps, none of the above. There was an unleashed puppy on the beach, but after speaking with the woman, she and her dog departed. The PiPl were up by the sanctuary at that time so I am sure it wasn’t because of the puppy. I hope with all my heart we can don’t loose the one remaining chick.

*Comment added from my Facebook friend Susanne: Thank you to all for your kindness re the baby plovers. Yesterday after the downpour, I went to Good Harbor. No life guards and it was relatively quiet. There were three groups of people with dogs and two dogs were unleashed, One unleashed dog was near the piping plovers and too far from me to catch easily. I talked to two of the other dog owners. One said they didn’t know the rules and thanked me. The other said her dog is very old and this may be the last time she ever gets to walk on a beach. I love dogs and hope people have a lovely time on our beautiful beaches. I also wish they cared more about following our beach rules, which are common sense and about caring for others

The adults and chick were acting oddly this morning, not wanting to venture too far from the symbolically roped off area. Papa Plover spent a great deal of time perched on the party rock and surveying the family’s territory (not usual behavior), and got into several times with the Interloper.

Thank you so much to all our volunteers who are trying their best to help keep these beautiful protected birds safe.

Today’s Good Harbor Beach sunrise

Cafe Brew & Spirits 3 Main Street opening in former Caffe Dolce space

From Caffe to Cafe

Cafe Brew & Spirits “Opening Soon” and “New Owner” signs have been displayed (for a while) at the former Caffe Dolce space on the corner of Main and Washington Streets, across from Tonno.


Laura Harrington’s new novel A Catalog of Birds to be released in 2 days |Gloucester book launches at The Bookstore and goodlinens


Laura Harrington’s New Novel, A Catalog of Birds, will be released on July 11 by Europa Editions.  Two back to back special book launches in Gloucester:

book launch Thursday July 13th @ 7PM The Bookstore of Gloucester – 61 Main Street

“Harrington’s ‘Alice Bliss’ was a big hit, and you won’t want to miss out on this one either!”


book launch Friday July 14th @ 7PM  at goodlinens / studio 133 Main Street UPDATE goodlinens RSVP at capacity



Laura Harrington Book Tour Dates for A Catalog of Birds


Laura Harrington is an award-winning playwright, lyricist, librettist and author.  She teaches at MIT and lives in Gloucester, MA.  And she sings! Alice Bliss, her first novel, grew out of Harrington’s one-woman musical Alice Unwrapped, which ran off-Broadway in New York and in the Minneapolis Fringe Festival in 2009. Her novel Alice Bliss (Viking/Penguin) won the 2012 Massachusetts Book Award in Fiction.  Playwrights Horizons has commissioned her to create Alice Bliss the musical which is in production 2017. 

Read the great press release issued by MIT

The theatrical event of the season — an amazing one-man show about Vincent Van Gogh — is fast approaching.

The theatrical event of the season — an amazing one-man show about Vincent Van Gogh — is fast approaching.

The first time Doug Brendel did this show, the entire run sold out.

The last show he was in, the entire run sold out.

PEOPLE ARE STILL CRYING because THEY WAITED TOO LONG to try to get tickets.

Go to RIGHT NOW and get your tickets for this incredible theatre experience.

You’ll meet the crazy genius Van Gogh, who started out as a preacher — fell in love with a hooker — cut off his own ear — and ended up shooting himself.

You’ll see one actor play Van Gogh, Van Gogh’s brother, father, girlfriend, uncle, doctor, and more.

And along the way, on a huge screen behind the action, you’ll see Van Gogh’s phenomenal masterpieces — whatever he was painting at that point in the story.

People are KNOCKED OUT by this fantastic play (written and originally performed by Leonard Nimoy, of “Spock” fame).

Vincent, a funny, heartbreaking, fast-paced two-act play performed by just one actor, opens July 13. It runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday at 4 p.m.

Questions? Contact director Kristina Brendel via or 978 238 8848.

Where: Community House, 284 Bay Rd., Hamilton, MA.

Tickets are only $15 but THEY WILL GO. Get them online at Do not delay!